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Ten years later.

' was it?' Caroline looked sideways at Rebekah.

'How was what?' The other blond girl asked.

Caroline rolled her eyes. 'Come on, know exactly what I mean! How was it seeing Matt after all these years?'

'Emotionally from one to ten?' Rebekah shrugged even as her eyes strayed to the blond man standing a few feet from them, talking to Stefan. 'Though I have to admit...the years have been good to him...I haven't seen him in what...five years? He's even more handsome than I remembered.'

Caroline smiled gently as she looked at Matt too. Rebekah was right, ten years had turned Matt into a full man now of almost thirty years. The quiet, shy busboy was gone. He had ended up owning the Grill and things seemed to be going well for him.

Giving another look at Rebekah who was still openly staring at Matt, she chuckled. 'Zero? yeah right!'

'Oh my God! There she is!' Suddenly Elena was practically flying towards Caroline to embrace her fiercely.

Caroline hugged her back just as tight. 'You're here!' They giggled like they were still teenagers as they held each other's hands and looked at each other.

'Am I very late?' Elena asked her with a wince.

Caroline shook her head. 'No, Bonnie isn't here yet either...and then there's no hurry...the waiters will start serving when I tell them.'

'Can I! I mean if this is just the rehearsal dinner...I can't imagine what your wedding will be like in two days time.' Elena looked around the hall with amazement.

The tables were beautifully displayed. A bowl of floating red flowers in the middle of each.

White sheer curtains billowed around and above their heads entwined together forming a canopy.

'Nothing but perfect.' Her friend replied immediately. 'After all it's only something I've been planning ever since I turned eight years old.'

Elena looked around her some more, waving at Liz and her husband, who waved back as they stood talking to Elijah.

'Where's Klaus...I want to say hi.' Elena asked his fiancée.

Caroline turned to her right. 'I saw him talking to Damon about five minutes I'm not sure.'

Elena cleared her throat. 'So Damon is here too?'

'Yes, he is.' Caroline nodded slowly. 'The only one I accepted to be missing is Jeremy and only because his wife is too heavily pregnant to travel.'

'Please tell me you haven't put me next to Stefan?' Her friend asked quietly.

'Would I ever do that to you?' Caroline's eyes opened wide.

Elena rolled her eyes. 'You totally would.'

'Not on my wedding, love.' She retorted back. 'No drama on my wedding.'

Rebekah smiled at Elena's face. 'Yes, as years went by...I ended up living with a female Klaus as well as the male one.'

'Shut up! You love me.' Caroline shoved her soon to be sister-in-law with her shoulder.

Rebekah shoved her right back but then smiled fondly at her in answer.

'But's been years...things didn't work out back then but now it could be different. Stefan could...'

'Stop! Just stop!' Elena frowned at her in exasperation. 'Don't I hear these words enough when you call...I told you I'm perfectly okay alone.'

Caroline sighed. 'I just want you to be...' She interrupted herself as Elena's eyes started to glare at her.

After all these years, Caroline still believed that Stefan and Elena were soul mates. When they had broken up during Elena's second year in college, she had tried to patch things up between them, then gave up. Things just had stopped working between them. A few months later Elena, just as Caroline always knew would happen, started dating Damon... and that had lasted for about three years, until they too had parted ways. Now, Elena insisted that she was happy, with the occasional fling but Caroline wanted her best friend to find a love as special as hers and Klaus. And that love was Stefan.

'However, I put you next to my mom, Neal and Kol.' She told her friend, deciding to give it up for now.

'I like Neal...he's sweet and perfect for your mom...but Kol?' Elena rolled her eyes.

Caroline sighed again and Rebekah's lips twitched up. 'But really where could she put to Bonnie?'

Elena pouted her lips and then nodded. 'Fine...I'll take Kol.'

'Did someone just say my name?' Kol was suddenly standing next to the girls and a moment later, Klaus arrived too.

'Has everyone arrived?' He asked Caroline before leaning to kiss Elena on the cheek, 'Hello.'

