The mornings were rarely quiet in the Kirkland-Bonnefoy household. During the week Elizabeta would be trying to get the twins up for school which involved a lot of yelling. People would then be hurrying around because they were running late whether it was for school or work. However, this morning was different.

The night before Arthur and Francis had gotten into a big argument. It wasn't unusual for them to argue, but this time they ended up sleeping in separate rooms. The rest of the family felt the tension, so that morning they felt like they were walking on eggshells. They would later learn that this argument was nothing to worry about, but it was the biggest one they had since they had gotten back together which gave the family good reason to worry.

Elizabeta silently walked up the stairs and opened the twin's doors to wake them up. They shared the same room, but they had separate beds. Apparently the argument last night worried them so much that they had migrated to the same bed.

Elizabeta gently closed the door behind her, and walked to the kitchen. She figured that they could skip school for today. On the way she bumped into Kiku who had been walking quickly and his cheeks were slightly red. "What's wrong," she asked.

"Um…I…rather not say."

"Ah…they made up."

Kiku nodded slightly. He then mumbled something about tea and rushed away. Elizabeta giggled to herself. Seeing that the actual crisis was over, Elizabeta went back upstairs to wake them up.

She shook their shoulders to gently wake them up. "It's time to get up. Don't worry. They stopped fighting."

Matthew yawned and cracked one eye open. "We know. Alfred saw Francis go back into the room."

This confused Elizabeta. "Then why are you sleeping in the same bed? You only do that when something bad happens."

"We watched a scary movie before going to bed. Alfred got scared so he slept with me."

"I was not scared," Alfred yelled, now wide awake. "I was…just protecting you is all. From the monsters in the movie."

"That's why you clung to me all night," Matthew retorted.

"Well…you were scared too!"

"I was not!"

"You got scared of the dark so you turned the night light on!" Matthew grew red with embarrassment. They continued to argue and Elizabeta just sighed. She had thought for once they would have quiet morning. "I'll go and get breakfast ready," she said to no one in particular. She passed the room Francis and Arthur shared and banged on the door.

"If you can stop fucking each long enough, breakfast will be ready soon." She then walked away before hearing their response. Upon walking into the kitchen she saw that Kiku cooked most of breakfast. She started helping and they both enjoyed the silence while it lasted.

They soon heard footsteps as Matthew and Alfred rushed downstairs. The topic had changed and they were discussing the hockey tryouts for school.

"I don't think I'm going to make the cut. I messed my last shot at the goal during tryouts," Matthew said in a slightly wobbly voice.

Kiku and Elizabeta turned around to console Matthew when Alfred beat them to it. He grabbed both of Matthew's shoulders and stared in his eyes. "Don't every doubt yourself. You were the best hockey player there, and if you don't make the team then the coaches are insane." Alfred took a deep breath. "If it helps, if you don't make the team and I do, I will quit."

"Why would you do that? You really want to make the team."

Alfred gave Matthew a huge grin. "Without you it won't be any fun. We can find something else that we can do together."

"Thanks," mumbled Matthew who had a small smile on his face. Elizabeta went over and hugged both of them.

"You'll both be fine," she said. Breakfast was then quickly eaten and they rushed to get in the car, because as usual they were running late.

Right before Kiku left to drive the car, he turned to Elizabeta. "Make sure they realize that they did worry them. I don't think they realize how much their arguments affect everybody." Elizabeta promised she would lecture them.

Francis and Arthur soon came down the stairs, and recognizing the look in her eyes, were ready for the lecture.

"What did we do this time," asked Arthur.

Elizabeta sighed. "It's about your constant fighting. It makes them incredibly upset to hear the two of you going at it."

"We can't help it. Our relationship consists of arguments," said Francis.

"I get it. You two arguing is much of a certainty as the sun rising in the morning. It was fine when it was just the two of you, or when they weren't old enough to comprehend it. But you have to realize that has all changed. They get hurt by your arguments as well."

Francis and Arthur exchanged looks. "I guess we can try not to argue," said Arthur.

"At least for them," said Francis.

