When Gosu got out of the shower, the first thing he noticed was that his regular white shirt and blue pants were nowhere to be found. The next thing he noticed – and reviled – was the outfit that was in its place.


Chitsu overheard it from the couch and tried her best to stifle her laughter. That was the reaction she was hoping for. "I washed your other clothes, Gosu. They were pretty smelly, after all!"

Gosu stormed out from the bathroom donning ridiculous blue foot pajamas with rocket ship designs on it, looking positively furious. "And this is your replacement?!"

"Hey, that's all we had in there. This is my family's vacation house and I'm an only child, so it's not like we have a lot of stuff guys," Chitsu replied as she chuckled at Gosu's absurd appearance. "You look like a kid and now you're dressed like one, too!"

"Hey, I'll have you know I'm 14, so you better not call me a kid!" Gosu barked.

"Whoa, really? You're only a year younger than I am?!" Chitsu asked. "Well you're one short teenager – we're the same frickin' height."

Gosu hopped onto the couch and sat uncomfortably close to Chitsu. "Well, since we're about the same age I guess it wouldn't make a relationship-"

"In your dreams," Chitsu scoffed, shoving her hand in Gosu's face to push him away from her. A condescending smirk made its way to her face. "And besides, you're really trying to flirt with me dressed like that?"

"It's your fault I'm dressed like this," Gosu grumbled.

Chitsu continued to laugh, much to Gosu's chagrin. Truthfully, she did have a white shirt and plaid pair of pants for him, but this was way funnier. Chitsu yawned and got up from the couch. "Man, I'm tired. Guess I should take a shower and get some sleep." As she walked towards the door, she added in a suggestive tone, "And don't get any funny ideas."

"Lead me on, will she?!" Gosu huffed as he folded his arms over his chest. "Heh, I guess going on an adventure with a hot chick will be pretty cool!"

Chitsu awoke next morning to find that Gosu had already left the room and appeared to be in the kitchen. What she saw in the kitchen made her almost want to strangle a certain palm tree-haired boy.

"What?" Gosu asked, wondering why Chitsu's eyes were nearly bulging out of her head.

"What's with all of these fucking cereal boxes?!" Chitsu shrieked.

"Geez, I don't see what the big deal is, it's not like anybody else is gonna be staying here," Gosu replied as he accurately tossed another bowl into the sink behind him.

Did he really eat up all of those boxes?! Chitsu asked herself. "Well I was raised to be cleanly! If you don't clean this mess up, you better get acquainted with foot pajamas, because I'm not gonna give you your clothes back! By the time I finish taking a shower, this mess better be cleaned up!" Chitsu stormed back into her room.

"'This mess better be cleaned up!'" Gosu mockingly echoed. "Shit, all she needed was a 'young man' at the end and she would've sounded like a mom or something."


After putting on a red jacket to go with her outfit, Chitsu left her room to find that the kitchen was completely clean! All of the cereal boxes were gone, and even the dishes were left in the sink. "Well now, it looks like you're capable of being neat after all!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Gosu muttered. What Chitsu didn't know, of course, was that all of the cereal boxes were stacked in a pile outside. But really, who cared? "So where are my clothes?"

"They're in my room."

"It's beautiful, isn't it?"

A beauty it was, indeed: an orange ball with six stars on it. In other words, the six-star Dragon Ball. And it was currently sitting on a raised platform before a diminutive, red-skinned man standing in what looked to be a throne room.

"We're just one step closer until I, Lord Teba, obtain my GLORIOUS wish!" the short man declared as he triumphantly raised his hands into the air. "And thanks to my genius, we now have a radar created from this ball's wavelengths to track the other ones down!"

"Your genius? I've never really taken you for someone well-versed in technology, sire," a woman wearing a red coat and bandana cut in.

