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Spock lowered them to the ground, resting Kirk in his lap as his eyes searched over her injury frantically. When he tried to remove her hands again, she resisted.

"I'm fine." Kirk rasped, laughing hoarsely. Spock found no humor in the situation. "It was... Cheap shot. Stupid...rebel scum... Have I 'old you how- how much I hate diplomacy meetins...?"

"Captain, you should save your energy." Spock scolded lightly. He shuddered, noticing how alarmingly pale she was growing by the second. He fumbled around in his pocket, trying hard not to jostle her, and finally pulled out his communicator.

His voice shook ever so slightly. "Please remain quite and continue applying pressure to your wound while I contact Enterprise."

"Got it. Take ur time." Kirk huffed, causing her to gasp haggardly for a few seconds. This action brought caused blood to speckle her lips. She let her eyes drift briefly shut and pressed her face against her first officers tense chest. "Ugh... Bones is gonna love this."

Spock had to force his eyes away from her. Trying not to clinch it to tightly, he snapped open his com. "Spock to Enterprise. Come in."

"This is Scotty. How's it goin' down there, Mr. Spock?"

The Vulcan had to clench his teeth to keep the growl out of his voice. "Immediate assistance required, Mr. Scott. The captain has been injured. Beam us up and notify the medical staff to be ready for our arrival."

There was a shocked silence, then Scotty's voice suddenly shouted over the com. "Yes, sir! Give me a moment to lock on to your frequencies."

Spock looked back down at Kirk, noticing with a start that her eyes were closed and her hands had slipped from her stomach. Immediately, one had reached forward to apply pressure to the wound spilling out her bright red blood. His other hand came to rest against her neck, searching for a pulse.

He found one, but it was very faint.

"Captain." He shook her shoulder, but she didn't respond. He shook her again, harder, this time eliciting a small groan. "Captain!"

Spock grip on her limp body tightened, feeling as though he couldn't breathe. This was strange since he knew, despite his broken rib, his lungs and other bodily organs were well and functioning properly. But contrary to this, it felt as if he couldn't take in enough of the oxygen he sucked in through frustrated, deep breaths. And though he knew he was not sick, his stomach felt uncomfortably tight. Nausea came so intensely he felt he was going to throw up.

Kirk's eyes opened, half lidded, staring at him lazily. Her blood trickled, seemingly never ending, threw his fingers and all he could do was whisper. "Jamie?"

She coughed. "M' tired."

What was taking Scotty so long?

"Enterprise," His spoke into his communicator, voice was anything but calm. "Beam us aboard right now."

Golden white light surrounded them and suddenly the view changed and they were sitting on the transporter deck in the Enterprise. Seeing them, Scotty jumped from his chair.

"Great Scott!" Scotty exclaimed. "Captain!"

Spock's eyes scanned the room, searching for doctor McCoy but not finding him.

"Where is the medical team, Mr. Scott?" He didn't brother trying to hold back his growl now.

Scotty was staring at the captain, all that blood, in horror. "There on their way, sir! I was only jus able to notify 'em. If I'da know she was this bad-"

Spock leapt to his feet, the semi unconscious captain hanging limply in his arms, and took of at full speed to Sick bay.

He entered the lift, pressing the button, waiting (impatiently?) for the door to reopen at their destination. Jamie mumbled words he could not understand. She squirmed in his grip, clutching at his sweater in a panic, forcing him to hold her tighter. When it finally did open (which felt like an eternity), Spock quickly stepped out. He nearly ran into McCoy and his medical staff, all of whom were rushing toward them.

"Spock, what are you- My god!" McCoy exclaimed. He looked down at the pale, blood drenched captain. "Jamie! What in the- what happened to her?"

"Hyyah, Bones." the captain wheezed, voice high a breathing heavy, before her head slumped against Spock's arm, eyes closing.

Before Spock could protest, McCoy was taking her from his arms, leaving him feeling helpless. Spock opened his mouth to speak, to explain, but nothing came out. He gaped, staring at McCoy, who was glaring fiercely at him. The doctor whirled around and took off back town the hall, the medical team rushing after him, leaving Spock to stumble wearily after them.