"I'm not saying that you should try to stop arguing entirely. Asking that of you would be like asking for the end of world hunger. Just keep it quiet so the rest of us can live in peace."

They nodded in agreement. Elizabeta smiled. "I'm going to pick up some flowers for the front yard. Breakfast is already ready, so you can eat it and do whatever you both do when no one is in the house." Elizabeta had a sly smile on her face, implying that she had an idea what they did.

Contrary to popular belief in the household, they didn't spend these moments having sex. They actually used these spare moments to relax with each other. Arthur was going to inform Elizabeta about this, but Francis stopped him.

"Let them believe that's what we do," he whispered in Arthur's ear. "We get more time alone if they think that."

Arthur frowned and nodded slightly. He didn't like the idea of everyone having the wrong idea, but there was some truth in what Francis said. Elizabeta winked at them before she left, and Arthur really wanted to clear the misunderstanding but held his tongue.

Francis wrapped his arms Arthur and nuzzled his neck. "I have to leave for work soon, but we can at least eat breakfast together."

Arthur nodded and kissed Francis on the forehead before getting his breakfast. They sat next to each with their ankles locked as they silently ate their breakfast. They didn't say anything, but nothing was needed to be said. They just needed to enjoy each other's company.

Kiku drove the boys to school, seeing as they lived too far for the bus to come and pick them up. Usually the boys were in the back seat half-asleep, but today they were very talkative. They were talking about Francis and Arthur before they were born, and started asking Kiku questions.

"How different are they now compared to the first time that you saw them," asked Matthew.

"They haven't really changed that much," said Kiku. "They are a bit more mature, but I think that came from raising a kid. Though I do think they are a bit more careful about the consequences of their actions."

"Did they always argue," asked Alfred.

"Etto," Kiku said while fishing for an appropriate answer. "The first time I saw them, they were in the middle of an argument, if that answers your question."

"What do they usually argue about?"

Kiku sighed. "Honestly I don't think half of their arguments even make sense. They could even agree with each other on a subject and still find a way to make an argument out of it."

"Why do they argue so much," asked Matthew.

That question stumped Kiku, so he was silent before finally answering. "I think at first it was their way of showing interest in each other without losing their pride. Now I think it's a way of showing that they still care about each other. I would honestly be afraid if they did stop arguing."

"But wasn't it their arguing that made them split up in the first place," asked Matthew. He was unable to hide the concern in his voice.

"I think a little clarification is needed. The argument that broke them up wasn't brought about vocally. They were very silent, and tried to avoid each other. Then it suddenly came out one day, and that's when Arthur-san left. I don't even remember what the argument was about."

"So when they're yelling at each other, everything is ok," asked Alfred.


Smiles returned on the twin's faces and the conversation switched to other topics.

When Kiku returned, Francis had already left for work. Arthur was staring at his computer screen, and typed every once in a while. "Did you finally find inspiration?"

Arthur jolted in his seat. He took one headphone out of his ear and Kiku heard music blast out of it. "Don't scare me like that!"

"What are you writing about?"

Arthur turned back to his screen. "Just a story about…a spy…and his family."

Kiku saw the red tinge on Arthur's cheek and smiled. "I'm sure it will be a wonderful story." He turned to leave and go perform his other duties around the house.

As a rule Antonio, Kiku, Elizabeta, and Arthur all ate lunch together no matter what anyone of them were doing that day. And since Francis wasn't normally there to cook, they all took turns cooking dinner. This time it was Elizabeta's turn to cook lunch. When Arthur went into the kitchen he found her humming while she was cooking.

"You're in a good mood today," said Arthur.

"I'm always in a good mood," she replied. She stopped chopping vegetables and turned to face him. "Is there anything you need?"

"I was just taking a break from writing to get a cup of tea."

"Coming right up!" She poured him a cup of tea and went back to her chopping.

"Alright. I'm not leaving until you tell me why you're so cheerful. I'm afraid that you're acting and planning something devilish later."