"Uh, yeah, sire, I'm pretty sure I saw Giuseppe working hard on that very th-"

"SILENCE!" Teba shouted at his three subjects. The first was the girl, the second was an anthropomorphic pig, and the third one was a young boy with a noticeably different demeanor from the other two. Donning spiky hair that stood up like a flame and a black cloak, this guy stood before Teba with none of the twitchy nervousness that the other two were presenting, instead perfectly calm.

"Now, let's see…" Teba said as he strolled over to the giant screen on the wall to his left. On the screen was a map of the entire world. "Ah, the closest Dragon Ball to here is located in range 5109. Retasu?"

"Yes, sir?" the young boy replied.

"I want you to after it."

Retasu nodded and dashed out of the room with considerable speed.

"See, now that's what you two should strive for," Teba said, marveling at Retasu's quickness.

The pig awkwardly cleared his throat and approached Teba while shuddering anxiously. "Uh, your highness, I'm just not sure why we should be going to these great lengths to assist you in your search when we don't even know what you're going to wish for in the first place?"

"And why should that matter, huh, Bobo? Are you trying to question me?" Teba asked with a raised brow that spelled trouble.

"No, sir! Forget I even brought up the subject!" Bobo frantically required.

"Good. Now, onto more pressing matters – I'M HUNGRY! Reina, prepare my food at once!" Teba demanded to the woman. She quickly ran off to one of the walls and pressed a button, causing the wall to slide over and reveal a table that was holding a plate with a delicious looking turkey. Teba's stern façade disappeared in a West City minute as his mouth salivated and he stormed to the table like a wild animal. He jumped onto his chair and started tearing at the food like a wild animal.

"Sire, you forgot your utensils and napkin…" Reina pointed out

Teba froze just as he was about to chomp down on a leg and his cheeks flushed a shade of reed even deeper than his regular skin color. As he raised one hand to his mouth, he muttered. "Oh my, how trashy of me."

Bobo was tempted to pinch the bridge of his nose in shame, but that would surely earn him yet another tongue-lashing from Teba. Instead, he and Reina watched meekly as Teba resumed eating the turkey while trying to appear as civilized as possible. After a few minutes, the turkey was nothing more than a pile of bones.

"Ah, nothing like a good meal!" Teba sighed. "Now, onto more pressing ma- Oh, God…"

"What is it, Lord?" Bobo asked.

Teba groaned as he clutched his stomach, using all of his effort just to even stand up. "I-I think you went overboard on the s-spices. I have a case of…the loose stools!"

"Y-you don't mean…"

"QUICK, THERE'S NO TIME! WHERE THE HELL IS THE BATHROOM?!" Teba wailed, pacing all over the room.

"Um, sir, didn't you design this building's floor plan? You should know where it is," Reina explained.

"NONE OF THAT MATTERS!" Teba screamed as he rushed to the door and slammed it open. He sprinted down the hall until he found the nearest elevator and uh, err…relieved himself in there.

"Ah, what a relief," Teba said as he walked back into the throne room, carrying an atrocious smell with him.

"Holy shit!" Bobo cried as he covered up his nose.

"Was that a crude pun?!" Teba inquired as his eyes darkened.

"No sir!" was Bobo's quick reply as he stood uncomfortably straight.

"Sire, don't tell me that you did it in the…" Reina's voice trailed off as she found a sudden urge to vomit. That smell was unspeakable awful; she could practically see a cloud of gas surrounding him.

"Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go!" Teba crassly joked. He quickly dropped the childish routine and put his hands behind his back as if to appear like a general. "Now, to more pressing matters – let's fly to where Retasu is to give him a hand in case things get dicey."

"But the only way to get downstairs is through the elevator, and well…" Bobo was dreading going to where the scene of the proverbial crime was.

"Hey, I didn't hire you two for nothing. Clean the mess up!" Teba ordered.

Bobo and Reina exchanged glances and sighed before going to the closet and retrieving spray, a can of disinfectant wipes, and gas masks.

Gosu, now in his newly-cleaned regular attire, walked out of the house and took a refreshing breath of fresh air, basking in the atmosphere of the forest. He had a long day ahead of him, and he was looking forward to the beginning of a long, hopefully interesting journey.

