Roaming the streets alone at night had become somewhat of a trend for Isaac Lahey. Since being bitten by his alpha, Derek, he'd become much more instinctually nocturnal. Waking for school was a struggle and Isaac found his energy was sapped by the time it took to return home to the apartment that Derek had rented for them both. That's why he loved the summer; it meant he didn't have to fight the instincts and he could sleep whenever he wanted. It made life a whole lot easier for him. For twelve glorious weeks, he was free to rest for the 15 hours a day if he wanted and free to roam the night and howl at the moon if he so desired. Unless Derek called upon him to help with some werewolf shenanigans, which rarely happened once the issues with the Kanima and the Argents had been sort-of resolved.

There was a distinct breeze considering it was a late evening in June but Isaac didn't feel the need to wear anything thicker than a t-shirt and jeans. He'd learned to master partial changes so if he ever got cold, he could just wolf up some fur on his body. Some aspects of lycanthropy really are blessings in disguise.

Set against a background of thick shrubbery at the top of a hill, Isaac was hidden to anybody looking up to him. The sombre whistle of the dark trees was enough to prevent anybody from venturing up there and disturbing him. Before he became a werewolf, he would have been terrified himself. But with the powers came liberation from the fear that normal human beings has of the darkness and the unknown.

It was still fairly light out and Isaac could see the whole town spread out beneath him from the rock he sat on. He could see the police department building, the hospital, the school; all of the places in which the drama of the past few months had panned out. He looked down over it all like a godly observer scanning that which he created but no longer controlled. How could things have gotten so crazy? Just a year ago, he'd been a simple teenager, stressing about exams, worried about his love life, striving to improve at lacrosse: the usual. But now, everything had changed. For better or for worse, Isaac couldn't tell.

In the twelve months prior, Isaac had been regularly beaten by his father, become an orphan, been turned into a werewolf, fought against an unbelievably powerful Kanima and been shot and stabbed a few times for good measure. While all this was going on, he was struggling to keep on top of the finals he had to revise for.

Still, that was behind him. He'd passed (just) his finals and therefore passed the Grade. He'd become increasingly confident and outgoing and his father's death was made a lot easier to deal with by the family of werewolves that he'd walked into. Ironically, now he'd been left with no biological family, he actually had a group of people that made him feel like he belonged. Derek, Boyd, Erica, even Peter to an extent. They had become his family. And then Stiles, Lydia, Danny and Jackson had all been nothing but nice to him. Allison was evasive more than anything but that's probably to do with the arrow and blades that she'd put into Isaac's body. And then there was Scott…

Even in the cold wind, the thought of Scott was like a bucket of ice water to the face. The two boys had become close friends recently. As Isaac adjusted to his new life, Scott was constantly there propping him help and helping him. They'd saved each other's lives a few times each too and in a short space of time, they'd ended up fighting a lifetime's worth of battles together. It's probably only natural that along the way, Isaac fell for him.

He hadn't told anybody about the way that he felt about his friend because he didn't want to jeopardise the relationship that had become most precious to him in his new life. He'd become accustomed to seeing Scott around school every day and keeping his feelings to himself but as the semester went on, it became more and more difficult. With Isaac taking a few shifts at the veterinarian's to help out and Scott becoming ever more involved with Derek's pack, the two were almost always together and Isaac felt under constant pressure not to let anything slip. He allowed his eyes the odd wander or his imagination the odd thought but he did his best to keep his secret.

As far as he knew, it worked: Scott was none the wiser. Derek and Stiles had their suspicions, Isaac could tell by the way they looked at the pair of them when they were together, but neither had ever voiced such suspicions. He had no concerns about those two either; he doubted Derek or Stiles would say anything to anybody without his say-so first.

Surprisingly, Isaac was cool with just being friends with Scott. The way he felt about him was much more of an emotional thing than a physical one so their friendship was enough for him to express this affection. The truth is, more than anything Isaac deeply cared about Scott and even though he wanted more of the friendship, he was content. He was content because he loved a boy who loved him back, even if it wasn't in exactly the way he wanted.

Isaac sat on the rock against the line of trees and contemplated his life and the people in it. He was happy with how things were going and he thought that his summer was going to be the best of his memory. The best since his mom died anyway.


The sound of his name brought Isaac out of his reverie. He turned to see the silhouette of Scott McCall, his eye the only distinguishable feature of the shadowy mess that his body had become in the cover of the trees from the moonlight.

"What are you doing out here all alone?" he asked, stepping forward and letting his face fall into the line of light. Seeing that Scott was a little dazzled by the suddenly bright moonlight baring down onto him, Isaac allowed himself a quick glance up and down the other boy's body.

