Written for the OTP Boot Camp (Prompt: Patience) , Globetrotter Drabble Competition (Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, Genres: Horror/Suspense/Drama), Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Herbology - Prompts: Broken, OFC, Summer Vacation) and the Different Houses Competition (Prompt: Dramatic). Special thanks to colorful swirls for the amazing beta work.

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The minute they brought her in, he knew who she was.

Ginny Weasley.

His head turned, and he watched as she struggled with the Healers and her family, screaming, shouting, crying, and eventually, breaking down.

He had heard about her.

Everyone had.

She had made headlines, every summer after the war.

They said she had gone mad, unable to accept her brother's death.

"We need to conduct a series of test, Healer Malfoy. We need to check her brain capacity and absorption level and see how her brain is actually functioning and - "

"I know my job, Piper, no need to explain it to me," he snarled at the nurse and she looked away, seeming embarrassed.

He started waving his wand around, not wanting to waste any more time, muttering several incantations all at once.

There was nothing wrong with her brain, just as he had feared.

"Piper, leave," he instructed firmly, and the female nurse knew better than to argue. He listened to her footsteps drift away, slowly, cautiously, and then he locked the door behind him.

"Phipels Letmene," He waved his wand, and almost instantly, a micro, undeveloped picture of her brain popped up. He waited patiently for it grow and develop as his palms grew sweaty and his teeth started making an uncanny sound against his mouth.

And what he saw there almost made him run for his life.

Tom Marvolo Riddle, staring back at him, alive, glorified and ready to kill.