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Chapter 1: A Strange Beginning

August 26th 2009

Harry was sitting in a black hawk Helicopter with a small group of soldiers and an Air Force Lt. Colonel named James Rhodes along with the person who he saved, Tony Stark. Harry said nothing as a fellow soldier was running his British passport through their computer. Harry didn't have to worry about his identification. He knew how well it would check out, however he was worried if he had to use magic to get away from them and that's the last thing he wanted to do is pop up on their screen as a possible super human.

Harry stared out of the open sea of desert sand before he turns his thoughts on the events that lead to him being surrounded by the soldiers.

3 Months Ago

Harry step off the airplane and look at his surroundings. There was nothing, nothing but miles of empty desert. It was to be expected. This was after all, a place where hardly life lived. This place, Afghanistan if he remembered the countries name correctly; was a place where few people would go to and a place where people wouldn't be looking for another.

Harry quickly sighs and taste dry air. The atmosphere was very different from London. Even Hogwarts had a better taste in the climate. The son was already burning hot and Harry could feel his skin burning up.

Casting a quick cooling charm on himself he steps out into the city he looks around and quickly went between closed corners before he changed his muggle suit into a nice custom Middle Eastern robe.

"Well Dumbledore, I wonder what the next great adventure will be." Harry said as he left the airport. He quickly picked up a taxi but a woman in her thirties came running up.

"Wait, wait, wait wait." She said as she dove in the car.

"Where you heading Harry asked as she took a seat next to him.

"To a hotel. Over by main." She said.

"To the nearest hotel please." Harry said.

The woman said nothing but clearly was keeping an eye on him. They rode in silence while the driver said nothing.

When Harry got to the hotel he immediately got a room. He didn't stop to say hello to anyone, he knew he was being followed and watch. Having experience with members of the Order of the Phoenix following him around knew at once who ever was following him were pro's. They hid their presence well.

Harry step outside and look out the window. He could see several people standing there posted in front. Scanning the street he notice several people that seem to be blending in but they were out of place for him.

Harry briefly wondered if the Ministry of Magic was keeping an eye on him. However Shacklebolt wouldn't do that, knowing how much Harry preferred to be left alone. Harry also couldn't detect any magical presence in the area unless they were hiding it. Harry serious doubt it. So that left one thing, muggles.

Harry didn't know why muggles would be so interested in him. He hardly used any magic and he sure as hell didn't stand out. Yet he just arrived telling him that this was a muggle organization with deep pockets internationally. Harry thought it might be the C.I.A. but Harry wasn't sure. It could be MI-6 that was following him. He knew they had some bases here.

Classified Location

"Report, what's the status on target 7." A bald dark skin man asked.

"He has checked in the hotel unusually fast. He took barely a minute before he got the best room in the hotel." A man wearing black with an eagle on his shoulder reported.

"Did he book it before hand?" The man said in a stern voice.

"No sir, that room wasn't even booked. He just claimed it, bypassing the security and background check by the Hotel." The man said.

In front of them was a holographic image of Harry.

"Sir, why is this man a target?" The man asked.

"Because Agent Quatermain this young man got on a plane without so much with a ticket and walked straight past security without even checking in. He doesn't seem to be in possession of any kind of I.D. He's either very bold or very dangerous."

"Director Fury, do you want us to do Bird Eye on target 7?" Agent Quatermain asked as he prepared to direct the agents on the ground to keep and eye on the unknown or grab him.

"For now we will do Bird Eye on him. I don't want S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents making contact. However get me Agent Drew, she did share a taxi ride with him did she not." Director Fury said.

"Yes sir she did. She's doing her other assignment but she can once she finishes reporting what Tony Stark has in store for his presentation. The new Jericho Missile seems to be the new edge in weapons warfare." Agent Quartermain said in a slow voice.

"Would it be wise to get Agent Barton to watch the subject? He can watch him from a safe distance." A woman said. She was tall with brunette hair.

"Agent Hill, is you assignment finish."