"Are you just gonna walk around with no shoes on?" Chitsu asked from behind him.

"Yeah, I don't see what the big deal is. Why?" Gosu replied, glancing at his feet.

"Well if you're going to walk around in public, you shouldn't look so uncivilized. Hold on, let me see if I have any shoes," Chitsu said before walking back in the house. Gosu rolled his eyes and groaned. Why did it matter so much, anyway? Moments later, a pair of black shoes flew over the palm tree that was Gosu's head.

"Hey, these are actually pretty cool," Gosu said as he picked up the pair. He was able to slip them right onto his feet. As he jumped up and kicked at the air to test out his legs, Chitsu pressed a button on the house to put it back in its capsule.

"Look what we have here – two tasty treats!"

Startled by the deep, booming voice behind them, Gosu and Chitsu turned around to find a giant tiger carrying an ax and standing on two feet. His mouth was salivating and he had a look in his eyes that screamed violent intensions. Chitsu loudly squealed in fear and almost robotically ran behind the composed Gosu and crouched for cover.

"And I guess you found the wrong food to prey on," Gosu challenged, growing excited at the prospect of a fight.

"Gosu, what the hell are you thinking?! That thing is like five times your size!" Chitsu whispered.

"Yeah, and…?"

Chitsu sighed, realizing that this kid was hopelessly hard-headed. The tiger laughed at Gosu's unwavering confidence, writing it off as stupidity rather than bravery. He took one giant march to Gosu, hoping to intimidate him with the way the ground and the surrounding trees shook from his footstep. It had the opposite effect, however, because Gosu threateningly advanced towards him.

"Fool! I'll make you rue the day you didn't grovel before me!" the tiger seethed. He lifted his axe up with intentions to slice Gosu into cold cuts. The tiger took a fierce swing at the ground, but Gosu got out of the way without having to exert himself. The axe struck the ground with great force, enough to leave a decent rift in the surface. Gosu's speed made the beat's eyes billow in astonishment.

"Okay, so you're a quick rodent. But it makes no difference when all you can do is run away from me!"

The tiger took another swing with his axe, but this time Gosu was determined to give the beast a rude awakening. Just as the axe was mere inches away from Gosu's body, he leaped up and delivered a hard kick right to its edge. The kick was strong enough to knock the weapon right out of the tiger's hand. It was spiraling like a boomerang and sliced clean through several trees.

The tiger was at a loss for words. The only thing that could come out of his mouth were nervous stutters. This kid wasn't an ordinary person, that was for sure, which meant only one thing. Exposing his true cowardly colors, the tiger reached towards Chitsu and locked her in his grip.

"Ha! If I can't have you, I'll just eat your friend instead!" he boasted, though it was hard to hear him over Chitsu's loud cries for help.

"Hey, no fair!" Gosu furiously growled.

"So long, kid!" the lion yelled as he jumped up in the air. Shit, I can't jump that high! Gosu said to himself. He was at a loss as to what he should do to save Chitsu. Things were looking pretty grim for her…

That is, until a loud thud went off in the air. Just seconds later, Chitsu was violently falling back down to the forest and screaming her head off the entire time. Gosu jumped up and managed to catch her in both of his arms. When Gosu landed back on the ground, he took a deep breath until he realized he just hit the jackpot.

"Hey, you can stop holding me now," Chitsu said with annoyance as she glared at the lecherous grin Gosu was giving her. The humor soon ended when the tiger hit the ground with a violent crash. That's not the only thing that caught Gosu's attention, however. There appeared to be someone standing on top of the giant's stomach.

"And just who are you?"

"Are you sure we should be following Retasu? I mean, he always seems to do pretty well for himself and knowing him, he'd probably get mad if we tried to help him," Bobo said, sitting to Teba's left as he flew their plane.

"It's not important. Retasu's just a teenager after all, and boys his age have a tendency to behave recklessly. And plus, I don't completely trust the boy," Teba replied.