Elena smiled back at him and then gave a small wave to Kol, who smirked. 'I like your new haircut.' He said referring to Elena's much shorter new hair style.

'Thank you.' She replied.

'Bonnie should be here, soon.' Caroline told Klaus, as he handed her a glass of champagne. 'They don't know Florence, they took a wrong turn...but she texted she's almost here.'

Klaus held her to him. 'It's okay, love...there's time...I'll go check some last details...'

'What last details?'

He gave a little shrug. 'Nothing important...let me know when Bonnie gets here.'

'Are you nervous, Klaus?' Elena asked him with a surprised smile. 'Getting wedding jitters?'

'What? No.' He frowned slightly. 'I'm marrying the love of my life...what's there to be nervous about?' He kissed Caroline fully on the mouth, and moved away.

Elena bit her lip. 'He is nervous.'

'No!' Caroline immediately contradicted her.

'Caroline? Elena?' Bonnie's voice reached them as the dark skinned girl entered the hall, hand in hand with a tall, blond guy.

'Finally!' Caroline and Elena enveloped her in a sandwich hug between them as soon as she reached them.

'Sorry! So sorry. I know we're late.' Bonnie's voice was muffled. 'You remember Tom, right?' She said as she re-introduced the man she had been dating for the last eight months. He was a warlock, Bonnie had met during her travels, studying witchery and they had hit it off immediately.

The girls shook hands with him as Caroline showed him where the bar was so that he could get himself a drink.

'Well you are certainly a vision, Bonnie Bennett, and that makes waiting for you, soooo worth it.' Kol's lips twirled upwards as he took in Bonnie's body clad in a black and white strapless dress.

At twenty eight years old, Bonnie didn't look more than a couple of years older than the vampire girls.

'Kol.' Bonnie's voice was cold as she said his name, acknowledging him with a small nod.

'Be a darling, Kol.' His sister looked sideways at him, as his eyes stayed on Bonnie. 'Go tell Nik, everyone is here.'

'Yes, please.' Caroline smiled softly at him.

He gave a little sigh and after another look at Bonnie, left the small group.

Bonnie released a deep breath from inside.

'It's your did hook up with him.' Elena told her friend bluntly.

The witch glared at her. 'It was one time, years ago and I was drunk and lonely on New Year's eve!'

Caroline's eyes softened on Bonnie. 'It was two years ago and he still refers to it as the most incredible night of his life.'

'Yeah...and considering how old he is...what did you do to him?' Rebekah asked her with a knowing look.

'He said so?' Bonnie asked her eyes on Caroline. Then giving her head a little shake she answered Bekah. 'I made him fly.'

'Woo hoo!' Elena exclaimed at her friend's words.

'Elena!' Bonnie shook her head at her. 'I meant literally! I told you I was drunk...I made a spell and we...flew off a building!'

'Oh my God!' Now it was Rebekah's mouth to open wide, 'Did it work?'

'Would I be here if it hadn't?' Bonnie retorted. 'And really can we stop talking about it boyfriend is only a few meters away.'

'But this is too interesting to let go!' Caroline told her. 'Kol refuses to say anything about that night!'

Bonnie's mouth opened in surprise then suddenly looked behind Caroline's shoulder. 'What's with Klaus?...He looks nervous.'

'Told you!' Elena was quick to remark.

Caroline turned to look at her fiancé and she saw him talking to the head waiter and then to another waiter and then move towards the small platform that held the band that was softly playing music.

'He's fine.' She said even as her head tilted a little.

Rebekah frowned, looking at her brother's back. 'He does...look jumpy.'

'Nik? Jumpy? Seriously?' Caroline's eyebrows shot upward.

'Yeah, I're right.' Rebekah agreed. 'But there is something...he looks...tense?'

A thought flashed in Caroline's mind and she lowered her head and drank from her glass.

'What was that look?' Elena asked her. 'You just thought of something...what's going on?'

Caroline shook her head and winced, ''s nothing.'

'Out with it.' Rebekah ordered her and Caroline rolled her eyes.

She winced her lips again. 'Okay! Maybe...there's a small chance he could be a little...tense,' she lowered her voice to a whisper, 'we haven't...had sex in almost three weeks.'

