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Chapter 11: Battle at the Expo

The crowd roared in applause as Iron Man, Thanatos, Morgan, and a new girl landed on the stage.

"We've got trouble." Tony said as he walked towards War Machine.

"Tony, there are civilians present. Let's not do this right now, I'm here on orders." Rhodey said.

"Give them a wave." Tony said as Justin Hammer began to urge the crowd on. "All of these people are in danger; we have to get them out of here. You have got to trust me for the next five minutes." Tony said to Rhodey, a serious tone coloring his speech.

"I tried that, already. I got tossed around your house, remember?"

"Listen, he's working with Vanko. These are Ivan Vanko's designs." Tony said.

"Vanko's alive?" Rhodey asked, surprised.

Harry walked forward to where Justin Hammer was smiling and waving to the crowd.

"Where is he?" Harry asked in a demanding tone of voice. The crowd's cheers died down as they began to listen to what was being said.

"What?" Justin said as he turned to face Harry.

"Where is Ivan Vanko?" Harry said.


"Do NOT play dumb with me. I know you know where he is, so tell me or you will not like how I'm going to get the answers out of you." Harry said as his hands began to crackle with lightning. Hammer began to pale as he eyed Harry's hand nervously.

"There are easier ways to get the answers than torture. We could just ask him." Morgan replied in a sweet voice. Justin face tried to put on a confident look but he looked worried as Morgan held up a small clear vial that had some liquid inside of it. "Do you know what this is?" Morgan asked Hammer. He shook his head; clearly he thought it was poison of some sort.

"Veritaserum, a truth potion so powerful it can make Merlin himself tell me all of his secrets with just three drops. Now then, where is Ivan Vanko?" Morgan said in a threatening tone of voice.

"I don't know what you guys are talking about. What are you doing here?" Justin Hammer said as he tried to avoid the topic.

"Grab him. I'd rather he confess on T.V. than worm his way out of this. Also, contact S.H.I.E.L.D., I'm sure they would love to get their hands on this guy for the crimes he commit just by breaking out an international terrorist." Harry said as Major Danvers grabbed Hammer and pulled his head back.

"You're going to hear from my lawyers!" Justin Hammer said in a weak attempt at appearing threatening.

"So get your lawyers. I'd like to see you buy your way out of this." Harry said as Morgan began to pour the potion down the throat of the desperately struggling weapons contractor.

"Hold up, my systems are going crazy." Rhodey said as his minigun activated.

"Is that you?" Tony asked as he took a defensive stance.

"No, I'm not doing this, that's not me. I-I can't move, I'm locked up." Rhodey said as the drones all came online. "Go, get out of here! This whole system's been compromised!" Rhodey shouted. Tony took to the air immediately, knowing it would be dangerous if he stayed on the ground where the civilians would get caught in the crossfire.

"Let's take this outside." Tony said as he flew through the skylight. All of the drones opened fire, causing the audience to start screaming as they turned around and moved towards the exits. The Mark II went into flight mode as Rhodey tried in vain to shut down his malfunctioning suit. He was cursing Hammer for arming the suit's weapons for the presentation. The Air Force drones also took off right behind him, the resulting formation hot on Iron Man's tail.

Morgan disappeared; Harry prayed she was alerting the Auror squad that was stationed in the nearby building as back up. Justin Hammer had jumped off the demonstration platform, managing to scramble back stage. One of the drones, Army by the looks of it, was pointing its shoulder-mounted cannon at Harry. Before he could so much as cast a spell to deflect the oncoming attack, a figure dropped in front of him wearing a black suit with a cat like mask. Harry also realized the person had claws on his hands. The figure then attacked the drone, ripping it to shreds in mere seconds.

"Looks like you could use some help." The figure said, rising from his crouched position atop the drone as he turned to face Harry.

"Who are you?"

"I'm known as the Black Panther. I'm going to help you here, but in return I'm going to need your assistance." Black Panther said.

"Okay, here's the plan, Ms. Marvel…" Harry said pointing to Danvers, "Go help Iron Man. Even though he can take care of himself, I would feel better if has backup. Panther, with me. We are going to see what Justin Hammer knows. We only got a couple of drops in him, but he should still be under the influence of the Veritaserum. We need answers, and I'll be damned if he gets away with this." Harry said. Ms. Marvel took to the skies chasing the drones that were after Tony.

"Morgan, Morgan!" Harry quickly shouted. A soft pop revealed Morgan and a dozen Aurors standing on the stage.

"Aurors, evacuate as many people as you can. These are machines, so you are authorized to use lethal spells on them. Morgan, with me and Panther. We've got an appointment with Mr. Hammer."

Harry began to move as the Aurors began to widen the door path so the people could leave the warzone.

"What's happening, what's going on?" Hammer frantically asked his technicians.

"The software has been overwritten!" The head technician said.

"What do you mean? What does that even mean?"

"I think he's hijacked the drones."

"That's impossible, call the guards."

"All the phones are down sir."

"Well, then call their… call their cells."

"The cell phones are not working either sir."

"He's locked us out of the mainframe."