When he got to Sickbay, Jamie had already been laid down. The medical faculty scrambled around the room, doing their best to hurriedly follow the doctors shouted orders. A nurse here, checking the captains airway before strapping an oxygen mask to her face. Another one there, pressing down on the wound to try to stop the blood that now formed puddles on the floor beneath the bed and down the halls. Only when he saw her laying on a bio bed, looking pale, unmoving, bloody, dead, did he realized how truly terrible everything was. He gasped audibly, stumbling, and grasped the wall for support.

Why was he acting this way? Simply because his captain was hurt, like she had been so many times before, though maybe not to this degree.

The answer to the question came instantly, as he watched the medical staff scramble around, trying desperately to save their captain. The answer he discovered was highly illogical, but when weren't they when the captain was involved? Illogical as it may seem he suddenly understood with great clarity that, yes, his captain, this Jamie Kirk who was dying before him, was the cause of all his suffering.

And with this discovery came the realization of what he was feeling-actually feeling- though his Vulcan side tried to deny it. Anger at the one who had done this to her: if he didn't already know Tazo'g was dead he would go back and finish the job. Panic because she was losing oh so much blood, pain, anguish, desperation, fear. Fear of losing her. His headache, once forgotten, returned, pounding painfully. All these emotions tormented his body, making him heave, blindly rushing forward to get to her.

He ran directly into McCoy as the doctor hurried back and forth, putting on a pair of gloves. The doctor looked, wide-eyed, at him before he tried to push past him again. The mans eyes hardened and he put a hand on the commanders shoulder to hold him back.

"Spock, what are you doing?" He shouted. His head twisted back toward his nurses as their panicked voices escalated. "Dang it, keep pressure on that wound! Spock, get the heck out of here."

"Doctor McCoy." Spock said, not noticing the desperation that presented itself through his voice. "I wish to see the captain's outcome."

The doctor sighed, noticing for the first time Spock's tightened jaw and clenched hands. "Chapel! Get Jamie ready for surgery."

The nurse rushed over, taking her place beside Kirk and started shouting out orders.

"Listen, Spock." McCoy said as calmly as he could. He pushed the reluctant Commander toward the door, glancing back at Jamie every five seconds. Spock tried not to notice how his clothes were caked with Jamie's blood. "I'm gonna do the best I can to make sure Jamie makes it out of this. You've done all you can. Go get cleaned up. I'll notify you when we're done."

Spock nodded stiffly, and the good doctor shoved him out the Sickbay doors and the lock clicked shut. He turned around to stare at the entrance, some part of him wanting to stay by the room even though he knew it would not help the captains physical well being in any way. So, his heart hurting, he left.

Upon reaching his room, he lit candle, sat, and tried to meditate. Adrenaline no longer pounding through his veins, the pain of his injuries made themselves known. His ribs and jaw throbbed dully, the headache still very much present. He could already feel his body, hard at work, healing his wounds. He wouldn't be surprised if they were healed by morning, but the knowledge gave him no comfort. His emotions were too strong, raw, hammering down on him from all sides. They hurt worse than his physical injuries.

Fight it, his Vulcan side urged, Control your emotions. But he didn't want to fight it. Not if Kirk- Jamie- was dying. She deserved to know how he felt.

Spock inhaled deeply, noting he would not be able to regain control until he saw that Jamie was alive and well again. His nostrils filled with the distinct scent of blood. His concentration broke.

In his haste to gain some emotional relief, he had skipped over cleaning himself up. He looked down at his clothing for the first time since the incident- his shirt covered in dried blood, pants painted with red streaks, hands caked with it. The sight of her blood, Jamie's, made him sick. He'd seen enough of it already. He tore off his sweater, hurling it into the trash. The stain would not come out and he did not prefer reliving this moment every time he looked at its splotchy design.

He stepped into the shower feeling some relief, albeit brief, when the metallic scent was gone and the red washed from his sight. Drying off, he lay in bed. Trying to clear his head of haunting clear blue eyes and sandy blonde locks. Waiting for sleep to come.

It did not.

Early morning found Spock reporting for his shift on the bridge, looking only slightly disheveled. Upon entering, he nodded to those there- Uhura, Sulu, Chekhov, and the others- and sat down in the captain's chair. During his shift he behaved professionally, immediately hailing planet Nova and debriefing the Ambassadors on the reasoning behind there abrupt departure. Ambassador Reed was especially dismayed to learn of the captain injury and asked to notified of any change in her condition.

