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Ch. 1

Ulrich's POV

"Race you to the cafeteria, Ulrich"! Geez, Odd was really being annoying this morning. I sat up on my bed, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. As I headed to down to breakfast, I remembered today's the big day. My cousin Kevin Flynn was going to be enrolling in Kadic Academy while his father, my uncle Sam Flynn, was in Kyoto, Japan setting up a 2nd party development agreement with Nintendo International for his company Encom, and his mother Quorra was busy with research. I couldn't wait to see him again, as he lives in America. I really hoped that XANA would be quiet today. Hoping for that, was like hoping for world peace overnight. Still, you never know. This could be one of the few "quiet days".

As I walked past the Office Wing, I heard Jim, our gym teacher call my name. "Ah, Stern, perfect timing. You can show your cousin around after breakfast during zero hour. Be sure to let him know what the rules are, eh? Rule breaking is not tolerated here at Kadic, Flynn, is it? Just ask Stern here how many times him and his friends have been in trouble. Anyway, move along now to breakfast" We walked to the cafeteria and I introduced him to my friends. After a while, Kevin and Jeremy started talking about advanced mathematical algorithms. "Wow, another egghead. Who would have thought that Ulrich could be related to someone as smart as Jeremy?", Odd commented. "That wasn't very nice, Odd", Aelita, Yumi, Jeremy, and William snapped. "I'm not just smart, I'm also good at video games, motorcycling, snowboarding, and parachuting. Remember that time I beat you racing dirt bikes, but you beat me snowboarding last summer on vacation, Ulrich?", said Kevin.

"Yeah", I said. Last summer. I flashed back. One whole summer without worrying about XANA. We had shut down the super computer last year before school had ended. Then, almost a year later, XANA launched an attack from a place called the cortex. Not much is knowned about it, except that it is another virtual world based off of Lyoko, inside of another super computer built by a man named Tyron who apparently knew Aelita's father, Franz Hopper. Since then, we have been fighting against XANA again, making little progress. "Well Time to go to class" said Yumi.