'Oh my God! Why have you been fighting?'

'What did he do?'

'Did he kill one of the guests?'

Caroline gasped at her best friends. 'He did nothing!' then glaring at Rebekah added. 'And he certainly didn't kill a guest!'

The original girl shrugged. 'Well, the only time you stayed mad at him for a week, was when he broke Danielle husband's arm, so...'

'So nothing! He did nothing!' Caroline shook her head and lowered her voice again. 'We decided...or better I decided,' she amended, 'that you would make the wedding night ...special...if we hadn't done it in a while...'

'Kinky special?'

'Elena?!' Caroline gasped again. 'Writing novels has given you a dirty mind...special as in, abstinence making us want each other...more.' She winced, saying it out loud did sound kind of stupid.

'As if you ever had that problem.' Rebekah rolled her eyes and Caroline nudged her hard with her elbow. 'I live with you most of the time remember?'

'What are these beautiful girls talking about?' Klaus, was suddenly next to them with a smile. 'Well?' He asked as all four women just stared at him and he put his arm around his fiancée.

'They were discussing the lack of sex in your life at the moment.' His younger brother answered him, as he suddenly appeared on his right side. 'Not to say...talking about that story of how you broke that guy's arm.'

'Kol? Seriously?' Caroline glared at Kol.

The dark haired original just shrugged. 'That's for sending me away.'

'Sweetheart,' Klaus looked straight in her eyes. 'Why are you discussing our intimate business with everyone?...and I remember we agreed that we weren't going to bring that story up again.'

'They're not everyone...they're family.' She smiled brightly at him.

Kol looked around him for a moment. 'He's around here by the way...but don't expect him to come shake your hand or anything.' He chuckled in his brother's face.

'For the last, bloody time,' Klaus glared at his brother, his nostrils flaring, 'I saw a man holding tightly to the hell was I supposed to know he tripped over her? Or that he was human and his arm would break so easily the moment I grabbed him?'

'Ouch.' All girls winced at the image, his words created.

Klaus sighed and rolled his eyes.

'It's okay, Nik.' Caroline put her hand on his arm. 'We all know how sorry you are for doing that.'

Kol started chuckling at the face his brother did at her words. 'Yeah, right.'

Klaus shrugged, "I still say he was holding you too tight.'

'Nik?' Caroline frowned at Klaus, who sighed again.

'And that's why we don't bring that story up.' He said as he put his forefinger between her eyebrows. 'On to better things...' He said, 'now that everyone's here, I got a...thing to do before we start feeding our guests.'

'Nik...' Caroline grabbed his arm before he left again. 'What is going on? You promised me no more lavish gifts.'

'And it's not.' He replied smoothly.

She looked straight into his eyes. 'You gave me this incredible ring,' she said as she pointed to the huge diamond solitaire on her left hand. 'and a whole new wardrobe in Milan, not to mention...' she lowered her voice to a whisper. 'six and I repeat six, white horses!'

'You love horses.' He frowned slightly at her.

She sighed and shook her head at him with a smile. 'Yes, I do but six?! promised no more wedding gifts.'

He kissed her on the lips and after caressing her cheek, walked away towards the small palk. He got in front of the microphone and Caroline sighed again. What had he invented now?

Gifts, surprises, impromptu the last ten years he had never ceased to amaze her with what he could come up with.

'Ladies and gentlemen,' he said with his deep voice.

Everyone stopped talking and walked slowly towards the palk, creating a semi-circle in front of it.

Caroline slightly picked the long skirt of her deep, purple gown and walked until she stood in the middle in front of Klaus with the others.

'Caroline and I would like to thank you all for coming tonight. In a few minutes, you will all be seated and you can enjoy the food and each other's company...but before that...' He smiled at Caroline, his blue eyes burning bright.

She felt someone close his arm around her and turning saw Elijah smiling at her.

'Should I be worried?' She asked him under her breath.

'He worked hard for this,' Elijah chuckled as her eyes widened, 'but you're going to love it.'