After this was done, he went on with his duties as acting captain with out hesitation, trying his best to seem as if nothing was wrong. But the members of the crew, those he and the captain worked with on a daily basis, were no fools. Though he covered his emotions admirably, they could clearly see the small, almost nonexistent, signs of distress he displayed. The most obvious one being his calls to Sickbay, approximately every twenty minutes, to which he was notified every time that Doctor McCoy was unavailable. By the fortieth call, Uhura had had enough.

The lieutenant rose from her station, walking to the middle of the bridge and stopping before the captain's chair.

"Sir," Uhura called and Spock glance up at her. "A word."

Spock hesitated then stood. He followed her to the back of the bridge, near the turbo lift, where they could not be easily overheard.

"Spock." She whispered, glancing around the room before meeting his eyes with concern. "Maybe you should go down to Sickbay. I'm sure Sulu wouldn't mind running the ship for a few hours."

Spock stiffened, offended and concerned. "Lieutenant, I assure you I am perfectly well, and able to fulfill my duties as acting Captain-"

"Not for you," Her voice lowered even further and slipped effortlessly into Vulcan. "For Kirk. I can see your worried about her and it's alright to be. Were all- were all worried okay? Nobodies heard a peep from Sickbay and it can't mean anything good. I think we'd all feel better if you were down there with her."

"Perhaps... Perhaps you are right." He nodded. It would not benefit the crew to see their commanding officer in a compromised state when their Captain could be... could be dying. At least that how his mind justified his need to be with Jamie at that moment. He could still picture his captain, falling, could still see the blood. He dismissed the thoughts quickly. "Thank you, Nyota. Mr. Sulu, you have the con."

Uhura smiled sadly and started off back to her chair. Spock made his way to the turbo lift, hand reaching out to press the button just as the doors whooshed open. He looked up, mildly surprised by who was waiting there, heart skipping a beat when realizing what it could mean.

Spock retracted his hand, nodding once to the man before him. "Doctor McCoy."

McCoy looked haggard. The man had changed clothes, but Spock could still catch the faint smell of blood still lingering around him.

McCoy looked over Spock disheveled appearance before leaning against the door frame. "I was gonna page you, but I figured I should come get you myself."

A seed of panic burst in his stomach and Spock stepped forward. "The captain?"

The doctor nodded. "Follow me."

Spock did not hesitated to do so. Carefully clasping his hands behind his back, he walked into the turbo lift with McCoy and asked, maybe a bit hesitantly. "How is she?"

McCoy glanced over at him, seemingly deciding how much he should tell him. The doors dinged open and they stepped out and continued toward their destination.

"She lost a lot of blood." McCoy began cautiously. "Her heart stopped during surgery-"

"Doctor McCoy," he stopped in his tracks, heart sinking. His fists clenched behind his back. "Is the captain alive?"

"More than that, Spock." McCoy growled, the irritation on his face for once a welcome sight. "She's alive and kicking. I had to give her a double strength sedative to get her to calm down. "

"I must see her." he started forward again, brimming with anxiousness, but McCoy held up a hand.

"Hold on for a second. Jamie will still be there in a few minutes." He crossed his arms, looking over Spock with a critical eye. "I gave you the news in person so I could make sure you were ready to see her."

Spock's lips twitched downward. "Clearly I am ready to see her, doctor."

"I mean emotionally, Spock." McCoy scowled.

"Vulcans do not experience emotion."

"The hell they don't. You looked pretty torn up last night." McCoy stated dull. "Did you get any sleep at all last night?"

"No." He answered truthfully. "I was meditating." Or at least trying to.

"Geez, Spock. Even you need sleep." McCoy hesitated. "Listen, I want you to be honest with me here-"

"Being Vulcan, I can be nothing but honest, doctor."

"Shut your yap, yah freaking hobgoblin, and let me finish my sentence." The CMO huffed, red faced. He pointed a finger at Spock. "Clearly something is bothering you. You look like hell, and I know it ain't because of your physical injuries, though it seems to me like you took a beating. Listen, I know Vulcans aren't supposed to feel, but you can't deny you felt something last night. I saw the way you looked at Jamie. I'm just saying that if you'd open up and tell me what's going on, maybe I could give you some advice."