"Yeah, something's off about that kid," Reina added.

"I'll say – AH!" Bobo yelped as he felt a rumbling in the plane's engine. "Sire, it looks like something's wrong!"

"What the hell is it?!" Teba asked, growing a little tense.

"Well, um – and you're just gonna laugh when you hear this – it looks like we're running out of gas!" Bobo explained as he pointed at the gas meter, which was almost empty.

"But how?! You filled up the tank beforehand, didn't you?!"

"Yeah, I filled it up with the stuff from that purple can!"

Reina swallowed heavily in her throat upon hearing Bobo's answer. "Uh, Bobo…"

Teba fixed Bobo with an intense glare that made the pig awkwardly stare at the control deck. "Bobo, that wasn't the gas," he began in a misleadingly calm voice, "THAT WAS MY KOOL-AID! WE'VE BEEN RUNNING ON KOOL-AID THE ENTIRE GODDAMN TIME?!"

Things were about to get worse, as the plane began its nosedive at blistering speeds. Teba was on the verge of soiling himself yet again.


Bobo frantically turned around and leaped to the back, shuffling through the various items. "Teba, where are the parachutes?!"

Teba pulled his best happy-go-lucky smile and nervously laughed. "Well, I – and this is gonna be really funny when you hear this – kinda…forgot to pack them!"


"Y'know, Teba, I always did think your height was flattering!" Bobo confessed, trying to fight back tears in his last moment.

"Bobo…I always did think you'd make for some delicious bacon!" Teba crassly replied.

Reina was about to say a quick round of prayers until she remembered her walkie talkie. She retrieved it from her jacket and quickly turned it on…

The guy standing atop the tiger leaped off from its stomach and landed right in front of Gosu and Chitsu. It wasn't just anybody, however, as he had spiky, black hair, and a long cloak – it was Retasu.

The hairs on the back of Gosu's neck rose as he clenched his fists together. This guy looked to be around his age, but the look in his eyes was sinister. Gosu had an inkling that he was quite the capable fighter.

Chitsu, however, didn't really catch on to the mean look in his eyes, because she jumped out from Gosu's arms and gave Retasu her full attention. "Well, who are you, Mr. Badass Hunk?! Here to give us a hand?"

"She gets mad when I flirt with her but drools over the first mysterious looking guy she sees," Gosu muttered under his breath.

Retasu irritably growled as he tried to ignore Chitsu's fawning. "I have no interest in helping you two. The only thing I'm after is the ball tied to your necklace."

"The Dragon Ball?" Gosu asked, looking down at the four-starred item in question. "Guess you're going wish hunting too, eh?"

"Just hand it over to me, and this will go by smoothly," Retasu said, the threat in his voice clear.

"Oh, really? And what makes you think I'll hand it over without a fight?" Gosu challenged as an excited smirk made its way to his face.

"A fight?" Retasu snickered. "If you really want to be that foolish and go down that route, then I'll happily oblige."

Chitsu gave a loud gulp and ran off to the side. She was starting to question this whole Dragon Ball search if it was just gonna cause her to run into troublesome (but sexy) guys like this.

The tension in the air was thick as the two young fighters stared at each other, waiting for one to make the first move. Gosu was trying to get a feel for his strength. Judging by how easily he knocked down that tiger motherfucker, he was obviously going to be tough – but it didn't matter. Gosu brawled with guys all his life and he almost always won, and this would be no different.

Just as Retasu was about to square his shoulders, however, the walkie talkie from inside his cloak went off. The teenager irritably hissed as he pulled the tool out. "What is it?!"

"Uh, Retasu, we're kinda in a bit of a pinch," said the nervous voice of Reina.

"THEPLANEISCRASHINGANDWE'REALLGONNADIE!" yelled the frightened voice of Teba in the background.

Retasu rolled his eyes, figuring that those idiots would find some way to screw things up. "Where are you?"

"Well, it looks like we're gonna be crashing about half a mile away from where that Dragon Ball is!"