Elizabeta shrugged her shoulders. "I guess I'm been thinking lately about how everything is perfect. You and Francis are back together, the boys are getting along, we're all living in this house together once again, and everybody's able to go after their dreams."

"What about your dreams? You can't tell me that your dream was to be a maid in a house."

"My dream was to be able to live happily with the people I care about. When I was younger I used to fight just so I could do that. But now I'm able to peacefully be with the people I care about. I couldn't be happier."

"You don't want a boyfriend or anything."

Elizabeta shook her head. "It's not that I'm against the idea, but I don't need one. I won't go looking out for someone, but if I found the right guy I wouldn't mind trying to date him."

"Well whatever makes you happy." Arthur took his cup of tea and went back to continue writing his story.

Usually the first one that gets back is Francis unless there is something major that needs to be done at work. Luckily today he was able to come home early.

He snuck up behind Arthur and hugged him. "You writing your book," he asked.

"I would be if everybody would quit interrupting me," Arthur mumbled.

Francis smiled and kissed him on the head. "That's because we love you." He nuzzled the back of Arthur's neck. "You going to tell me what you're writing about?"

"You'll just laugh."

"I promise I won't."

Arthur stayed silent for a while before finally answering. "I'm writing about the story I used to tell to make the kids fall asleep at night."

"Is there a handsome guy married to the main character in this story?"

"No. Just an annoying frog." Arthur leaned back to smile at Francis.

"Your hilarious darling," Francis said sarcastically. Francis kissed Arthur lightly on the lips. "Stop working for a second. Elizabeta and Kiku want us to help out with something."

Arthur nodded, saved his work, and followed Francis into the kitchen.

"Ah there you are. We need help preparing for the celebration when Alfred and Matthew come back. They're going to find out who gets on the hockey team today," said Elizabeta.

"We're preparing a celebration dinner and a cake," said Kiku.

"Then I'm sure you won't need me to help you guys out," said Arthur. He turned to leave when Kiku stopped him.

"Actually there is something you can do." Kiku held up a list for Arthur to take. "There are some things we need you to pick up."

Arthur grabbed the list and glanced at it. "I guess this is at least what I can do."

"I'll come help you," said Francis.

"I can go shopping on my own!"

"I know you can, but I want to go along with you." Francis gave him the puppy dog eyes and Arthur knew that he wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Fine! I guess you can come along if you have to."

Francis smiled and they went off to get in the car. Francis started driving and Arthur asked, "So why did you want to come along with me?"

"I already told you. I just wanted to help you out."

"Just tell me."

"Is it such a crime to want to spend more time with the person I love the most?"

Arthur rolled his eyes. "You are probably the sappiest person that I have ever met, and if you weren't driving I would probably punch you right now."

"I love you too."

Francis and Arthur later came back with everything on the list, much to the surprise of Elizabeta.

"You're back so soon," she exclaimed.

"What do you mean by that," asked Arthur.

"I thought it would take you longer than this," she replied.

Arthur continued to be confused, while Francis got what Elizabeta was implying. "We got caught in traffic from an accident on the way up, so your guess was off," said Arthur. Francis rolled his eyes and whispered into Arthur's ears. Arthur's eyes widened as Francis told him why Elizabeta thought they would take longer. "You have an incredibly dirty mind."

"I'm not the one with the dirty mind here. I just simply made an observation after observing your behavior."

"But we don't really do it all the time! I don't see why you would think that we would have sex when going to get groceries!"

"You can't tell me that the thought never crossed your mind."

Arthur made sounds of objections and started blushing. "Nothing you say will change her mind," said Francis.

"Like your behavior this morning did anything to change my mind," said Elizabeta. "Why don't you help make the cake Francis?"

"I suppose you want me out of the kitchen," said Arthur.

"You can just relax till the kids get home," said Francis.

Figuring this was a good idea, Arthur went into the living room to watch TV while everybody else started preparing everything. The main concern was the cake since they were going to eat it right after the kids got home from school. The cake had already been baked, so Francis just had to decorate it. Kiku was baking cookies and Elizabeta was preparing everything so they would be ready to cook right after they finished eating the cake.