He shook his head ruefully. "I'm asking this as a friend- yours and Jamies- and as a doctor. What's going on in that Vulcan mind of yours?"

"Doctor." Spock titled his head to the side, looking thoughtfully at the man before him. "You were correct in your assumption that I did in fact feel, though I do not wish to discuss what that entailed."

The doctor threw up his hands. "Spock-"

"I do, however, wish to acquire your advice on another matter."

McCoy's body relaxed noticeably, still annoyed, but relieved Spock was accepting some help. "Shoot."

The First Commander straightened his shoulders, feeling warmth rush to his face. "It has come to my attention, through this experience, that I harbor strong feelings for Captain Kirk."

Spock was startled when the doctors scowl turned into a smirk. "You mean romantically?"

Spock nodded, face burning and trying very hard to ignore his embarrassment.

"Took you long enough." He exclaimed, grin widening, before his face once again became somber. "Why are you telling me what I already know?"

"Does the captain also have this knowledge of my affections?" Spock looked way, alarmed.

"Don't worry about it." McCoy laughed. "She's as oblivious as you were. But something tells me it'll be a pleasant surprise."

Spock shook his head, confused despite himself. "I do not know how to proceed with this information."

"It's simple." The doctor sent him a reassuring look. "Just tell her. We almost lost her last night, Spock. She gets hurt every freaking time she steps foot off this ship- sometimes even while she's still on it. You don't know when it could be too late."

Spock remained silent, contemplating his words.

"You are right, doctor." He said finally. "It is foolish to keep my emotions from her. Perphaps I will tell her when her injuries have been fully recovered."

"Yah, yah." McCoy wavered his hand and started off toward Sickbay again. "I'm happy for you and all, but Jamie's still my best friend so I feel the need to say this." Spock's eyebrow arched questioningly. "If you ever hurt her, I'll kick your butt. I don't give a darn about Vulcan strength- I'll sedate your sorry green rear end until I put you in a coma- don't think I'm kidding."

Spock could never imagine hurting Jamie, but he was pleased that McCoy looked out for her as he did. He dipped his head. "Understood, doctor."

Just when Spock and McCoy had reached the Medbay door, shouting erupted from inside, followed by a clatter. Then men exchanged a glance before hurrying into the Medical room. Jamie was standing by her bed, clad in a hospital gown, holding a tray of food and wobbling slightly. Chapel stood in front of her, arms held up in a halting gesture. The nurse clutched a Hypospray in her hand, her knuckles white with how tightly she was holding it.

"Really, Christine?" Jamie was shouting, trying to maneuver past the nurse. "You can't seriously expect me ingest this... Vegetation, can you?"

Chapel held up a hypo threateningly. "Captain, if you do not get back into your bed and eat your food, I'll have no choice but to sedate you."

Spock was so shocked at the scene, it being so normal, as if nothing had happened, so ridiculously Kirk, and before he could stop himself he was blurting out. "Captain!"

Both women turned quickly around. Jamie instantly brightened and waved. "Hi, Spock!"

The Vulcan checked his tone. He looked pointedly at McCoy, before finishing in a voice carefully devoid of emotion. "You are awake."

"Well I'll be darned." McCoy exclaimed in what Spock identified as a sarcastic tone, smirking. "Did I forget to mention that? Completely slipped my mind." His attention shifted over to Kirk and he fixed her with a look one might use when scolding a disobedient child. "Jamie, what did I tell you about heckling my nurses?"

"She expecting me to eat vegetables, Bones." Kirk sighed melodramatically. Chapel backed off, handing the hypospray to McCoy as he came up beside them. "What's a girl gotta do to get some real food around here?"

"The last thing you need is more fried food." He grabbed her by the shoulders, gently, and pushed her back down onto her bed. His glare turned into a look of fond exasperation. "Now lay back down! Your nowhere near being ready to stand up yet."

"I can walk just fine!" She squirmed on her bed, placing the tray of food on the bedside table. She gave McCoy an irritated look. "When can I get out of here, Bones?"

"Are you outta your mind? You were shot!" McCoy yelled gruffly, setting the hypo down on a tray of medical supplies. He growled, going about reattaching numerous cords to her that she had taken off when she had tried to get up. "It took me two hour to remove the bullet lodged in your large intestine, you lost 2 quarts of blood, and went into freaking cardiac arrest. You are not fit for active duty-"

Jamie groaned, which was muffled by her pillow. "Ah, come on, Bones!"