She saw Stefan smile at her and wink.

He knew too! Was that why he had arrived days before anyone else? Not that she was complaining. Both, Klaus and her, loved spending time with him.

'My incredibly, beautiful bride-to-be, has prohibited me from giving her any more expensive gifts for our wedding so...I thought about what else I could give her instead...' Klaus smiled at her again. 'In the years we've been together...we've done some wonderful things together ...from mountain climbing in Nepal to sky diving in Brazil and actually living on a beach in my favorite, being snowed in, in a log cabin in Iceland.'

'Now why would that be your favorite, I wonder?' Damon asked with his usual smirk and everyone laughed.

'Yeah, you realized you were snowed in, three days after it actually happened.' Kol spoke up from her right side. 'Cause you didn't even try to leave the cabin before that!'

Caroline lowered her head down with a sigh.

'Anyway...' Klaus eyes narrowed on his younger brother before his face relaxed in a smile once again. 'In all these years there was one thing that Caroline wanted from me that I always said no to...'

Caroline frowned, her mind blanking to what it could be.

'You're actually capable of saying no to my daughter...' Liz's said from where she stood next to Elena, 'that's new information to me.'

'Mom!' Caroline shook her head as everyone laughed again.

'Well, this thing we even betted on and she always lost, so...' Klaus chuckled as he saw Caroline put a hand to her mouth.

'Oh my God!' She said, as she looked at Elijah. 'Is it true?'

'What? What?' Kol asked, his voice full of curiosity.

'Tonight...I will do it.' He looked at Caroline. 'It's a once in a lifetime thing, love, so...' He took a deep breath in. 'Just for you...I will sing you a song.'

'Oh my God!' Caroline said again, thinking of all the times she had tried to make him do it. Bribes, seduction, bets...nothing had worked and now...

Rebekah looked at her with a bemused look. 'That's what he's so nervous about!'

Klaus turned to talk to the guy on the piano and Kol chuckled. 'This is going to be fun!'

'Kol?' Caroline called the original's name softly even as her eyes stayed on Klaus as he came back to the middle.

'Yes, darling?'

She smiled at Klaus lovingly but talked to Kol between her teeth, 'You do anything to ruin this moment for me or your brother and you're no longer invited to the wedding.'

'Oh come on! That's not fair! There's a reason if he haven't sung in a thousand-'

Elijah gave him a sideways look. 'Kol...'

'You heard him! It's a onetime thing! If I can't make fun-'

'Shut up Kol.' Now it was Rebekah who quieted him. Caroline saw Kol suddenly smile, and looking at Rebekah saw she had her cell phone camera on.

'What?' The other blond girl said, at the look Caroline gave her, 'Are you gonna un-invite your maid of honor too?'

The music started and the Caroline sighed and gave all her attention to Klaus.

"Whenever I'm weary,

From the battles that raged in my head,

You made sense of madness,

When my sanity hangs by a thread.

I lose my way, but still you

seem to understand,

now & forever,

I will be your man...

Caroline's lips parted in surprise. His voice had started a bit unsteady but by the second line, he was singing beautifully. His eyes kept smiling at her and she felt the prickle of tears in hers.

Sometimes I just hold you,

Too caught up in me to see,

I'm holding a fortune

that Heaven has given to me.

I'll try to show you

each and every way I can

now & forever,

I will be your man...

The people around her slowly disappeared until it was only her and Klaus in that hall. She bit her lower lip and the first tears came down.

Now I can rest my worries

and always be sure

that I won't be alone, anymore...

His voice broke just a little right then and she shook her head at him and mouthed 'never'

making his dimples appear.

If I'd only known you'd be there,

all the time,

All this time...

All his love for Caroline shined in his eyes as he gave a little sigh and continued...

Until the day the ocean

doesn't touch the sand

now & forever

I will be your man...

Now & Forever,

I will be your man."

The moment he finished singing, he jumped off the palk and caught Caroline in his embrace as everyone clapped their hands around them.

'Oh my God! That was so beautiful...I still can't believe, oh my God...' She hid her face in his neck, crying and laughing at the same time. 'Thank you!' She sighed before kissing him fully on the mouth.