It didn't take Francis long to finish the cake, so afterwards he joined Arthur on the couch. Preparing everything for dinner didn't take long either, so Kiku and Elizabeta joined them as well. A little later, Francis and Arthur both got a text from Alfred saying that they both made the hockey team. At that time Kiku had to leave to pick the boys up from school.

Everyone else continued to watch TV till Arthur got a text from Kiku saying they were almost home. Arthur informed everyone else of this and they started to get ready for their return. They made sure the cake was in good shape, and Elizabeta took out cookies that were baking in the oven.

They heard the voices and waited near the door. As soon as the door opened they yell congratulations. The twin's responses to this were varied. Matthew mumbled that they didn't need to celebrate while Alfred was wondering if they got cake.

As the cake was served, Francis and Arthur both reflected on how their boys have changed. Matthew had become more confident and outspoken. He wouldn't even had the confidence to try out for the hockey team before. Alfred, on the other hand, had become more aware of other people's needs. Before his only concern was himself which got him into trouble in many accounts. He lost friends just because he didn't have the ability to be concerned about others.

These changes could all be linked to the two of them meeting. Their personalities were almost polar opposites, and during their time together they started to rub off on each other. You could say that their meeting was what they needed to make themselves better people.

Their meeting could be seen as a godsend for the rest of the family. Because if they hadn't met and did what they had done, nobody would have been truly happy. Francis would have married Vicky, but it would have been an unhappy marriage that wouldn't have lasted long. He would have floated from one relationship to another, but never settling down. In the end he would have been all alone.

Arthur probably would eventually find somebody else to be with. He might have even remarried again. But that marriage wouldn't have lasted. It's hard for something to last long when someone doesn't put their heart into it. He too would have eventually ended up all alone.

There is the possibility that they could have still ended up together. When there is a will there is a way. One of them might have decided to reach out to the other, or Elizabeta and Kiku could have made their own move to get them back to each other. Whatever the case, they were together once again, as a family. And this time they weren't going to lose each other. The people around them, and themselves, would make sure of that.

After they finished dinner, they decided to watch a movie. There was an half an hour debate on what movie to watch before a choice that pleased everyone could be made. They someone managed to squeeze everybody onto the couch and started watching the movie. The movie that they picked out was long and the boys were tired from the try outs, so they ended up falling asleep. Elizabeta and Kiku woke them up and guided them to their beds as the credits rolled.

Francis and Arthur still weren't tired, so they decided to drink some wine on the outside porch swing. For a while they just sat there with Arthur's head on Francis's shoulder as they sipped their wine. Eventually Francis broke the silence. "It's a nice night." Arthur just slightly nodded in agreement. "Tired?"

Arthur yawned. "A bit."

"Then why don't we go to bed." Francis was preparing to get up when Arthur stopped him.

"Let's stay like this a little longer," said Arthur.

Francis smiled and replied, "Of course."

They stayed there for a bit longer when Arthur said, "I just realized something. There's something I haven't done yet. " He picked up his head and looked at Francis. "I love you."

"I love you too." Francis raised his eyebrow. "But you have told me you loved me before. And recently too."

"Yeah. But you're always saying I love you first. I decided that I need to say it first for once." A cloud shifted in the sky that allowed the moon to reveal the blush on Arthur's face.

"You have the oddest ways of thinking sometimes mon cheri. But that is why I would not want to be with any one else." Arthur mumbled under his breath about it was the same for him before kissing Francis on the lips. Their glasses of wine had been finished at this point and Francis got up despite the protest of Arthur who wanted another glass.

"One glass is enough right before bed," said Francis. Arthur grumbled but complied. He got up and stood beside Francis. They held hands as they walked back to the house.

Back in the boy's room, the twins were both were starting to drift off to sleep when a sudden thought popped up into Matthew's head. Matthew turned to face Alfred and whispered, "Are you still awake?"

Alfred yawned. "Give me a few minutes and I won't be. Why?"

"Nothing. I was just thinking and realized meeting you was the best thing that every happened to me."

Alfred smiled. "Me too," he replied.

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