"Who's locked you out of the mainframe?" Pepper asked as she walked up with Harry, Black Panther, Morgan and Agent Romanoff.

"Please just go away, I have everything under control." Hammer said as he ushered them away with his hands.

"Have you now?" Pepper demanded.

"No I don't." Justin Hammer said, taking a moment to look horrified at the words that had come out of his mouth.

"This is on Stark Industries. If your guy hadn't showed up, this wouldn't be happening right now." Justin said accusingly.


"Actually, it would have happened regardless." Hammer said, again looking shocked at his own words.

"Get these bitches out of here." He orders his security guard, gesturing dismissively to the women. Harry quickly cast a body bind curse, freezing the guards in place while Agent Romanoff grabbed Justin Hammers outstretched arm and gave it a violent twist.

"Now you tell me who's behind this. Who's behind this?" She demanded calmly.

"Ivan… Ivan Vanko." Hammer said in pain.

"Where is he?"

"He's at my factory in Queens." He answered. Agent Romanoff quickly disappeared into crowd while Harry ordered Black Panther to assist her.

"I need NYPD immediately at the Stark Expo." Pepper said into her phone.

"Please don't call the authorities." Hammer weakly said as he knew he was going to jail if he stayed.

"Step aside, step aside. Tell me everything you know, now!" She orders, and the Hammer technicians began to cooperate with Pepper despite the fact that she wasn't even their boss.

"I must go and handle the drones. The security and NYPD aren't going to be enough to stop them." Harry said as he and Morgan disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Harry got outside as several of the Navy drones were marching into position, their missile batteries swiveling towards the Expo buildings. Casting a levitation charm, he hoisted them into the air before smashing them into one another. Parts of the drones flew off as they landed on the ground. Hurling a burst of lightning at the mass of drones, he quickly found that they lacked the protections of the Iron Man suit, seeing as their circuits quickly fried, causing them to collapse into a pile of twisted machine parts.

Looking back towards the building, Harry noticed the remaining drones taking off through the ceiling. He was prepared to take to the skies after them, but he got caught in a missile blast, causing him to fall to the ground in a daze.

Harry woke up, taking a look at the StarkTech watch Tony had gotten him. Using the GPS, he could see that Rhodey's suit was successfully rebooted and the two of them were fighting together remarkably well with Ms. Marvel.

Harry got up, sorrow filling him as he looked around and saw the carnage left from the drones' rampage.

"Damn, been a long time since I've seen destruction like this." Harry mutters as he looks around. It was then Harry noticed something flying towards Iron Man and War Machine.

"You shouldn't go." Morgan said gently she stood behind him.

"Why shouldn't I? Tony is my friend!" Harry barked defensively.

"The world cannot truly respect us, Even if we do help."

"This is not the dark ages! The world is moving forward into what has every indication of being a golden age. I need to step up and become the leader and hero I was born to be."

Harry then disappeared, leaving Morgan looking grimly at where he had stood.

"Just like Merlin. Thank god he doesn't have Merlin's disgusting habit." Morgan mused as she looked up and stared at the moon. "The world is so different from my own era, but I still have yet to see unification between the worlds. Perhaps there is still hope as Merlin believed." she said thoughtfully.

Harry reappeared to see Iron Man and War Machine not faring well against Whiplash, armed as he was in his upgraded armor. Harry used his own skill with lighting, casting a wide blast in Vanko's direction, and was pleased to hear the insane Russian scream out in pain.

It looked like, despite the upgrades, his armor and chest piece still weren't fully protected against magic. Whiplash struggled to his feet, swiping both his whips at Harry, who quickly disappeared. Reappearing behind Whiplash, Harry fired a curse, but Whiplash cracked his whips in front of the spell, causing it to be deflected. Harry leapt back as Whiplash launched his electric whips down at his feet. War Machine got up and fired his remaining guns at Whiplash, forcing him to attack Rhodey, who was dealing with a now very damaged suit.

Ms. Marvel flew down from above, delivering a solid punch to Vanko's armored face. For a moment it seemed that he had been stunned by the blow. It was a break in the action that Harry didn't pass up. Flinging another blast of lightning directly at the armor's chest piece, Harry was pleased to hear Whiplash let out another pained roar.

Tony got up and fired a powerful repulsor beam from the center of his chest towards Whiplash. War Machine discharged a blast from both of his palm repulsors while Ms. Marvel shot an energy beam from her hands.

The resulting energy reaction ended in a massive explosion, causing the arena to partially collapse from the backlash of the combined attack.

The four of them stood above Vanko, who was coughing out blood from his mouth.

"You all lose." He said solemnly as his chest began to beep and blink red where the arc reactor was.

"All these drones are rigged to blow! We've got to get out of here!" Rhodey said quickly.

Iron Man, War Machine and Ms. Marvel all took to skies in safety, while Harry disappeared into thin air.

The explosions around the Expo were truly massive, as they could be seen nearly fifty feet in the air.