Elijah clapped him on the back. 'That went well, brother.'

Stefan still clapping his hands, came closer too. 'Told you she would love a good oldie.'

Klaus smiled and shook his hand.

'That was too sweet for anyone to make fun of.' Rebekah added as she winced her lips almost in disappointment and put her cell phone back in her purse.

Caroline pointed at the purse. 'I want that video...I want to watch it over and over again!'

'Well done, Nik.' Kol, for once serious, shook his brother's hand before kissing Caroline on the cheek.

'Ok, everyone let's eat.' Klaus said loudly before crushing Caroline's lips with his.

A few hours later they were back in each other's arms as they swayed to the music. Everyone was enjoying the wonderful evening together. Some of the guests were still at the tables conversing, while other couples were around them, dancing too. Caroline noticed Rebekah and Matt dancing a few feet away from them and she smiled.

'What?' Klaus asked her, touching his nose to her cheek.

She sighed happily. 'It's been a perfect evening, hasn't it?'

'Of planned it.'

Suddenly she frowned, 'Oh God! I hope the wedding is just as good!'

'Caroline...' He sighed her name.

'Sorry! Sorry! I know!' She brushed her fingers across his cheek softly, 'I've been neurotic and crazy while planning this wedding and you've been incredibly patient and accepted all my crazy ideas!'

Klaus snorted. 'Accepted is a strong word...saying goodnight to you and leaving my own bedroom in the last weeks has been...'

'We could...change that tonight.' She said softly looking at him from under her eye lashes.

'What?! Really?' His gaze burned bright in hers.

She lowered her eyes, 'When I was telling the did sound kind of stupid...'

He laughed next to her ear, the sound making her shiver. After all these years, hearing his laugh was still her most favorite sound in the world.

'If I'm honest...waiting has made me look forward to our wedding night avid way...and I was planning this incredible...'

She smiled. 'Really? So you like my idea now? You don't mind waiting another two days?'

'Two days?' He repeated. 'Love, I was ready to wait a hundred years for you...what's two days?!'

She put her mouth to his and kissed him, hungrily. His mouth opened over hers and for a long moment they forgot everyone and everything else. When they finally broke apart, Klaus sighed softly, his forehead touching hers.

'Oh God...two days! Can we forget what I just said?' He asked, his eyes filled with undisguised desire.

She kissed him even as she smiled. 'I love you.' She said as she held him closer to her.

Klaus sighed heavily and rubbed his hand over her back. 'And don't worry...the wedding will be even better than tonight...cause you'll come down that aisle...leaving me breathless I'm sure and... then you'll be my wife and I'll be your husband and that's all that really matters. You and I, married.'

'My husband...I love the way it sounds.' Moving closer to him, she hugged him tight. 'Thank you, Nik.'

'You've thanked me more than enough...'

'Not just the song or the gifts...everything...all that my life has been in the last ten years,' her fingers caressed his face again, 'and I'm not just talking about all the beautiful places we visited and lived in...and the crazy adventures. I'm also talking about the lazy days spent reading or watching movies, or just chatting in bed or...cuddling in front of the fireplace. I cherish every single moment, all the happiness, the experiences...the love.' She smiled widely. 'Even our fights.'

'And the makeup sex afterwards.' He smiled devilishly.

She nodded and laughed. 'Yeah, that too.'

He held her tighter to him. 'All of that...that's something I should thank you for, after over a thousand years, who knew such happiness could exist for someone like me.'

'I love you, Niklaus Michaelson.' She told him softly, all her love shining in her eyes for him.

His eyes shone right back at her with that ever present wondrous look. 'And I love you, Caroline Forbes, soon to be Michaelson.'

'Forever...' She breathed against his cheek.

He enveloped her in his strong arms and with his mouth next to her ear, tuned softly.

"Until the day the ocean, doesn't touch the sand..."

She smiled and sang with him. "Now & Forever..."

The End.

The song performed by Klaus ;) was 'Now and Forever' by Richard Marx.