Scott was the perfect medium on a height scale, the perfect middle of the build scale. The skin he'd inherited from his Latin ancestors took on a silvery hue in the moonlight. His squinting brown eyes were frosted over; he would have looked high if his face was easier to see. The tips of his teeth looked sharp and wolf-like but the smile that held them back mollified any worries that Isaac had of Scott taking a sudden change.

"I like to sit out here. It's… therapeutic." Isaac said. He paused long enough to look like he was trying to find the correct word but not for so long that Scott would be made to feel uncomfortable by the intense eye contact they shared. "Care to join me, McCall?"

It always made Scott smile the slight lopsided grin that was McCall custom when Isaac called him by his surname. That's the main reason that Isaac went out of his way to call him by it as often as he could.

"I'd care for nothing more than I would care to join you," was Scott's reply, through the smile that Isaac so loved.

"Uh, McCall, I'm not sure that that made sense there," Isaac couldn't stop himself saying with a chuckle.

"Well, Lahey, sense is not to be made. Made is to be sensed."

Isaac grinned and patted the space on the rock next to him, motioning for Scott to take a seat in the space next to him. Although he did love this time alone, he loved spending time with Scott more. And gooey, angsty, hormonal teenage feelings aside, Isaac really loved his company. Scott took the space.

Isaac lifted his arm and draped it around Scott's shoulders. In turn, Scott moved in and rested his head on Isaac's shoulder. The two were completely affectionate of each other, perhaps in different ways but the affection was still there and plain to see.

The two boys stayed there silently for a while. The moon shone on the valley and life went by down in the town of Beacon Hills; unrecognisable people strolled along the sidewalk, couples walked their dogs, the lights of the houses went off as more and more people retired to bed for the night. But the two boys stayed motionless just watching the world go by. Isaac wished it would never end.

"Hey, can I ask you a question?" Scott asked in a half whisper after what could have been forty seconds or four hours. After a noise of assent from Isaac, he continued. "How come when decent people fall in love, the person they care about most in the world doesn't seem to notice? And then we jump at the tiniest bit of affection they show us like some pathetic little nothing?"

Isaac was a little shocked by the question; it really wasn't anything like what he'd been expecting – or hoping. He'd expected something like 'why is the moon so bright' whilst hoping for something along the lines of 'hey follow me into the woods so we can have hot, passionate sex'. But he gathered himself and answered anyway.

"I guess, we just want something so much that we're happy to settle for a lot less than what we want because it's better than settling for nothing." He didn't really have to think about it. He'd answered that question hundreds of times when he'd asked himself it.

Scott shrugged and sighed as he dropped his shoulders. He craned his neck back a little so that his head still rested on Isaac's shoulder but he could also see the taller boy's face.

"I guess so. You know, you can tell me anything right?" The question sounded like nothing more than that but it felt like an accusation, as if Scott knew that Isaac was keeping something from him.

"Of course I do, McCall. And you know that you can come and ask me weird questions and bitch about your life whenever you want, right?" Again, Isaac didn't have to think. The response just came out. He'd become so used to lying about his feelings to Scott that it was basically a reaction by this point.

Scott smiled almost sadly and looked away but – Isaac noticed as his heart-rate quickened – his head stayed on Isaac's shoulder.

"I do know that, I. And you know that I love you, right?"

If the shiver that ran down Isaac's spine at the sound of Scott calling him 'I' – an affectionate nickname that nobody but Scott used – went unnoticed, the sharp intake of breath that he breathed in at the words 'I love you' certainly didn't. But Scott didn't comment. He just looked curiously up into Isaac's eyes.

Isaac couldn't gather himself well enough to respond and judging by the way that Scott had closed his eyes, he didn't have to. The two boys sat there again in silence, Scott with his eyes closed and his head still on Isaac's shoulder, Isaac with his face turned up to the sky to hide the beetroot red colour that his cheeks remained.

It was a fairly long while before Isaac noticed Scott's heart-rate had slowed down past the point that said he was asleep. Gingerly, he moved position slightly and cradled Scott's head down from his shoulder to his lap so he was more comfortable. Absent-mindedly, he began to play with Scott's hair and smile as he thought about their last couple of months together. They'd built up a serious, trusting friendship and felt so comfortable with each other that they could go to sleep on the other's shoulder; a type of friendship that didn't come by very often for Isaac.

He thought to himself how much it would hurt to lose Scott and he made the decision not to tell him how he felt, at least not for the moment. His fingers were still running through Scott's hair as he fell back into a thoughtful reverie.

"I love you, too, Scott," he whispered into the wind.

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