Artemis fowl

Love changes all

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Chapter 28: waiting

Holly was sitting beside Artemis who was lying on a Hospital bed, hardly moving besides breathing, thats right, Artemis is so far still alive, and if Holly had a say, he would stay alive, however, this is out of her control, all she could do was to stay here, in the hospital room, waiting for Artemis, she wanted to use her magic to heal him, she yearned for it, it took everything she had to refuse her instinct to heal Artemis, if she used her magic to heal him then the disease would spread to her and she would be in the same boat as Artemis, Frond, she would be in even worse shape, she was a magical being, she had alot more magic that could do harm to herslef then the amont that was in the rings, even with the danger in mind though, she still wanted to heal him, it was the gorilla cage all over again however this time she knew for certain that it would be a bad idea, so there she sat, just looking at Artemis and thinking, she was quite mortified by what the magic had managed to do with so little, it had managed to Burn Artemis's entire body, he was no longer as pale as a vampire, now he was almost pure black, like coal, it left Holly in a state of shock and fear, she would loose it if Artemis died again, she wouldnt be able to face anyone, not Butler or Juliet, definitly not Angeline or Tim, not the twins either, she could only imagine the pain she would feel from the looks they could give her, Holly couldnt help but shed tears at the thought, the only thing that could stop the tears was what Foaly had said when she found out about Artemis's condition.


Holly had Finaly awoken from the sleeping patches Trouble had administered, her first thoughts was of Artemis 'what happened to Artemis?' 'is he dead?' 'please frond, dont let him be dead' it continued on like this until she relised she was in the back of an LEP prisoner van, what was she doing in here?, thats when she remembered about Trouble getting in her way, her fists balled up tighter then ever, and with a solid swing she struck the door while yelling.


"If you're going to threaten me then no." Stated Trouble from the other side of the door, another bang as Holly punched the door again.

"Get me out of here before i knock this door down and go through with knocking your head off." Holly stated with pure anger seeping from her.

"Holly, im not letting you out until you've calmed down, besides that cabin is strong enough to maintain trolls so i doubt-" BANG! went the door again this time however there was a dent in the metal, Trouble backed up considerably, he then noticed a Blue light coming from inside the cabin, he decided to take a peek and noticed tat it was Holly's magic healing her hand.

"I have enough magic to put a few more dents in, i will get out weather you let me or not." Stated Holly who glarred daggers up at Trouble.

"Holly, stop looking at me like that, if i hadnt stopped you from healing Artemis you whould have been infected aswell, however you would have had it tougher then Artemis, i couldnt allow that." Trouble steeled his resolve, he was Holly's Commander and he would demand respect. (for now)

"You couldnt allow that? allow what? your prescious love intrest to be thrown onto deaths door? huh is that why you stopped me, IS IT?!"


"I...I'm sorry...where's Artemis?" Holly asked as she finaly calmed down, the door to the cabin opened and there stood Trouble.

"Follow me." Trouble stated as he started towards a building, once Holly was outside she knew where she was and she felt both relief and stress from that knowledge, for they were at Haven general Hospital, the two walked through the hospital until they came to a lab that Foaly uses from time to time, and low and behold he was currently in.

"Foaly i brought Holly, you better explain fast before you're checking in as a patient." Trouble warned, Foaly took one look at Holly and decided he better start.

"Ok, so, the weapon the gnome had was one of Opal's prototypes, we found the blueprints ages ago however we figured she never went ahead with the plans seeing as there was no evidence of a prototype ever being made, we dont know where the weapon was found however we know that its unlikely he got ahold of the plans seeing as we made sure to burn the frond forsaken blueprints." Foaly stated as he was looking at some notes, he unfornunatly turned and made eye contact with Holly who's look stated that she coul hardly care less about the Centaurs screw up, she wanted to know about Artemis, seeing this he ot back to speaking.

"So, anyway, the weapon was designed to turn the magic thats inside of a magical being agienst them, the blaster would deal enough damage to force a heal which would be reversed because of the blaster, so instead of a heal it would damage the body which would force more healing until the victim is turned to dust by their own magic, that is, if the weapon was completed, the prototype is only able to cause a single wave of damage that cannot be healed for atleast 12 hours, reason being that it also seems to cause the magic to shut down after the first wave of damage, however in Artemis's case this doesnt matter seeing as he isnt a magical being, however it does effect the transforming ring, you see, the ring creates a magic field around the person its changing, this is the magic that harmed Artemis, its also the reason why Artemis turned back into a human after getting hit buy a blast from the weapon-."

