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Just because they didn't have a mission at the moment didn't mean Captain Jamie T. Kirk was about to die from complete and utter boredom. No, not at all.

All the routine checkups were done, she had already spent three hours in the gym, she'd annoyed McCoy so badly he had threatened to 'hypospray her into next week if she didn't get the heck out of Sickbay', and tried, unsuccessfully because Spock was in no mood, to play chess with her First Officer. And it was only 10 A. M.

So maybe she had been a little over excited when, completely out of nowhere, something popped up that had a slight possibility of adventure. Was that really so bad? After all, she didn't know what would come of it, at the time.

It just so happened to be when the Alpha team was on shift. Spock sat at the Science Station, going over calculations of some sort. McCoy was on the bridge, because apparently there was no longer anything better to do in Sickbay. Jamie snorted at that. Uhura sat at her station, monitoring frequencies. Chekov and Sulu chatted idly, having nothing better to do, and Kirk swiveled back and forth in her captain's chair, looking as bored as she felt.

"Captain." Uhura called suddenly, nearly startling her out of her chair. "We're being hailed."

Kirk perked up, raising her eyebrows. "Who is it, lieutenant?"

"Starfleet headquarters, Ma'am."

Kirk pursed her lips. "Patch them through."

Uhura went to work typing. "Yes, Captain."

The field of stars before them disappeared, only to be replaced with the image of a mild aged gentleman in a Starfleet uniform. "Enterprise, this is Admiral Walter Hachette."

"Hello, Admiral." Kirk acknowledged. "This is Captain Jamie T. Kirk of the U. S. S. Enterprise. How can we assist you, sir?"

"I have a new assignment for you, Captain." At this, Kirk had to quite literally restrain herself from jumping up and down with excitement. "As I understand it, your ship is going to pass the planet Nova within the hour."

"Yes, sir." Jamie responded eagerly.

"Currently, the planet Nova's Starfleet Ambassador is having some issues with Novain rebels." The Admiral started and Kirk nodded for him to continue. "As you know, we have Starfleet officers present that are able to deal with situations like this. Unfortunately, the revolts have gotten drastically worse and they now require aid from Starfleet personnel to help figure out a peaceful manner in which to end these revolts."

"We'd be happy to assist in any way we can, Admiral." The captain looked toward her crew members. "Set a course for planet Nova, Chekov." Kirk requested, then looked back at the screen. "The Enterprise is on her way, Sir."

"Good." Hachette stated. "There is... one more thing, Captain."

Kirk raised her eyebrows, letting him know he had her attention.

"It would be... unwise for you to bring a landing party upon your arrival."

Kirk's eyes flickered briefly over to Spock, who gave her a perplexed look, before refocusing on the Admiral. "Sir?"

"The rebels have allies everywhere, Captain. Some of the material you will be discussing is highly sensitive. Have a landing party with you will draw attention."

The captain straightened. "Admiral Hachette, it would seem unwise-"

He cut her off, his harsh voice commanding. "We cannot risk you being recognized and followed. Are we understood?"

The Captains eyes narrowed, clearly stating that she did not understand, but still replied. "Understood, Sir."

Admiral Harrison nodded. "Good. Hachette out." The transmission cut out.

"Jamie." McCoy was immediately by her chair, voicing his protest. "This whole situation doesn't sit right."

"Bones..." Jamie sighed, resting a hand on her head.

"I agree with Doctor McCoy, Captain." Uhura stated. She swiveled her station chair around so she could look at them directly. "If this was a covert operation, you'd go in a team, all of whom would be in disguise."

"The lieutenant has a point, Keptin." Chekov offered quietly.

Sulu nodded at him. "Why send our highest ranking officer, unprotected, into a potentially dangerous situation?"

"Captain-" Spock started.

"Guys." Kirk held up a hand for silence. "I appreciate your concern. I don't particularly enjoy the situation either but we have direct orders from Starfleet."

McCoy snorted, crossing his arms. "That's never stopped you before."

"I'm in enough trouble as it is, Bones." Jamie smirked. "And this time I actually want to go! Something's going on down there and I intend to figure it out."

Everyone on the bridge exchanged concerned glances. McCoy put his hand on her shoulder. "At least bring an away team with you."

"You heard the Admiral. No away teams." She patted his hand. "I'll be fine. I'll carry a phaser."

"Captain, all officers involved are required to leave their weapons outside during diplomatic meetings." Spock supplied in a helpful manner. McCoy gestured to him pointedly and growled.

She sent a glare Spock's way but didn't waver. "Then I'll have my com. You can beam me up at any time. I know what I'm doing."

McCoy sighed, knowing he wasn't going to get anywhere with her after she had made up her mind. "If you feel even the tiniest bit uneasy, you have Scotty beam you up. You hear me, missy?"

"We'll be monitoring your frequencies, Captain." Uhura assured.

"Yah, yah." She laughed, nudging her friend. "Geez, Bones, you sound like my mom." She glanced around the bridge. "You all have your orders. Spock, you have the con."

Spock watched as the captain walked toward the lift, feeling oddly uneasy. Standing, he glanced back over his shoulder. "Mr. Sulu, you have the con."

"Yes, sir." Sulu acknowledged before making his way over to the captain chair.

Before the doors could close Spock stepped after Kirk into the lift. Strange glances stayed on him till the door whooshed shut.

"Captain." Spock started, glancing at her from his peripheral vision. She was tense, avoiding looking at him.

"Spock." Kirk's voice was dull, like she had expected him to follow her and was dreading the conversation that came with it. "If your here to try to talk me out of this, I don't want to hear it."

"Captain," He started again, just as the doors swung back open. Kirk took that opportunity to start down the hall and Spock followed after her. Before she could enter the transporter room, he stepped in front of her, blocking her path."Captain, I fear you are making an unwise decision."

She stroked her chin, as if in deep thought. "Commander?"

Spock stiffened, knowing he had chosen the wrong words to describe the situation. "I was merely trying to state my reason in a way which you could easily relate."

"Sure." Jamie rolled her eyes.

"I only request you rethink your decision, Captain." Spock offered. "Is it not strange that they request only the Captains presence when it is only natural for the First Officer to accompany them on any diplomatic expedition?"

"I know, Spock." Jamie sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Dang it, maybe Bones is right. I know it's not even remotely safe to go down there alone. If something fishy is gonna go down, I prefer you to be by my side when it happens."

Spock immediately pushed down the fluttering warmth her sentence generated from him.

"So, I want you to beam down with me." She gave him a hard stare, like she was preparing for an argument. "Yah, I know you don't like to breach protocol or whatever-"

"Captain." He interrupted her. "I will accompany you to this meeting. It seems only... Logical, in case there be any danger."

Kirk looked mildly surprised, but soon it was replaced with a grin. "I knew you had a rebellious side to you, Spock!" She clapped him on the shoulder. "Let's get this show on the road."

If Vulcan's rolled their eyes, now would have be the time Spock would have chosen to do so.

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