"It is sir, I think the president will be pleased with the information I left him." Agent Hill said in a strong voice.

"This is our subject. Right now; he is an unknown." Nick Fury said as he point his finger at a holographic imagine of Harry. "We don't have anything on him. We first laid eyes on him in London Waterloo Station. Nearly miss it too. This guy is pretty good. Was able to board a train without buying a ticket and wasn't even caught. The only thing we know for sure is he's a young man in his late twenties from Britain. Other than that we have nothing. Not a name, birthday or even god damn driver's license." Nick Fury said in frustration.

"Terrorist?"Maria Hill asked.

"Unknown. Everything about him is an unknown." Fury stated.

"What should we do, get the Widow on him?" Maria Hill asked.

The Black Widow was the world's most infamous spy. Renown for her ability too obtains any information on anyone. She was known for her cunning and cleverness. If anyone could find out about the mystery guy, it would be here.

"I will summon her once she is finish her assignment in Bangkok. For now I'll have the Spider watch him the moment Stark has finish his presentation on his new missile."

"Sir is the Jericho Missile going to be a big deal? Our intelligence says this will be a basic show before Stark leaves back to California." Agent Hill said.

"I want to be safe on Stark's new weapons. This organization; the Ten Rings have been known to be moving in the area where Stark is going to be demonstrating." Fury stated.

"Are you expected they would attack the U.S. Military?" Agent Quartermain said.

"Not during the demonstration." Fury said.

"If they will make a move, our people will be nearby to respond." Agent Hill said.

"See that it's done. And get agents on out mystery guy. I find it too much of a coindence that he's arriving in one of the worlds most hostile country when Tony Stark is just about to arrive." Fury stated. The other agents in the room couldn't find a reason to find fault in his logic. None of them wisely said a word about it though.

Several Days Later

Harry finally managed too slip pass his stalkers before he decided to leave the city. Harry immediately took off towards desert. Knowing full well how dangerous it was to wonder the desert.

There was nothing in the desert and it was to be expected. Harry wondered the desert knowing he need to find a town soon or he could die of thirst.

Harry wonders the desert not sure where he was going before he saw a U.S. Military convoy driving by. Harry didn't do anything other than watch them drive by. Harry could have sworn he heard music, AD/DC he thought was playing.

Harry continued walking before an explosion caught his attention. Harry immediately took cover as gunfire soon erupted. Harry was blasted off his feet as a military hummer exploded.

Harry was dazed as he tried to see things around him but everything seem to be fading in and out and the noises seem to be muffled and coming from afar.

Harry woke up in a dark cave. He could feel his body a bit heavy before he opens his eyes. Looking around he could see was not alone. Someone was shaving by a mirror. Another was lying down and looked like he was in bad shape.

"I would not do that if I were you." The man said as he finished shaving.

Harry turn around and realized the other man was waking up and was about to pull out some wires from his chest.

"What the hell did you do to me?" The man asked.

"What I did? What I did is I saved your life. I removed all the shrapnel I could, but there's still a lot left inside of you; and it's headed into your arterial septum. Here you want to seem them? I got a souvenir." He said as be picks up a clear glass vial and tosses it to the man. He looks inside and metal shards were inside. "I've seen many wounds like that in my village. We call them the walking dead because it takes about a week for the shards to reach the vital organs."

"What is this?" He asked as he put down the glass of shards.

"That is an electromagnet, hooked up to a car battery and it's keeping the shards from entering your heart."

The door burst open and the man suddenly put his hands on his heads.

"Stand up and do as I do." He said as he put his hands on his head. Harry follow suite not sure what was going on. A strange man walked forward speaking in a heavy Arabic accent.

"He says he is welcome to have the Great Tony Stark in his presence and you are a guest of honor here. You are the most famous mass murder of America. He is honored by your presence. He wants you build him a missile, your Jericho missile you demonstrated."

Silence enter the cave as everyone turn to the man that was not identify as Tony Stark.

"I refuse."

The soldiers grabbed Tony and took off with him holding his car battery.

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