Challenge: OTP Boot Camp, Song Fic Boot Camp, All Sorts of Love Competition (Angsty Love)
Song: Echo – Jason Walker
Pairing: Draco/Ginny

he's standing alone, at the edge of the malfoy manor, looking around, searching, for answers, which he would never find.

the roses have died, the thorns still alive and they are haunting him, together - the roses, the thorns, the memories.

(draco, i think i'm falling in love with you.)

he lets out a scream, loud, clear, broken as anguish spreads over his limbs, his body, his heart.

(be a better man, draco - for me.)

he couldn't be – he failed, again and again and as he screams louder, harder, clearer then ever, he knows nothing can change the past.

(if this is what you have chosen draco, you know my decision)

he sinks to the ground, slowly, loudly, harshly and as darkness haunts him and shadows engulf him, the looming silence remains his only friend.

he is alone, now and forever.