-Summary: Jocelyn Bay, 13 years old, is chosen for the 71st hunger games, as a District 4's female. Being an Orphan and one of the oldest to take care of her siblings is hard to leave. Now in the Games, she must fight to the end to survive.

District 4: The District full of Fisherman. One of the greatest virtues is patience: they can continue plowing on, even when those around you have given in to frustration. They hate being used as a piece in someone else's games: however, they can stick it out until it's the right moment to make a stand.

My name is Jocelyn Bay, I'm 13 years old, and live in District 4. It's nice here. Jacob, my older brother says it used to be made up of Louisiana, and East Texas, so we are on the Gulf of Mexico.

I was born the oldest Daughter, but not the oldest of my siblings. It's Jacob, who is 18, Will, is 16, I'm 13, then we have, Ryan who is 10, and Chloe, being the youngest at 4.

My parents, are a long story.


I sat on the docks holding Chloe, she is only 1 as I'am 10. Mom and Dad hoist up our boat and gets ready for the annual fishing trip to go catch some food for the capitol.

"Mom, please don't go," Jacob pleaded, he holds Ryan's hand so he wont fall of the docks.

"You know what they do when we don't follow rules," Dad tightened the sail.

"When will you be back?' I ask.

"Soon, should only take a week, just going out of the Gulf," He walked over and kissed my forehead.

"You watch the kids, blue eyes," Mom smiled at me. I'm the only ones that got her blue eyes. My mom was built like a sailor, she has dirty blond hair, and bright blue eyes. My dad is a tall man, brown hair and grey eyes.

"Jacob, if anything happens, you take care of these kids as if they were your own," Dad held out his hand, in it was a golden ring.

"Really!? Ha, I'm in Charge!" Jacob retorted.

"Really.." Dad answered. Our parents hopped on thier sailboat and set sail. We stayed on the dock till we couldn't see the bright blue sail.

"When do you think they will be back?" Ryan asked.

"I don't know, but don't worry, they will," I promised.

But I didn't know then, that they would never come back.

~Flashback ends

"RYAN!" Will yells at. I walk into the room. The clumsy kid had poured water all over Will's homework for school

"I'm sorry." Ryan whimpered.

"Come on Ryan, go get me some wood for the stove, Jacob is catching fish, again," I point to the door, Ryan hugs me and runs to get what I ask for.

What can I say, when anyone has an issue, the one who is in trouble always comes to me, but they don't get off that easy sometimes. If it's me they get in trouble with... oh, they better run for it!

"Jocelyn, your just like mom," Will cursed.

"What can I say, I'm the one with the bright eyes," I face him.

"Not with the brightest brain," He went back to work. I rolled my eyes. Brothers...

Its early June, its very hot here so I just wear shorts and a white shirt that has braided strings at the bottom and arms. Girls are normally supposed to wear dresses, but I ain't wearing a dress when its hot out!

Oh, theres Jacob!

"I got two buckets of crawfish, pretty much a snack," He was hiding something, he had a look in his eye as he handed me a bucket.

"What happened," I pulled him to face me. He stared at me.

"The reaping is tomorrow," He looked at me. I almost dropped my bucket.

"No.." I say to myself. It can't be, its not till July. He kicked open the screen door and walked over to the kitchen area.

"Jocelyn, you were lucky last year cause you were sick, but this year they ain't letting the sick, slack off." He dumped the buckets of stabbed crawfish on the wooden counter. I put on my moms old purple apron that had a seashell shaped like a heart in the center.

"I'm going to make a crawfish soup," I say quietly. He nods and leaves me to tell Will. Not short after, I hear tiny tapping sounds coming down the stairs.

"Jozie... I can't sweep," Chloe rubbed her eyes as she held her blankie. I wiped my hands on my aprons and walk around the island table that was smelling with fish.

"Did you have a nightmare?" I ask. The little blond haired girl nodded. I picked her up, and began up the stairs. I came upon her room. Ryan and her share it with a curtain seperating them. A window was on the far left side. The walls were green wood as the floors were brown.

"Do you want to sleep with Moms gift?" I ask. She smiles, her hazel eyes looked at me and nodded. I walked over to the shelf above the window and grabbed the small box, a music box. I turned the metal knob on the bottom of it and it began playing, "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean"

The box was a good size. It was covered with glued on sand, which was hard and covered with colorful seashells.

"Is that better?" I ask. She nods, it was my gift Mom gave me when I was born, but it's the only thing that will help Chloe get to sleep.

I placed the box at the end of her bed and kissed her forehead.

"I will wake you for dinner," She nodded and closed her eyes.

Two hours have passed. The soup is ready and Will went to get Chloe.

"One, two, three.." I count the plates, cups and silverware. Everything was either made of wood or seashells.

"Mmmm, smells good lil sis," Jacob complimented.

"Thanks," I smiled. I pour the soup in each bowl, placed a couple of cracker on the sided and sat down waiting for everyone else.

The all came. My brother carrying Chloe down the stairs and Ryan came running in from the beach after playing with a bunch of kids.

"Sit down," Jacob said. The three sat down at the table. We grabbed hands and bowed our heads.

"Make sure anything that happens tomorrow is for a good reason, Amen," Will prayed.

I looked at my brothers, they had grown up really fast as I, have grown up at a good rate.

Jacob has brown hair and grey eyes, like dad. Will has blond hair with a little red underneath, and hazel eyes. Ryan had bleach blond hair and green eyes.

I have wavy brown hair that goes just bellow my shoulder, and my bright blue eyes. People say they are glowing gems, but some say they are strange.

I don't care what they think, at least I inheritated something from my mom.

I smile as my family gobble up my dinner and walked off to bed. I cleaned up the dished with Chloe and walked up to my bedroom.

I sleep in a hammock in the attic. A dressor with all my belongings only fills one shelf as the others are full of wepons, yes wepons. I have trained for the Hunger Games in case is I am in them. I go with my friend Barb in the marshlands not to far from the town.

I just hope tomorrow I'm lucky

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