"FOALY!, just tell me about Artemis already before Caballine becomes a widow." Holly threatened

"He is alive." Replied Foaly, Holly let out the breath she had been holding, Artemis was alive, all was well. "for the moment" and Foaly had to ruin it.

"What do you mean?" Holly asked, tensing up again.

"I think it'd be best if you saw for yourself." Replied Foaly

Foaly led the way with Holly and Trouble following him, they went up a flight of stairs and down a hallway, they stopped when they reached a room that was numbered 510, Holly couldnt help but think back to the whole Atlantis complex ordeal, the Artemis from that time would express his opinions on the number, now however, well she was about to find out as foaly opened the door, Holly walked in, leaving the other two in the hallway, what she saw sickened her, Artemis was strapped into atleast three different machines, each one showcasing how he was barely alive, but still alive, the most haunting part came when she noted Artemis himself a few seconds later, the magic left his entire body burnt, like someone left a marshmellow in the fire too long, Holly could hardly stand to look at Artemis.

"How long will he bee like this?" Holly asked to the room as she hadnt noticed Foaly and trouble hant followed her in, luckely Foaly could still hear her.

"He was shot about 3 hours ago, that leaves atleast 9 hours before he can be healed, if...if he doesnt die before that." Holly turned on her friend with rage burning in her eyes, a rage that was trying and failing to hide her sorrow.

"He will survive that long, if he can last 6 months as a spirit he can last a few hours like this, Artmeis is strong, his will power is great, he wouldnt leave me, i would never leave him so why would he leave me, i love him...Foaly! he wouldnt leave me would he?" Holly asked as she turned to her friend, tears streaming down her face like a river.

"No, Artemis would'nt leave you, he promised to never hurt you again did'nt he? and you know Artemis never breaks a promise, not one as important as that." Foaly stated as he quickly moved to confort Holly as he would Terra.

"I thought so, so, i wont leave him, im going to stay in here until he wakes up, and when he wakes up ill be here and he'll be here and-" Holly couldnt say more as she finaly broke down and passed out, Foaly and Trouble decided to honor Holly's wish to stay beside Artemis, unfortunatly it was a one bed room so Holly will have to make do with a makeshift bed out of the multiple chairs in the room, after they had set Holly down they decided to return to Foaly's temporary lab to discuss Artemis's conditions, that is after they made sure that they had both heard Holly say the same thing, about her loving Artemis, they had both decided to fear for Artemis if he did make it, for if he did wake up he'd have Holly to go through, not because she was angry but because she would probably be so relieved that she might do something harmful before he could be healed.

Trouble made sure to check up on Holly and Artemis every few minutes or so, Artemis's vitals seem to have stabilized shortly after Holly arrived, before there was no clue as to weather he was going to kick the bucket or not, however if his vitals keep up like this then he will definitly survive, Trouble couldnt help but wonder if Artemis could sense Holly's presence, but it doesnt really matter, aslong as Artemis was keeping his promise then it was alright, it was around the 7th time Trouble checked in on them when he found Holly sitting up in a chair directly beside Artemis, she was just looking at him, she seemed to have calmed down so Trouble decided to strike up a conversation.

"Hello, how you doing Holly?" Trouble asked as he moved to stand beside Holly.

"I've calmed down a bit now, so thats ok, i guess." Holly stated, never taking her eyes off Artemis.

"Thats good." Trouble exclaimed with a slight smile, after that was silence for quite awhile until Holly decided to speak again.

"How long was I out for this time?"

"Its been about another 3 hours, so just 6 more until Artemis can be healed." Trouble stated as he looked at his watch.

"Ok, thats good, you better hold on that long Arty cause if you dont i'll cross over just to drag you back." Holly stated as she continued to look at Artemis and nothing else, however this time she did seem to have the faintest of a smile.

"I imagine only you and Artemis could pull that off." Trouble stated with a slight chuckle.

"We do manage to make the impossible happen." stated Holly, the two remained silent for a few minutes, mostly because Holly didnt feel like talking and Trouble couldnt think of anything to say.

"I have to get back now, will you be ok?" Trouble asked.

"I'll be fine" Replied Holly as she continued to stare at Artemis.

