A/N: I noticed how different Lola is in the Looney tunes show then she was in Space Jam and since I was thinking about a story where she accidently gives Bugs the shock of his life but I didn't really have anything to lead up to that I decided to explain why she isn't the same in the Looney tunes show as she is in Space Jam even though the 2 stories don't have anything to do with each other since I have been having the ideas for a while I figure kill 2 birds with one stone so to say.

It was early in the morning at the house Daffy was snoring away in his bed speedy was heading off to open up the Pizza place and Taz had broken into Sam's house and ate his gold fish and old Yosemite was chasing around with a baseball bat because the devil had also eaten his guns for some reason.

As all this "normal" everyday things were going on Bugs woke up from a date night that went very well if you know what I mean to find Lola still here in his master bedroom and asked her what she was doing looking over the sink holding something he couldn't make out.

Bugs: Lola what you up to girl.

He said before munching on a carrot.

Lola: oh I was just thinking you know how you took me to the basketball game last week, and you spilled the popcorn on the man sitting below us and he got mad and started pushing you and you pushed him and next thing we know I have to bail you out of stadium jail and the we drove to…..

She went on and on.

Bugs: Yes Lola I remember!

Lola: Ok you don't have to get fussy jeez, well anyway that got me thinking you know I could have been a professional basketball player or was that cricket or maybe it was soccer….football maybe.

Bugs: Really you a basketball player?

Lola snapped out of…. Well being herself.

Lola: oh yah I used to play basketball in high school I even was going to get a scholarship for it and then I was going to be famous and model for magazines and commercials and then I was going to transition into movies and then…..

Bugs: Ok I get the picture. So what does that have to do with whatever you're doing right now?

Lola: huh oh yeah I'm getting to that. Well where was I oh yeah so it was back at State tournament and we were one point away from winning but the other team had the ball and as they tossed it in our goal I jumped up and tried to catch it but I must have misjudged the distance because the ball hit me right in the face and I landed on the top of my head and blacked out. 3 weeks later I woke up in a hospital I think in Beverly Hills or was it New York maybe Vages no that's where I had my 18th birthday and we had one crazy time I even lost my virginity for the 9th time there and had my first beer of was that all at my sweet 16th.

Bugs: Lola!

Lola: oh right any way after the accident I couldn't play anymore something about my brain I think and or something and for some reason people who I hung out with all the time started acting like I was a completely different person for some reason they even ran off whenever I started talking for some reason.

Bugs: okay so what does this have to do with whatever you're doing right now?

Lola: What? That doesn't have anything to do with what I'm doing right now.

Bugs just rolled his eyes regretting that he ever asked.

Lola: well any way what I'm doing is because I have been getting sick a lot recently like my sister was a while ago and I knew she bought some weird test thingies and after that she cheered when it said negative so I figured I would try it but even though I followed the directions it keeps saying I'm positive for something and I've taken like 10 or so.

She showed him one of the test he looked at it for what seemed like an hour before falling down on his bed silent.

Lola: Bun Bun what's wrong…..

The end