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Halloween. Skylar's favorite holiday. It was times like these that she actually liked to go around her town and torment little kids passing by. Maybe go up to a house and beg for candy, even though she was seventeen. As old as she was, she still dressed up. This year she was a made up villain that she made named Agradess. The villain had raven black hair that spiked up in the back to look almost like feathers. To do that, Skylar had to use a lot of grease, but thankfully her hair was a normal brown, so it didn't take much hair dye to change. She had matching feathered wings sprouting from her shoulder blades, the base of them spiked up with soft downy fur. Skylar made those herself and put them on with thin strings. It looked fairly realistic. She had claws and fangs, which for Skylar where just phony ones she got from the store. She also had a black tail, which Skylar got at Hot Topic. Her outfit was fairly simple. A black spandex one piece suit that hung tightly to her pale skin. It was long sleeved, and went across her hands like fingerless gloves. She wore a silver belt with a dark purple gem to match her eyes (she used contacts). It was like Batman's belt, and it had gadgets secretly put here and there. She had knee high spiked, steel toed, black boots. She also wore a black choker necklace with a silver crow skull on the end. And to top it all off, she wore a black trench coat that hung down to her ankles. The sleeves went down just below her elbows.

So in truth, she looked fairly intimidating to little kids. Perfect. Skylar pulled out her Ipod and put in her earphones before blasting some of her music. She casually crouched on the top of a low brick fence right next to the sidewalk. She smiled as her latest victims came strolling around the curve. A bunch of eight year olds dressed as the Teen Titans. Skylar loved watching Teen Titans. She watched it every day when she got home. Slade was her favorite. She knew almost everything on him. About Deathstroke, what his face looked like, his past, and all that jazz.

Just as the kids were close enough, Skylar jumped onto the sidewalk and held up her hands, "BOO!" She shouted. The kids all let out high pitched, terrified screams and fell back onto the butts, dropping their bags of candy. They all looked up at her in fear as Skylar laughed. Kids were just so easy to scare these days! Once she had calmed down, she, still smiling, knelt down and helped them all stand.

"Sorry, everyone! But that was just a little too easy." Thunder boomed overhead, and they all looked up. They couldn't see any stars, the dark clouds were so thick. She ushered the kids towards their houses. "C'mon guys, get back inside, the storm's about to let loose..." They all ran back into their houses, leaving Skylar alone on the abandoned street. As soon as their door closed, it was a downpour. Lightning struck nearby, hail rained down as much as the rain, and Skylar wasn't happy. Her Ipod was soaked, ruining it, as well as her whole costume. "Dangit..." She mumbled, pocketing her ipod and walking down the sidewalk. Everything was quiet other than the deafening winds and thunder and rain. But as Skylar walked by the forest, something bright and shiny caught her eye in the trees. It wasn't lightning, no. That didn't stay for that long, or that close to the ground.

Curiosity got the best of her, and she made her way around the trees and shrubs until she was right in front of it. It was like... A portal or something... It was as tall as her, and blindingly white and swirling. It was making a low, humming noise that was louder than the storm. Skylar reached out her hand to touch it, but was surprised when her hand went right through it. And it didn't stop there. It started to suck her in. Letting out a strangled shout, she tried to pull her hand back, but it was too strong. She suddenly fell right through it, and found herself weightless. It didn't take her long to realize she was falling.

She seemed to be in the middle of a storm, much bigger than the one she was just under. But this time, it seemed she was actually IN the storm. Torrents of needle like rain and wind swirled around her, making her flip and roll as she fell, making her disoriented. Deafening thunder followed blinding flashes of lightning around her. But that's not what frightened her. She felt something heavy on her upper and lower back. When her hair whipped around her, it was still black, but the dye should of washed out in the rain. Even as she fell, she tried to yank out her fangs and claws, but she felt pain when she tried, and they wouldn't come off. She almost screamed when she found she could actually MOVE the wings on her back. What in the world was going on?!

She fell farther and farther downward and finally out of the storm cloud, but it was still raining and windy below it. She couldn't see many of her surroundings, so when something, or someone suddenly flew up past her, she let out a scream. Hands wrapped themselves around her waist to try and stop her fall, but it didn't work very well.

"Please! Use your wings!" A VERY familiar voice shouted at her. She dared to look back at the person trying to slow her fall, and when she saw her, she almost fainted. Somehow, the actual Starfire the Tamaranian, was there! Skylar knew this wasn't a trick because she was actually flying! But she snapped herself out of her thoughts and tried her best to move her wings. It felt weird and unnatural, but she eventually got herself to flap them right and begin to slow down. But her triumph didn't last, for a stray bolt of lightning randomly hit the two girls. What were the odds of that?!

Starfire was knocked unconcious, and let go of Skylar and fell past her as they neared the ground... Or as she could see now, water. As soon as the tamaranian let go, Skylar lost her balance and began to flip and fall uncontrollably again. She tried to balance herself again by feverishly flapping her wings while she grabbed Starfire's arm. SOMEHOW, she got the hang of it and began to fly slightly forward, not sure where she was going, but they were still falling.

In the background, Skylar thought she could've heard a chorus of yells saying 'Starfire!' but she couldn't be sure. Suddenly the water below them disappeared, only to be replaced by the tops of buildings. Before she could do anything, Skylar and Starfire slammed right into a warehouse near the docks. And everything went black.

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