Trouble knew that Holly would remain there like that until Artemis woke up, he was worried when he thought about what she might do if he doesnt wake up, however he knew Artemis's true feelings and he knew that Artemis had a will that would not cave when he wanted something, so if he truly loved Holly that meant that in roughly 6 hours Artemis life wouldnt be in danger, except maybe from an elf who might be upset with his rash actions, however that hasnt killed him yet so Trouble doubted it would now, he continueed to think about this matter until he made it back to Foaly's temporary lab, Foaly had been working on a way to cure the blasters effects without causing more damage to the patient, because as it stood anyone that tried to heal the victim would be struck with the desies aswell and they would have caused more harm to the person they were trying to heal in the first place, so Foaly had been in this lab for the past 5 hours working on a cure, he thought of using the Spelltropy cure that they aquired from JJ a little while ago now, however this was not spelltropy and it hadnt worked, however the cure did give Foaly something to work with seeing as the blaster was suppose to mimic spelltropy, so far there has been no luck in finding a cure, all they could really do was wait for the damage time to end so th patients could be healed, it was a good thing opal had kept journals on her research otherwise people could have died by now.

"How are they?" Foaly asked as Trouble walked in.

"Hollys awake now, and she wont take her eyes off Artemis, she will hardly talk either." Trouble replied as he took a seat.

"Its expected, but Holly's tough, im sure she will be better soon." Foaly exclaimed as he continued to work

"she will get better when Artemis wakes up." Trouble replied.

"I know, i was just *sigh* i was thinking about if Artemis dies, i would like to think Holly would be able to move on however, i dont think thats possible." Foaly exclaimed as he voiced both of their fears.

"Artemis will live, he loves Holly, he will do everything he can to make sure she knows that, and besides im sure if he did pass on old beet root would personly kick him out of the afterlife and tell him to not make his greatest captain cry." Trouble exclaimed with a sad smile.

"Old beet Root would do something like that, Holly was like a daughter to him." Foaly said as he took a short break from his work to think about the late commander.

"When Artemis wakes up, those to better confess, cause if they dont i will do it for them." Trouble stated

"Your the fourth person who hopes, on to the important discusion." Foaly said, suddenly getting serious, Trouble followed suit and grew serious aswell "Should we call Butler and tell him? and if so, who gets the honors?"

the two thought about it for just a second before Foaly voiced his opinion about Holly doing it seeing as Butler would be less likley to kill her then he would anyone else, after all those two had history together, speaking of Holly, she was currently in the same position as when trouble left, she couldnt bring herself to look away, true it was hard for her to even look at the state in which Artemis was in however she felt that if Artemis was suffering then she would make sure he wasnt suffering alone, this brings us back to where we started, Holly just watching Artemis, taking in every detail she could until she learned of every detail there was about Artemis's looks, it pained her to do so however it would help her confess to him later on when she remembers about almost loosing him without her ever telling her feelings, she couldnt bare the thought, almost as much as the thought of Artemis actually dying.

"Stupid Mud-boy, had to go play hero didnt saved peoples lives again, while putting yours on the line." Holly mumbled as she continued to watch, thats when as strange thing happened, she smiled.

"you have become a good man Artemis, now please dont leave me, i need you, dont make my nightmares a reality." Holly pleaded Artemis, she believed he could hear her, of coarse he could hear her, Trouble said it himself, once she had showed up Artemis was a bit better, she knew he would do everything he could to make it back to her, he would not let her down.

It was at about the 9th hour when No.1 had entered the room to find Holly in the exact spot and position as Trouble had, No.1 instintly noticed how sad Holly looked, she didnt even notice him entering the room, No.1 decided not to mae a noise and instead he just moved to the front of Artemis's hospital bed, Holly's chair was on the right side of the bed and the door was behind No.1 and to the left a bit, Holly finally noticed No.1 when he stopped at the foot of the bed, she decided not to say anything aswell, No.1 could guess that she was feeling pretty awful from her silence, the two had had time to get to know each other fairly well, not as Much as Holly and Artemis knew each other, but those coffee breaks managed to create a somewhat close friendship between the two, enough so that they could tell when something was off, or when one of them had had a bad day, again not to the extent of what Holly and Artemis shared, those two could tell the others feelings with the tiniest difference in how they act, it could be scary sometimes, scary how close they had become, and scary that they were still so oblivious to each others feelings.

