Another Kind of Story: What if things really did happen the way the Capitol thought they did? What if Katniss had been falling in love with Peeta the whole time? What if it was never a lie?

Chapter 1

(I know Katniss is very OOC but that's kinda the point of this fanfic.)

Katniss POV

I felt breathless as I stood on the stage. My eyes swept over the crowd. Prim was practically hyperventilating in my mother's arms. Gale had been led back to his section by a Peacekeeper. The girls looked sad, yet understandably relieved.

Who would be my tribute counterpart? I was barely holding it together as it was. If Gale's name was drawn, I might completely fall apart.

"Peeta Mellark!" Effie's shrill voice rang out. NO!

Oh no. Not him. Please not him. I craned my neck until I found Peeta in the crowd. The Peacekeepers found him the same time I did and started to somewhat forcibly lead him onstage. I felt exactly how I had when Prim's name was called, only worse because I could not stop them from taking Peeta. I could not move. His brilliant blue eyes found mine, and despite my inexplicable panic, I felt warm when he didn't look away. In the back of my mind, I wondered what he found in my bland gray eyes interesting enough so to not look away.

Peeta and I… in the Games together. It couldn't end well, not with how much I owed him. He had saved my life, and now it would be impossible for me to return the favor, or even thank him. I had to get back to Prim! But… I could never kill Peeta…

I couldn't have this feeling… this desperate, devastated emotion, whatever it was. We were about to be shipped off to death. I had to stay focused on what was at stake here. I owed it to my sister to come home… way more than I could ever owe Peeta Mellark.

But… wasn't he… over anyone else… meant to live?