So I decided to post an epilogue of sorts for all you lovely reviewers. There is also a note at the end of the chapter concerning my next story, for those of you who are interested. Sorry in advance for any grammatical errors, but I don't have a beta...

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Epilogue of Sorts...

Shots were fired.

"Get down!" Jamie shouted. Dust kicked up into a thick curtain as she and Spock simultaneously dove to the ground behind the cover of a low wall. They landed in a roll, immediately rising to a crouch, so close they were touching, on alert. Jamie glared at her first officer.

"I thought you said this guys were peaceful." She coughed, waving her hand to try to disperse the dust.

Obviously, the temple they were currently hiding in had not been inhabited for a while.

"I stated they were peaceful beings when unprovoked." Spock replied. He raised an eyebrow in her direction, not even batting an eyelash at the dust that chocked the air. "Had I known you would trespass into the temple they believe houses their goddess and break nearly every law they hold sacred, I would have properly staged an escape plan or discarded this planet for visitation all together."

"Yah, well you neglected to tell me any of that and now their freaking ticked off."

"Undeniably so," Spock replied, nodding. He rose higher onto his knees to scout the surrounding woods as he continued to speak. "In the occurrence of another occasion such as this I will assume in advance that you will offend the natives and invoke strong feelings of a negative nature."

Jamie rolled her eyes. "Gee, thanks. You sure know how to butter me up."

Spock, unsurprisingly, ignored her. Jamie huffed slouching down the wall further. Her Vulcan suddenly tensed and she was immediately on alert. She scrambled up on to her knees as well, looking over the edge.

"Whats wrong?" She asked.

"It appear Doctor McCoy is in need of some assistance." Spock stated. He nodded to where the other man was crouched, and Jamie watched as Bones messily defended himself and the unconscious cadet he had been trying to pull from the battles fray from four camouflaged looking aliens. The man was unfortunately weaponless.

"Why isn't he armed?" Jamie muttered to herself. Her eyes fell on the doctors weapon, the phaser laying forgotten in the dirt a few feet away.

Jamie groaned. "Just what I need." She sighed. "Stay here. I'll go bail Bones out so we can ditch this popsicle stand."

Spock frowned. "Captain, I do not think that is wise." His eyes flickered meaningfully toward her nearly healed gunshot wound. "Your wound is already causing you discomfort. There are more effective ways to deal with situations such as this-"

She raised her phaser. "Oh relax, these guys are harmless. They're pretty mad, but I doubt they'd actually kill us given the chance."

Spock hesitated. He took another cursory glance around their surroundings, trying to asses the situation. Jamie raised her eyebrows. Finally he nodded his consent, though she could tell it was reluctantly, and raised his phaser. Jamie took a quick glance around, saw no sign of any of the aliens having noticed her, and stood.

Almost immediately after, Spock's hand had wrapped around her wrist in a vice like grip. "Jamie."

She was yanked down, halfway into Spock's lap, as shot was fired and hit the wall where her head had been only moments ago. She stared up at the singe mark and swallowed thickly at the near miss.

"So maybe they're a little angrier than I'd first thought." Jamie shrugged, wincing.

Spock's frown deepened slightly. She could feel his annoyance through the hand that still held her wrist. When he spoke, his voice was slightly deeper than usual. "Are you attempting to be shot again?"

"Please, that was so two weeks ago." Jamie grinned. "And I wouldn't particularly mind, if there was a repeat make out session."

Spock let go of her arm with a jerk, cutting off his emotins from her. A sure sign she had upset him. Jamie felt the loss of contact keenly.

She sighed. "It was just a joke, Spock." She raised herself up of Spock and onto her knees, peering carefully this time over the edge to search for whoever had attempted to remove her head from her body.

"I find your attempt at humor distasteful." Spock replied, voice now completely devoid of emotion. "While I appreciate the elevation of our relationship status, I would have preferred it had progressed under different circumstances. You should still be in recovery."

Jamie slid back down the wall into a seated position and crossed her arms. "Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today, Mr. Grumpy Gills?"

Spock kept himself facing forward as he spoke. "Vulcans do not get grumpy, nor do they have the body type to sustain gills."

"You are such a big baby." Jamie laughed, despite his sours mood. "I'm sorry, it was an accident. I'm not intentionally trying to get myself skewered, or maimed, or bludgeoned over the head."

"You are intentionally reckless." Spock stated, voice clipped. He turned toward her, hard eyes pining her in place.

"You can make me promise to be careful all you want, and I may even mean them part of the time," Jamie stated, smiling when Spock's face dropped. "But it won't change the way I act in this type of situation."

"All I ask is that you be more careful." Spock said and as he spoke, his face softened. "And that you consider the other options I present to you and choose the wisest one rather than charge unthinkingly into battle." He indicated her gun and it came to Jamie's attention that all their enemies were in range.

She threw up her hands. "Couldn't you have just told me that before?" She looked down at her phaser, double checking that it was locked to stun.

"I believe I attempted-"

She hazardly waved her phaser in a dismissive fashion, leaning over to give him a quick kiss. "No excuses. It's time to rescue our grumpy doctor friend and blow this joint." She winked. "Cover me."

Before he could stop her, Jamie rolled out from behind their cover, snatched Bones fallen weapon, and started to fire. Spock jumped to his feet to make sure she didn't get hit and she couldn't suppress a smile when she noticed him using what was arguably too much force on the alien who had fired at them. McCoy jumped in surprise, covering the vulnerable cadet on the ground. The ruckus succeeded in causing the once resettled dust to fan back into the air and make it difficult to see. Only when the gunfire had stopped did McCoy lift his head, gazed immediately drawn the captain.

"Dangit Jamie, what in the sam heck are you doin'?" Bones yelled, hacking when dust entered his mouth.

"I believe I was courageously saving you life, as per usual. Your welcome." Jamie called. She glanced up at her first officer and sneezed, her eyes watering. "How's that for thinking with my head?"

"Unfortunately, I believe you have learned nothing from this venture."

Spock held out his hand to Jamie and helped her to stand. She transferred both phasers to one hand, and tried to pat the dust from her clothing. She walked toward Bones, noticeably favoring her right side, the left side of her stomach housed a small patch of blood. The doctor had already hauled himself to his feet, the unconscious cadet slung over his shoulders, and glaring at Jamie's obviously reopened wound.

Jamie steeled herself as his mouth opened, not flinching as he yelled. "For Pete's sake, Jamie! I swear, I have to replace your stiches for the fourth time this month-"

She shoved his gun into his hands. "Then try to hold on to this next time." she stumbled as she passed him but Spock was there to steady her, but she shook her head. She pulled out her communicator. "Captain Kirk to Enterprise, four to beam up!"

McCoy gave Spock an incredulous look, shaking his head. "Unbelievable. Don't think for one second your gettin out of a visit to medbay, young lady. You'll get no morphine from me this time around."

"I'll be fine, Bones." Jamie huffed, pouting. Spock grabbed her hand, gently fitting them together and sending a jolt of happiness through her. She smiled and saw the corners of his lips quirk up. Suddenly she couldn't think of a truer statement than that. She was going to be fine.

Okay, for my next story I was thinking about doing another Fem!Kirk/Spock story and someone suggested that I doing one that was longer. My immediate thought was to retell Into Darkness with a Fem!Kirk, which I think would be fun and turn out to be fairly long story. Let me know what you guys think and if you'd rather I do something else. I'm always open to new writing ideas, so if you have any PM them to me please. Until next time, folks!