"I'm here at the site of what has been confirmed to be an act of terrorism, led by the international criminal Ivan Vanko, who was believed to have perished in the Remand Prison in Monaco, France. The attack on the Expo ended with zero causalities late last night, thanks to the combined heroic effects of Iron Man, War Machine, Ms. Marvel and Thanatos. The threat was neutralized in the ending of Ivan Vanko's life." A reporter on T.V. said.

"… It has been confirmed that Justin Hammer, CEO of Hammer Industries, has been arrested after attempting to flee the country for his crimes against the United States. Mr. Hammer is being held accountable for aiding and abetting a terrorist ploy, stealing Stark Industries technology, and possibly even spying on the United States Government. Many charges are being filed against Hammer by federal prosecutors….." Another said.

"Tony Stark has filed his own separate lawsuits against Justin Hammer and Hammer Industries for the technology procured by theft which they presented at the Stark Expo, as well as the damage done to the Expo itself…."

"It hasn't been confirmed yet, but it's believed the United States Military was holding stolen Stark Tech. Mr. Stark hasn't presssed any charges, and it believed the technology has been safely returned to his possession. This technology is believed to consist of the stolen Iron Man suit used in the construction of Justin Hammer's War Machine battlesuit…."

"The President of the United States will be giving the Medal of Honor to Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes for his heroic actions against Ivan Vanko and the rogue Hammer drones, while Mr. Harry Potter and Mr. Tony Stark will be presented with the highest civilian award possible: the Medal of Freedom. Mr. Potter, who as many are aware is of British citizenship, will be the first British citizen and wizard to be granted these awards. The President has stated…"

"That's right, President Obama has stated that he is astonished by the level of courage displayed by the members of the public during the attack, and he will personally hand the awards to the heroes who saved the lives of countless civilians."

"Relations are improving between the United States Government and the International Confederation of Magic, also known as the I.C.M., is working out a treaty with the United Nations and the Executive branch. It's unclear what the treaty will imply, however it is known that this treaty will most likely be signed by a large number of world leaders in New York at the Stark Expo in a week's time."

"The Supreme Court has banned the United Military from using Tony Stark's Iron Man suit without Tony Stark consent after the terrible incident at the Stark Expo… no comment has been made by Mr. Stark however the new C.O.O. of Stark Enterprise Virginia 'Pepper' Potts has stated that Stark Enterprises is very pleased with the result and that they will not be pressing charges against the Federal Government…"

"Senator Stern has resigned after being taken into custody by the F.B.I. for possible involvement in the Stark Expo attack. While Stern was cleared of the charges, the people of Pennsylvania demanded that the Senator step down after his obsession with obtaining the Iron Man suit began to conflict with his duty of helping the people of the state he represented. Stern left the office in disgrace after attempting to sneak out in order to avoid the press…

Nick Fury turned off the news, the faces and voices of the many reporters vanishing as he turned to face a much larger wall of monitors.

"Where are Stark and Potter now?" A man on the bigger screens asked.

"In Washington. Stark and Potter are talking to the United States Military about possibly using Iron Man as a consultant." Fury stated.

"What about Potter? Have you got him in check?" The woman asked.

"Unfortunately, that isn't going to be possible. Seeing how he and Stark have become good friends, they are refusing to assist SHIELD in any way other than to be used as consultants when we need them to be." Fury replied.

"What of the magical world, did you explain the situation?" the other man asked.

"I did indeed, and it seems they are against the idea of being tagged like common animals."

"That's not our intent." The man said as if he was being insulted.

"They don't see it that way. They believe history will repeat itself if we control the way they live their lives. They also believe that if we attempt to force them to live the way we want them to, then it could escalate into a full scale global war. That is everything SHIELD stands against."

"Surely it won't come to that…" The woman said as if she doubted them.

"History has already proven that it can get to that point with just the example of the dark ages alone. I am not going to repeat that particular portion of the past. So, for the time being until our intelligence says otherwise, we will do nothing against the magical world. In return I suspect they should help us improve modern society." Fury stated confidently.

"That's unacceptable."

"That's the situation right now, and we must accept it unless we wish to start World War Three. We must respect the wishes of the main players in the current situation. I myself agree with the sentiments expressed by Mr. Potter."

"You agree…?!"

"Mr. Potter is a leader, a very good one. People cannot help but follow him whenever he takes command of a situation. Even Stark, who has a habit of doing things on his own, has chosen to follow Mr. Potter."

"Once again, are we certain Potter isn't controlling Tony Stark?"

"Our intelligence says otherwise. I don't see any motive for Mr. Potter to be controlling Stark. Shutting down the Stark weapons division was Tony's idea through and through."

"Mr. Potter could be doing that as a way to leave us defenseless in case they wish to wage war against us."

"I disagree. Mr. Potter doesn't seem to leading any sort of army from our Intel. He doesn't need money, seeing as he and Stark are some of the richest men in the world. Unfortunately, that's the situation and there's nothing S.H.I.E.L.D. can do about it." Nick Fury said closing the matter. He however knew that the Council would not let the matter drop so easily.

Harry, Morgan and Tony stood alongside Ms. Marvel as the Black Panther stared at them.

"I need your help. I must free my country from the White Ape." Black Panther said.

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