Sherlock Holmes was, as a grievous understatement, an unusual person. But, to be fair to him, he never had much chance to be otherwise.

Sometimes, there are cases of peculiar human beings born to quite ordinary families—the black sheep. It was quite common, actually. But Sherlock, he was a bit of a different story. It was as if he had an entire family of black sheep and he turned out some weird silver colour, an anomaly amongst anomalies.

But, in the end, maybe the most intriguing thing about Sherlock was that he convinced everyone he was some sort of great abnormality, incapable of human affection, when really that wasn't true at all.

His mind wasn't changed now. It was still one of the greatest probably ever to exist.

He looked to the man who was working the ambulance and knew he was cheating on his wife and owned three cats. One of the cops in the area looked like a woman, but was actually previously a man, and she/he was annoyed to be here because she had a date that she was late to. He could tell who was in the middle of sex when they were called here, who forgot deodorant, who had the alcohol problem, and who had quite indecent sexual feelings towards children.

He could still see all the things he always had been able to. In that way, he was exactly the same.

What had changed was his heart, the one people swore he never had.

As Sherlock sat with a blanket draped on his shoulder, John leaning heavily into his side, he realised he was completely content. He didn't know he was capable of feeling that way about life when he wasn't solving a case.

But now, the ultimate case was solved, it seemed. Maybe, a year ago, he'd've been happy for this type of case. One that had stretched his mind. Had turned out as something he couldn't even solve alone.

But now he had John, and being in danger for the sake of it wasn't quite as attractive as before. Not that it'd lost all appeal, of course. Even John liked danger. But Sherlock had never before had something to live for, something that was worth surviving to keep.

But now he did.

Sherlock and John were told they were free to go, after being asked a question or two by Lestrade Sr, and they both started walking aimlessly.

"I can't believe he's actually gone," said John.

Sherlock nodded. "No, neither can I, really. In the end, it wasn't even me that stopped him."

"Does that upset you?" John asked.

Sherlock shrugged. "I wish I'd figured out a way, sure, but this worked out fine. We're both alive, which is the important outcome."

John smiled. "You know, Sherlock of six months ago wouldn't've felt that way about it. He'd've been furious he didn't solve it."

"Well, I'm not the same Sherlock I was before," he admitted.

"Then what kind of Sherlock are you now?"

Sherlock stopped walking and turned to John. "The kind that's stupid enough to fall in love."

John grinned. "I've ruined you, haven't I?"

"Maybe. I just don't care much."

John nodded. "You know, that flat in London is actually plausible now that you're not going to die."

Sherlock's heart felt light at the thought. Living in a flat with John… It was the next great adventure. "We should probably finish school first," he said, hiding his enthusiasm.

"Right, of course," John agreed. "But it's a nice thought."

"I agree." They began to walk again.

"I wonder who my new maths teacher will be," mused John.

Sherlock smirked. "Hopefully this one won't be a murderer," he replied.

"Dunno, could be fun."

Sherlock grinned. "I think I'm the one that ruined you," he decided.

"Probably," John said. "But I'm kind of in love with you too, so I think it's a fair trade-off."

"Trading sanity for love? That's idiotic."

"Well, you did it too, so we're both idiots."

"I'm not an idiot," Sherlock said. "My sanity is completely intact."

"What, you've had sanity before?"

The two of them bickered like this for a while, and he and John continued to walk. And if they continued to walk like this forever, even if they just made fun of one another with their fingers intertwined between them, Sherlock could still be happy.

And so ends the tale of Westwood University.

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