Written for the OTP Boot Camp Challenge (Pairing – Draco/Ginny) and The Greenhouses Competition (Lavender) at the HPFF :)

Many thanks to colorful swirls for the beta work – thank you!

Prompt: Yelling, Betrayal

Over the years, Ginny Weasley had felt numerous emotions for Draco Malfoy.

Hate, anger, irritation, agony, pity, hell, even attraction.

But never had she felt betrayed.

In that instant, when she saw the death eaters invading Hogwarts and Malfoy running away, she felt betrayed.

Utterly, shitly and hopelessly betrayed.

How could he do this?

To her, to his school, to his own classmates, to them?

How could he let those bastards enter the school where he lived and tear it apart?

There were tears and laughs, screaming and dancing, agony and delight spread across Hogwarts but Ginny Weasley only felt one emotion - betrayal, betrayal, betrayal.

"Why Malfoy, why?" she yelled at him, when she saw him, sitting there in the grounds before Professor Dumbledore's funeral.

"Why would you do something like this? Something this horrendous, pathetic and cowardly? Something this horrific? This is not about being a bully or disliking Harry or us - "

"I didn't do this because I hate Potter, Weasley. I'm not that big of a bastard. I did because I had to do it, you got it? I had to do it!" he spat at her, turning to look at her with anger, hate and something - something she couldn't quite place her finger at.

"You don't have to do stuff Malfoy - you certainly don't have to do stuff which can kill your own friends, your own - "

"I don't have friends, Weasley. And I had to do it - and if given the same choice, I will do it, again and again, okay? Now get lost."

And she realized, she couldn't. She looked at him, stared, in fact and the anger, hatred, betrayal all seemed to disappear - the mist around him stared to fade, the fog disappeared, and she saw him, the real him, for a few seconds.

And it scared her more than anything else ever had, in years.