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A week passed, and Agradess had somewhat... 'Changed'. She was more quiet, more secretive. It was like she had two personalities. During the day, she was happy and sort of social, but during the night, she would always disappear somewhere. Plus, one joke or fake insult could set her off. Once, after defeating some future dude called Warp, Cyborg had joked on how creepy Agradess looked when she was fighting. Almost instantly Agradess glared daggers at him and stormed off, leaving the five of them sort of speechless.

Currently, they were fighting a weird kid-like monster trying to kidnap Beast Boy, and were trying to stop the alien ship from leaving with him. Robin and Raven, along with Starfire, were all trying their hardest to bring it down, but were beginning to fail, even with Star's alien strength.

Agradess felt helpless as she stood near a tree. Her wing was almost healed, and Raven promised to take the bandages off as soon as the fight was over, but if she could fly up and help out Star, they could easily throw the ship down together. And her Blessed Haunt (the purple possession thing. Starfire and Raven came up with the name) wouldn't do much on just a ship. She needed to get in contact with the actual monster do anything.

"You're worthless without your wings..." A deep voice purred behind Agradess. She clenched her fists in anger but didn't respond. Slade had been trying this that whole week. Telling her what was wrong with her and how she was worthless. She really hated it and tried to ignore it, but she couldn't. He was always there! Always whispering in her ear, always following her around, it was annoying as crabapples, but she still fangirled over him. I mean, seriously, who can get over him?! His voice.. TT~TT (A/N: lol, yeah... :3) "Why don't you just leave now? Obviously you're just in the way this time..." His voice had an amused hint to it, and Agradess huffed in aggravation.

"I'm not worthless... He just needs to get out of the stupid alien ship and then i can take care of him! Plus, i'm getting the bandages off afterwards, so ha," She crossed her arms childishly and hunched her shoulders. She'd gotten so used to talking to Slade and arguing with him that she didn't feel uncomfortable acting stupid around him.

Slade chuckled, "Yes, but what if this happens again? What can you fall back on? Surely the Titans don't want any dead weight. They'll probably get rid of you." Agradess could only imagine him smirking. Agradess was about to retort when the ship suddenly slammed into the ground. The stupid monster tumbled out, ranting on about something or rather, and Agradess took her chance.

Glowing purple with her Blessed Haunt, she flew at the thing and into its chest. There was a moments pause before it's eyes turned purple, and it began to twitch. A look of pain was etched onto its face as its limbs twisted in all directions, and finally he fell to the ground, in pain, but not unconcious. Agradess flew out and landed a distance away, the glow around her disappearing as she watched the other Titans did their thing, helping the actual alien green dog reunite with its owner, and they left. Before anyone could say anything, Agradess was already walking away, towards the tower.

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00

"Hold still!" Raven growled, trying to get to the bandages on Agradess's wings. But Agradess was too excited that she would finally be able to fly again, and was bouncing up and down on the medical bed. "Agradess, do you want these bandages off or not?!"

"Of course I do! Please hurryyyy!" Agradess whined, trying her best to hold still. A vein pulsed in Raven's head but she didn't say anything more as she started to unwrap the bandages. For Agradess, it was an unbearably slow process, but in reality it was only three minutes. As soon as the last bandage was off, Agradess's wings spread out instinctively. The feeling couldn't be more heavenly.

"Ok, now let me just check up on it and-" Raven didn't get to finish as Agradess sprinted out of the room. She ran through the many hallways and up stairs until she was out on the roof. Without a moments hesitation, she jumped off the side and dived. She spread out her wings and flew upwards, relishing the feeling of the wind. Her spirits were instantly lifted and she felt happier than she had been that whole week. She felt like nothing could ever hurt her or touch her again. That is, until she flapped her wings. Suddenly, as both wings moved, her left one moved quicker than her right one. It had become stronger than her injured one since she was able to move it.

The unsynchronized movement threw her off balance, and she clumsily fell towards the city. She shook her head and spread her wings out again, regaining her balance and slowly gliding along. She flapped her wings again, more slowly this time, and made her way towards her warehouse again. It didn't take too long to get there, and slowly she flew in and landed silently, looking up into the rafters to see, yet again, nothing. Those birds... Where could they of gone?

She sighed and started to walk towards her crates, when something on the floor caught her eye. Walking towards it, she picked it up to see it was a newspaper. On the front it was talking about some new weapon that had been transferred to Jump to be kept and guarded. It showed a picture of the guards standing in front of the vault, and the news lady off talking to someone. Apparently the new weapon was some weird bow and arrows, speacially designed or something like that. Suddenly Agradess smiled. Not a normal smile, a darker one, that showed her gleaming white fangs. Her made up villian Agradess had a bow and arrows as weapons. That was the one thing she was missing.

'No, stop, that's stealing!' That nagging voice whispered in the back of her head, but once again, Agradess ignored it. This time, a louder, darker voice was speaking overtop of it.

'This is exactly what Slade was talking about! You need something to fall back on if something happens to your wings again. You can't keep relying on the Blessed Haunt...' It purred. Agradess looked up at the moon from the hole in the ceiling, and her smile grew wider.

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