"No ma'am! Your confined to that bed for the next 48 hours, at the least. If you so much as step foot out of Sickbay without my say and I'll give you a sedative so strong the next time you'll wake it'll be two weeks from now! I told you it was a bad idea to go down there, but did you listen to me? No! But lucky for me, it looks like your not gonna being doing much for the next couple a' days, so you'll have plenty of time to explain to me just what the hell happened down there."

"This is ridiculous." Kirk exclaimed, sitting up. She turned her pleading eyes to her first officer. "Spock, help a girl out."

Spock flushed under her gaze, but replied dutifully. "I believe the doctor is correct in his diagnoses, captain. Your body underwent severe trauma and is therefore required to rest."

"Traitors, the lot of yah." Jamie flopped back into her bed and Spock was alarmed to notice her wince.

"Someone's gotta keep you alive, kid." McCoy smiled grimly. "Which reminds me, I have to go double check your scans from anything suspicious- and don't even think of making a break for it while I'm gone! Spock here is gonna look after you for a while." Kirk looked at him questioningly while Spock leveled him with an inquisitive glare, understanding a minute too late what the doctor had planned. "He's got something he wants to talk to you about. Come on, Chapel."

The doctor and nurse walked into McCoy's office, shutting the door quietly behind them, leaving Kirk and Spock alone in the empty Medical room. Spock grabbed a chair a placed it beside Jamie's bed, sitting down stiffly.

"How are you faring, captain?" He asked quietly, avoiding what he was really supposed to be talking about.

"Hey, I'm fine other than the burning desire to chuck the nearest heavy object at my CMO." She sighed, scratching the back of her neck. She met his eyes and he instantly looked down at his shoes. "Are you alright? Did you have McCoy patch you up?"

"Vulcan injures heal considerably faster than human ones. My wounds healed sufficiently without the aid of Dr. McCoy and I am well at the moment." He replied, eyes drifting from his footwear to the wall just left of her head.

Jamie raised her eyebrows and smirked. "I don't' believe that for a second... but I'll drop it for now. Besides, I believe some thanks are in order."

That caught his attention. "Captain?"

"Come now, Spock! You aren't going to pretend you didn't get knocked on your butt trying to protect me, are yah? And you kinda kept me from bleeding to death. That deserves a reward, man! Though if you got a reward every time you saved me, your room would be brimming with them..."

"No thanks are necessary." He shook his head, meeting her gaze with warm eyes. "I am... I am pleased you are alright, Jamie."

"So what's this Bones said you need to talk to me about?"

And then he was uncomfortable again- he did not want to talk about this because what if she did not return his feelings, and then working together would become very difficult. And his mind, grasping at straws, noticed Jamie looked tired. She was pale, probably needed more rest, so no this was not the time to talk about feelings when she was still injured- "Spock?"

Spock lifted his head to look at her again, noticing his gaze had drifted to the ground, her expression demanding answers but also conveying concern. "You lost a significant amount of blood, Captain." Spock objected weakly, standing up. "You should rest. We will discuss it at a later time."

Her hand snagged his sleeve- his clean, not drenched in her blood, sleeve- and he froze. "I don't need rest, Spock! Besides I won't be able to now, knowing there's something you guys aren't telling me. What's so bad that..." Her eyes became wide and she dropped his arm. Spock's eyes snapped back to her, bewildered by her panicked, guilty look. The heart monitor she was hooked up to beeped loudly, picking up her accelerated heart rate. "Did something happen down on Nova? Does it have something to do with the rebels? Spock, the Ambassadors-"

Spock sank down to his knees beside her, grabbing her gently by the shoulders. "Captain, you must calm yourself. The Ambassadors are quite alright and the rebellion has been sufficiently put down, from what I understand."

"Then what-" She huffed tried to regain control of her breathing. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong, per say." Spock relaxed as her breathing evened out. There was no longer a chance to delay the conversation and he did not want to alarm her again by avoiding it. "It is more of a personal matter."

"Oh." Jamie shoulders slumped, but if it was from relief or concern Spock could not decipher. "What's going on, Spock?"

