My God it's cold. Thank goodness all of my exams are over this weather is getting terrible. Memphis never gets weather like this, so the city is in a panic. My boss decided to close early and let us all go home for the day and I'm freezing as I head to my truck.

Just as I'm rounding the corner near Second and Court heading to the parking lot I hear a wimper and look over to see a group of people huddled together in an alley. I count seven adults and two children, two very small children. I know right away they are homeless.

"Crap" I mutter it's too cold for the little ones its going to get below 10 degrees tonight they have got to get those babies off the street or they won't make it til morning.

"Hey, do you guys need money for the shelter?" I asked. There was one right up the street I knew it cost 4 dollars a person for a stay.

"There was no room" a blond headed man answered "They turned us away."

Just then I heard crying the distinct sound of a baby what theā€¦

"Do you have a baby with you?" I screeched.

No one answered I'm pretty sure they were thinking I would call the police in all honestly I should have, a baby should not be subjected to this, hell no one should be subjected to this.

The copper haired one spoke up and said "Please help us." He stepped out of the huddle and my breath caught at the sight of him he was tall around 6'3 and his eyes were amazing. Even in his ragged clothes and scruffy appearance he was stunning. I realized then that he held a small infant in his coat and my heart lurched in my chest.

It took me all of five seconds to make my decision. I looked up at the sky and said "God please don't make me regret this" before looking at the group and saying "come with me."

He didn't hesitate but a blond haired woman yelled "We can't go with her, I won't go with her. She's just gonna call the cops. They're gonna take my babies." She looked at me with such malice that I instinctively stepped back.

"Even if she does I have got to get him off the streets." He looked down at the baby in his arms then back at me. His green eyes held mine for a moment before he looked back at the blond "I won't let him die like this. You make your own decisions."

"Look, I'm not going to call the police. Come with me I promise to help you as much as I can. I'm not going to force you it's your choice, but these kids need to be some place warm. Come at least for tonight okay."

The small dark haired girl moved forward "I'm going with her" she stated through clenched teeth she was shivering so hard I could hear her teeth chattering together. She had on a thin jacket and not much else. A tall, wiry, light brown haired boy stood behind her and nodded at me.

The blond girl was having a stare down with a tall dark haired man. He almost made me rethink my decision he was huge like wrestler huge. He looked at me as if reading my thoughts and smiled a small as if to reassure me.

"No Emmett we can find someplace safe tonight. We are not going with her. We can't trust her you know this" she sneered as she pulled the two children behind her. She turned and looked at me like I was the lowest form of life she had ever seen.

Now I like to consider myself level headed but this chick was pissing me off. "Look Barbie if you want to stay out here and freeze to death go right ahead anyone who is interested in a warm place and food follow me. I'm not gonna stand here and beg any of you to come with me."

Even as I was turning I felt bad for the kids that would be left behind with their psycho mother. I knew that even if I called the police by the time they responded they would be gone from this spot.

"Momma please" a small voice called out and once again my heart broke.

I looked at the others and said "My truck is this way."

"Not that we don't appreciate this but why are you helping us? I'm Carlisle by the way."

"Well Carlisle if it wasn't for the kids I probably would've kept walking, sorry but it's the truth."

"Well thank you anyway for helping. This is my wife Esme" he said pointing to a small statured brown haired woman whom had yet to speak, "and that's Alice and Jasper, the ginger head is Edward. "

"I'm Bella."

As we neared my truck we heard the giant call out to us "Please Wait for us!"

The family of four ran up and the big guy stated "Look I know she was being hostile but she has reasons for being the way she is but right now the safety of my kids is more important so please allow us to come."

I unlocked the truck for the others and looked at the couple "Look I now have reservations about you two but I won't leave these babies out in the cold because their mom has mental issues, but if she gets out of hand you have to go. Are we clear?" I may be nice but a pushover I am not. I needed them to know this.

He nodded "Crystal."

"Good lets go."

We climbed in my old Lincoln Navigator and headed for my home in Whitehaven. None of us knew that my small random act would change all our lives for the better.