No.1 was examining the damage that Artemis had taken, he was shocked that he was still alive at all, his body looked like it had been burnt all over, even his hair was singed, it didnt look good, and from what he heard from Trouble, Holly had been staring at Artemis for over 3 hours now, it couldnt be healthy, but she was afraid of losing him so No.1 understood to a point, No.1 decided to check how far the damage was dealt, he moved to the left side of the bed, just opposite of Holly, he reached up to Artemis's eyes to open them, Holly watched, mostly afraid with a tiny bit of curiosity.

"you dont have to look if you dont want to." No.1 stated with his hand reaching Artemis's eye.

"I can handle it, besides it doesnt matter if im suffering, Artemis is suffering more so i want to suffer with him, i think it might help his recovery if we share the pain...maybe." stated Holly, eyes unmoving.

No.1 only gave a nod in response as he opened Artemis's eye lids, he heard Holly sharply inhale as they took in the sight of his blackened eye, even his eyes were burnt, Holly almost couldnt handle it but she managed to pull through somehow, a sigh of relief escaped her as No.1 closed the eye, thats when he was struck with a thought, howevr now might not be the time to reviel that, but it was important to know, he didnt want his work to go to waste, so with that in mind he reached over to Artemis's other eye, he heard another sharp gasp as Holly relised he was going to open the other eye, 'its too late now, she will fin out eventually' and with that thought he opened the other eye, Holly's hand instintly flew to her blue eye once she relised what she was looking at, for Artemis's eye wasnt burnt, it had been protected with colored contacts, contacts that were desintigrated by the magic, reveiling a hazel eye, Holly's hazel eye, she didnt know why, she just fealt that it was her original eye, the original one that had been swapped with the blue eye she was now covering.

"I...I dont understand." Holly exclaimed as she found her voice.

*sigh* "Artemis said he missed his hazel eye, so with help from mulch, Foaly and myself, we gave him back his, your hazel eye." No.1 explained.

"I...I..." was all Holly was able to say before fresh tears fell.

"The only reason i revieled this was because it was done during the party, i wanted to make sure my recent work wasnt damaged." No.1 explained.

Holly couldnt say anything, she was to emotional and she didnt know for what reason, was it because of what the eye could signify or was it because of the fact that Artemis was back to how he was before their last adventure, she couldnt decide so she just decided to let everything out, all of the stress and sadness that had been building for the past 9 hours, Holly let it all out, No.1 decided it would be best to leave Holly to it, besides he had preperations to attend to, he was going to make sure Artemis recovered by healing him personaly, it was the least he could do.

Holly continued to cry for several minutes until she calmed down enough to think straight again, Artemis had regained his hazel eye, 'why would he go so far for just an eye?' Holly thought 'was it because of the significance of the eye itself or simply because he missed it?' Holly pondered for what felt like ages until she decided to just ask Artemis himself if- when he wakes up, until then she couldnt help but continue to think about it, in the end she kept going back to Artemis wanting to have a part of her again because he loved her, thats what she hoped for, however she knew Artemis well and knew that it would most likely be for more of a sentimental reason, or something of the sorts, but Holly could dream.

No one else had decided to visit for the last three hours so it had just been Holly keeping an eye on Artemis, she thought of many things during this time, every now and again she would go back to thinking about Artemis's hazel eye and about the possibility of Artemis loving her, Holly thought about other things aswell like about what Butler's going to say when they tell him about this incident, they couldn't keep it from him, he had done to much to not deserve to know, Holly was also occasionaly pulled to the thought of confessing when Artemis woke up, however she could never really decide on a coarse of action, all she could do was hope that when the time came, she would be in the mood to tell him, she hoped that she wouldnt feel too frightened about telling him aswell, thats where the part of her brain that tells her not to confess comes from, she was afraid of what might happen after, be it good or bad it didnt matter, Holly was afraidof the outcome.

Holly had sat there in the Hospital room, in the same chair and same position for over 6 hours, doing the same thing, looking at Artemis and thinking, she didnt even notice when No.1 came back into the room with a bunch of other medical warlocks following, Holly finaly noticed them when No.1 stood across from her, on the other side of Artemis's bed.

"Holly, the 12 hours are up, its time for us to heal have to wait outside." No.1 exclaimed.

"you better bring my Arty back, got that, he survived the 12 hours now bring him back to me." Holly stated as she finaly stood up, she was a little wobbly however she managed to stay standing, No.1 gave a smile at the sight.