Spock released her shoulders and stood back up, pausing to try and think of how to phrase his words correctly. Jamie watched him expectantly, pushing him to start his explanation. "Captain, something happened during the time of your lack of consciousness, there were... Or, more appropriately, I had... There were some alarming results to your..." Spock released a breath, sounding as disgruntled as a Vulcan could.

"Hey, you can tell me." The captain urged with a small smile, sitting up a little straighter in her bed. "I'm your friend, right?"

"I find the events that transpired while you were indisposed are... Difficult to discuss." He finally made eye contact, feeling his annoyance shove viciously at his lingering embarrassment for this conversation and knock it to the side. If only for the moment. "I request permission to show you by way of mind meld."

Kirk blinked, surprised. She nodded slowly, slightly tilting her face upward.

Steeling himself, he finger lightly slid into place on her face, annunciating the meld. He let Jamie be flooded with waves of his emotions- all the rage, sorrow, protectiveness, fear, fear and despair and concern... Affection he had felt in the last twenty-four hours. And just as quickly as they had come, his emotion were gone as his fingers slid from the desired points.

Jamie gasped, glancing up at him. Spock forced his face into a picture of calm, but his moment of brief strength was gone and he felt worry rolling back into him. His hand moved, boldly grabbing her hand and intertwining their fingers. Her face transformed into a blinding grin and he felt himself nearly shudder with relief.

Jamie laughed, beaming. "Spock, I do believe you were emotionally compromised by me."

Spock could practically feel the green tint of his cheeks as he blushed in a very un-Vulcan manner. "Captain-"

"Jamie, Spock."

"-Jamie. I felt the need to show you my emotions so you could better understand what I experienced during your injury. I hope you understand what I am trying to convey."

Kirk smiled, squeezing his hand. "All you needed to say was 'I kinda dig you', Spock."

And before he knew it he was being yanked downward and there was a noticeably pained grunt on Jamie's part. Spock stumbled to his knees, more from surprise than Jamie's lack of strength, much closer to her than he had been a few minutes ago.

He felt his jaw tightened as concern as the heart monitor let out another maraud of beeps. "Jamie, please do not exert yourself. You are still injured."

Then Spock could feel her emotions, waves of adoration and happiness flowing from the skin-to-skin contact. She glared at him playfully, no longer looking tired. "Shut up, Spock, your ruining the moment."

He was pulled closer and he went willingly, eagerly. Lips connected. Her hands traveled up to tangle on his hair and he responded by sliding up her arms to cup her face, her neck. He tightened his grip on her, pulling her closer but being so very careful of her wounds, and she sighed. His mind suddenly flashed back to something that was bothering him, back to blood seeping from a gunshot wound, back to the red splattered on the lips he was kissing.

Jamie pulled back, feeling his distress through their link, her eyes flickering between his eyes and mouth. "Spock?"

"Jamie." His voice was desperate growl. "You endangered yourself willingly while under duress."

"Ah come on!" She whined. "This? Now?"

He remembered all to well the feeling of panic when she had stepped forward, toward the manic Tazo'g, and out of his protection. "Yes. It is imperative for you to understand that you will not be doing that again."

"Come on, Spock, endangering myself is practically part of my job desc-"

He swooped down recapture her lips, cutting off her sentence. He pulled back quickly, pleased by her dazed expression.

"It is no longer an option." Huskily, he restated. "You have witnessed how it affects me. Understand that, if this situation were to happen again, I would do everything in my power to prevent you from making such reckless decisions." He leaned forward, pressing their foreheads together. "Vow to me you will not make risky decisions when other options have not been explored."

Jamie stared quietly at his face from between her lashes, seemingly considering, before her face transformed into a mask of irate understanding. She gave him a none to gentle shove. "Your using kissing against me, you jerk."

"I am unaware of what you are referring to." His voice lowered, but the corners of his lips twitched. "Please, Jamie. Vow this to me."

"I can't promise anything." She growled back, only betrayed by her growing smile. "But I'll do my best."

Spock's lips quirked upward, in something that was almost a smile, not quite sighing in relief but very nearly there. He leaned forward again, much to Kirk's joy, pressing there lips together urgently.

"I keep hearing your darn heart monitor go off-" McCoy reentered the room at exactly the wrong moment, already halfway through his sentence before her caught sight of the pair before him. "Oh for the love of-! No making out in Sickbay! This is where people come to heal not to be psychologically disturbed."

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