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Who is the lucky guy that is going to get Ravens full attention later on?
Maybe Beast Boy or perhaps the "Boy Wonder" himself maybe even Silkie depending on the medication they put me on in this place.

I have no clue, yet...


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The morning sun was slowly setting over Jump City, its golden rays reflecting off the glistening water that swept calmly up onto the rocky coast.

Raven opened her eyes and with a yawn stretched herself to get rid of the morning stiffness. After checking the watch hanging above her she crept back under her covers again and closed her eyes. Since the Titans had defeated the brotherhood of evil there had been almost nothing to do. Slade was still in hiding or maybe he had even given up his life of crime but whatever he was doing and wherever he was he was staying low. Raven didn't care much she was starting to like the free time she had on her hands now. Usually she had always been one of the first to wake up but now that she could she really enjoyed just staying in bed doing nothing.

Raven heard a knock at the door. She ignored it and rolled over embracing her covers. The knocking continued this time it was louder and sounded more demanding.

With a sigh Raven got up and walked to door.

"What ?", Raven asked lazily as she opened the door with her powers.

"Raven are you okay? You missed breakfast and we're all waiting for you we were just about to start on the diner", Robin said sounding a little aggravated. It took him a moment to realize that Raven was only wearing a long T-shirt that barely covered her up. He just stared at her for a moment hypnotized by her. She said something but he didn't listen to her. He was too preoccupied thinking of what he would rather be doing with her instead of talking. He felt himself grow hot inside as he imagined her..

"Robin", Raven said sounding annoyed. "I told you to get out", Raven said before walking towards Robin, who backed up until he reached the door. Raven walked up to him leaned in. He closed his eyes waiting for it to happen. The tension was starting to rise in him and he could feel something move in his pants as Raven got closer and closer. "unless you want to join me in the shower", Raven whispered in his ear seductively before she opened the door and pushed him out.

Raven giggled lightly as the door slammed shut in front of him. That's what he got for staring at her that boy blunder.

Robin felt extremely hot and unsatisfied. He had never really looked at Raven in that way before and he always thought he had a thing for Starfire, but man after seeing Raven who needed Starfire. He just had to have her he decided. The way she had made him crazy there a minute ago was something he had never experienced before. Thinking about her made his member even harder and he tried to push it down so the others wouldn't notice. He checked himself in the mirror in the hall and took a deep breath before he opened the door and stepped into the living room/kitchen part of the tower. The others were already eating their food and didn't notice him come in.
Starfire looked up from her food and when she saw Robin she flew over to him.

"Friend Robin", Starfire said enthusiastically. "Will Raven be joining us soon for the main meal of the day?", she asked.

Robin scratched his head she hadn't really answered that question or he maybe she had and he just hadn't listened. "Yes, of course Starfire", Robin said. "She just needs to get ready first.", he added.

"Okay then I shall wait for friend Raven and not join Beast Boy and Cyborg on their trip to the mall of shopping so she will not have to eat alone.", Starfire said returning to her seat. Beast Boy looked at Cyborg who shrugged. Just the thought of spending the day alone with Raven made Robin feel hot again.

"No, no, Starfire", Robin began hastily. "If you want to go shopping you can go and don't worry I'll eat with Raven", he said hoping his plan would work. The others looked at him. Robiin gulped had he acted too suspicious.
"I am unsure Robin. Me and Raven are the best female friends so I do not know if I must dine with her. Is this not earth tradition ?", she said.
"Oh, I'm sure Raven wouldn't mind", Robin said smoothly.
"Maybe you are right. I did promise Beast Boy and Cyborg to join them on their travels", Starfire said deep in thought.
"Okay", she said suddenly. "Let us depart then friends", she said to Cyborg and Beast Boy. They nodded and the three of them headed to the door.

Robin smiled. He was going to have Raven for himself for the afternoon...

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