"I will heal him up so much he will feel like a new man, again." No.1 tempted fate with the joke, however Holly didnt seem to mind as she paid it no attention and moved to the hall.

"No.1, dont break that promise, i know what its like when that certain elf gets mad." Stated one of the medical warlocks that had entered with No.1, he had made sure that the door was shut before he said that, like he said he knew how she was when angered.

"Dont worry, i dont intend to." Stated No.1 as they got to work.

Holly wasnt able to see the light from the magic, seeing as they made sure it would leak out from the rooms as it would get bothersome after a while, however Holly was able to tell that magic was being used, there was such a high consintration of it, 'No.1 must be working his hardest' Holly thought, she couldnt help but let out a smile, No.1 will fight till he's out of magic if its in order to save a friend, he would do anything really, thats how Holly knew that she could leave the room and trust No.1 with Artemis, Holly slid her back down the wall so that she was sitting on the floor with her back agienst the wall, she felt the exhaustion of the day seep into her, even though she had about 5 hours of sleep she still felt exhausted, the day had been a physical and emotional drain on Holly, she had rested the physical, now it was time for the emotion part, Holly thought about waking up to Artemis's smiling face just before she passed out in the hallway right then and there.

Holly awoke to the sight of a white ceiling, she was confussed for a moment until she relised that she was lying on a hospital bed, all sorts of thoughts rushed through her head like 'was it all a dream and i was the one hurt?' or 'did someone move me?' and so on, Holly decided on the latter, after all a sleeping elf in the middle of a hospital hallway was bound to be trouble, Holly's next thought was of Artemis's healing, she spared no time leaving the room to find Artemis's room, she eventually walked past a nurse who spoke to Holly.

"Awake now i see, next time you're tired hon just tell us and we can set something up ok?" The nurse said with a wink.

"Oh, thank you for moving me to a bed, but could you tell me where room 510 is?" Holly asked, trying to act as sincere as possible however she was just to concerned with Artemis's condition.

"Down the hall and to the left, the warlocks finished about an hour ago now." The nurse exclaimed, Holly could help but run off in the direction she was told, after she had said Thank you of coarse.

Holly ran as fast as she could, she had to see Artemis, she had to see him alive, it was the only thing that could calm her heart at this moment, it was the only thing that could calm her, and once she saw Artemis she would ask him about his eye, she would ask why he had to act so recklessly, she would ask if he had a thing for death because right now his close encounters with death was approaching double didgits, that doesn't include the time he really did die, she would ask if he thought himself a cat with 9 lives, she would get mad at his recklessness and she would scorn him for it, she would also feel pride though, pride over the fact that Artemis had risked his own life for complete strangers, and Holly would feel so much more however now she stood infront of Artemis's room, beyond that door Artemis would be waiting, she hoped nothing went wrong, she couldnt help but feel the fear of dissapointment, the fear that something went wrong and Artemis is dead for good now, Holly spent 5 minutes working up her courage to open the door, and when she did and when she entered she was greeted by the sight of Artemis's smiling face as he watched her enter.

"A..Artemis." Holly choked out, she managed to keep the tears back this time, Artemis continued to smile as he motioned for Holly to sit, once she did then he decided to speak.

"Im sorry Holly, i really messed up this time didnt i?" Artemis stated as he made eye contact with Holly.

"No! you saved that girl, you saved more people from getting hurt-" Holly was cut off by Artemis.

"But i hurt you, i can tell by how red your eyes are, you must have been quite upset."

"I was, but i knew you would keep your promise, i knew you would fix the damage done."

"And have i?"

"You have, you've survived yet again, and that fixs my pain." Holly stated with a smile.

there was silence for what felt like hours, the two just kept looking at each other with out saying a single word, however most of their feelings were told in this moment, they could read how the other felt as if they were a childrens book, they had grown that close and with this new incident, they grew ever closer, they would continue to grow closer, as they allways had, and as they allways will, the silence was finaly broken when Artemis grew a huge, warm smile, a smile Holly had never seen, it was followed by...

"Holly, I love you."

Authors notes: its finaly happened, Artemis confessed, i can allready hear all the female readers screaming in delight, and maybe some of the male readers aswell, i hope you all enjoyed this chapter, its a bit of a 180 degree turn form the ending of the previous chapter isnt it, but thats fine (i hope) anyway i hope you've all enjoyed and until next time.


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