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The demon lord opened the door and stepped inside the dark room. He looked around and saw the girl lying in her bed. He smiled to himself as he walked towards her. She was in some kind of shock. She just stared blankly at the wall. The demon lord pulled out his sword and held the cold steel against her throat. There was no reaction at all. As he began to slowly saw he was surprised that she didn't even move an inch. He would have loved to find out if she was feeling any pain but he had to use his powers sparingly. It didn't take long until he was done…

Robin opened his eyes. He felt awful and. He got up and looked for Raven. She wasn't in his bed and when he realized that she had gotten up before him and left the room he panicked. As fast as he could he dashed towards her room. The first place she would go to.

Robin felt sick. She had thrown up most of what had been in her stomach and made a mess of the hall but she didn't care. She tried to get put she just couldn't her legs where so weak. Beast Boy her friend and companion was dead in her room. How had this happened? She finally managed to get up and take a few steps forward leaning against the wall. She didn't really know where she was going but she just wanted to get away. She tripped and fell but was caught by Robin. "What's going on?", Raven asked holding back her tears. "I..I", Robin stuttered. "Oh, look what we have here", Raven heard a strangely familiar voice call down the hall from behind them.

Robin turned around and saw the demon lord standing at the end of the corridor with a Japanese katana in his hand that had blood dripping off the blade and in the other hand he was holding a head. He threw the head towards them as he stepped out of the shadow and Robin saw it was Starfire's. He just starred at it unable to react at first but then it hit him and he put Raven against the wall before pulling out his staff. It was surreal really despite all that had happened Robin felt calm but he had only one wish and that was to kill. Robin charged towards the demon lord with his staff held high over his head.

The demon lord was surprised. He had expected his foe to be absolutely broken by this. He deflected the first blow with his ancient blade and dodged another by doing a side step. He was weak and he knew he wouldn't be able to hold out long in a fight like this not without using his powers.

Robin knew the demon lord was weak. He was skilled he could see that but he didn't have any energy. The blows that aimed at Robin were getting weaker and weaker. Robin deflected the next blow and managed to grab his sword. With a kick he sent him to his knees and held the blade at his throat. "You've lost", Robin said.

The demon lord looked into the masked eyes. He had lived more than a millennia and to be honest he didn't really mind dying now. He waited patiently for the final blow...

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