"Fine, I'll be there," Retasu replied with a sigh. He settled his eyes on Gosu and pointed directly at his face. "This isn't over. You better hold onto to that ball as much as you can because it won't be yours for much longer." Retasu ran off.

Chitsu nervously walked towards Gosu. "What was that guy's problem?"

"I don't know, but we probably won't be seeing the last of him." Gosu flashed an excited grin. "Looks like we have ourselves some competition!"

Chitsu gave Gosu a sideways glance and groaned in exasperation. "I don't know about you, but I don't find that prospect very exciting. Let me guess, you're just excited to fight someone, aren't you?"


"Well before you can start bashing skulls, we have to get that radar so we can actually be able to find the Dragon Balls," Chitsu said. She pulled out a capsule, threw it to the ground, and from it came her motorcycle. "Let's get going."


"What now?" Chitsu impatiently asked.

"I gotta eat this tiger thing first!"

Retasu dashed through the forest until he was able to hear the clear sound of an engine drawing closer to the ground. When he looked up, he saw the plane in question making its blisteringly fast downward spiral. Over his walkie talkie, he could hear those three idiots screaming.

As he jumped on top of one of the trees, the plane he was staring down was actually the furthest thing on his mind. Instead, he was thinking about that kid with the wild hair. He appeared to be a fairly confident fighter, but perhaps that was just simple foolishness. However, that wasn't even the main thing that had Retasu surprised. Either his eyes had been deceiving him, or that guy had a tail.

"Just like I used to have…"

As the plane made its rapid descent towards him, Retasu jumped off of the tree and thrusts both of his arms forward. Letting out a loud shout, Retasu unleashed his inner Ki and concentrated it to his palms, creating a red glow around them. The plane was flying nose-first right to Retasu, yet the boy was making no effort to move out of the way.

When the flying heap of steel crashed into him, Retasu was able to catch its nose right into his palms. The force of the plane was enough to shove Retasu back to the grass faster than he planned, but he was able to stay on his feet when he landed. Though it was taking a great amount of exertion, he was able to keep the plane put until it stopped making him stagger back so hard that he was leaving deep trails into the ground.

Retasu lowered the plane to the ground and took a relieved exhale when he did. Even though it took a great effort, Retasu was amazed at how far his power had come. Tail or no tail, that kid didn't stand a chance of standing in his way.

Teba was the first person to stumble out of the plane. Retasu couldn't help but grit his teeth when he saw him emerge. Unlike his other two incompetent colleagues, Retasu didn't respect Teba or acknowledge his flimsy authority. In fact, he was actually planning on using the Dragon Balls for himself once the time was right, but found those three idiots as a necessary evil.

"Oh thank goodness, you saved us, Retasu!" Teba cheered. "I was seeing my life flashing before my very eyes!"

"Yet you still had enough time to try and roast me so you can get a last meal," Bobo sneered as he dusted his clothes off.

"Oh, hush up, I was desperate!" Teba's attitude vanished when he felt a rush of vomit making its way to his mouth. "Oh no, I think I have motion sickness!" Teba frantically ran to a bush and went about his business while Retasu and the others looked away in disgust.

"Dammit, Teba, I found the two people who had the next Dragon Ball, but because of this nonsense, I had to leave, and now we're probably losing them. They were after the Dragon Balls, too," Retasu explained as Teba emerged from the bushes smelling like death.

"Hey, that's Lord Teba to you, Retasu!" LORD Teba snapped. "If it weren't for your fighting skills, I don't know how much I'd be able to put up with that attitude of yours! Damn hormones…"

Retasu gave an irritable growl towards his superior. He was tempted to say what was really on his mind, but that wouldn't be smart. As stupid as these guys were, they had useful technology that allowed him to look for the Dragon Balls. Without them, he would probably be spending an entire lifetime looking for those things.

"But enough about that – we have to regroup," Teba said.

"And that means going after the Dragon Ball that those two people Retasu said he met have, right?" Reina asked.

"Uh…I think we need to go back to my castle, first."