Title: My Dearest Watson

Chapter 6: The Wrong Way To Protect

Author: 13

Summary: A phone call from Sherlocks father makes him realise his feelings for his companion may cross a line. A line that he may want to cross... The question is, Does Ms. Watson feel the same? Read to find out.

Author Note: I apoligise for the delay wth chapter six. I had a ridiculously long time of writers block. Thanks to all that have stuck with me and this story even with my slow updates c: another huge thanks Hayley!

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That's when he knew he had to stand up and take control of the situation once and for all. If he loses Joan it will be of her own accord not because of his pompous ass of a brother.

"Mycroft, be reasonable. She is going to die! Do you want an innocent woman's blood on your hands?"

"Reasonable? REASONABLE?! Have I not been reasonable? Have I not cared about you and treated you as a big brother should?"

"Your holding me at gun point, brother. What part of that is caring?"

"I'm doing what is best for you, dammit! " Mycroft growls.

"Do explain how holding me at gun point and shooting somone I deeply care about is what is best for me brother."

"I won't let history repeat itself, Sherlock. I won't let this ** be.. be like her." Mycroft looks at his brother seriously.

That's when Sherlock finally clued in, in to what his brother was doing. He was trying to save his little brother from Joan...to protect him from his past.

"She's not Irene, brother. She doesn't even know that I care for her past the line of friendship."

"She knows. I can see it by how scared she got when she was shot. And now, how she is currently clinging to you. Look into her eyes you will see..."

Sherlock looks down at Joan and his eyes widen when he is looking at her, really seeing her and all her gorgeous features. "Love." Sherlock finishes his older brothers sentence.

Mycroft sighs and looks at his brother, then to the girl who looks utterly terrified in his arms. He points his gun to Joan with shaky hands. "She wasn't supposed to be here.. She just walked right in.. "

Silence fills the kitchen of the Brownstone for several minutes, only the heavy breathing of the frantic three adults in that room being heard.

"I didn't come here to shoot anyone. I just wanted to talk..." He whispsers and slides to the floor as his hatred and anger disappears from his body. "But she walked in so scared and confused when she saw me and my gun...I panicked. She was about to hollar for you. I couldn't -wouldn't let her ruin my chance of fixing things.. so... I shot her. "