This story is dedicated to: The Lemon Squisher.

I recieved a message concerning smut. Not just the smut in my fiction, but in all of them. Apparently someone is determined to 'go after' all of the authors who have 'wrongly' published 'pornography' on this website and reported The death card. Well, I'd just like to say that that wasn't mindless ecplicit smut.

This is.

Fair warning: This was written out of pure spite.

Lovino's back hit the wall with enough force to shake the foundation and his neck was assaulted, wispy nips and kisses decorating it. Strong, calloused hands found themselves on his hips, trailing up and down his sides in reverent contemplation. He leaned his head back, arching off of the wall into the wet, bare chest, his fingers climbing their way over his shoulders to pull Antonio's head down. Lovino's lips brushed over the shell of his would-be lover's ear, a hot tongue tracing his own.

A soft Spanish lisp burned its way down his skin as Antonio whispered words of passion, his tongue darting out to dip into Lovino's naval, eliciting the barest of laughs. Lovino's fingers buried themselves into coffee colored locks as Antonio gripped the edge of Lovino's towel, easing it down to slowly reveal the evidence of Lovino's need to flickering green eyes. Not a moment later, Antonio's mouth was around his dick, sucking as a babe would. Antonio's tongue dipped into Lovino's slit, licking up the precum that dare to trickle out.

Lovino yanked at Antonio's hair, his mouth falling open in a silent moan. Antonio's fingers slid over Lovino's balls to massage the patch of skin between his sack and quivering hole. Antonio licked up Lovino's length, going as far as to nip his sensitive head.

"Fuck Ant-tonio I can't…" Auburn locks whipped back and forth as Lovino shook his head in denial, his back sliding down the shower wall as his legs gave way. Antonio met him happily, capturing his lips. Their mouths clashed messily, teeth clacking. Their tongues twined outside of their mouths, salvia sliding down Lovino's chin. He could taste himself on Antonio's tongue, salty and bitter, but he liked it. Dio did he like it.

Lovino's towel pooled underneath them, sliding with him as he slid onto his back Lovino spread his legs for Antonio and he buried his head between Lovino's thighs, his tongue delving into Lovino's entrance, curling deliciously and ripping sounds from Lovino's mouth he didn't even know he could make. He could feel Lovino's walls clamping around his tongue, trying to pull the wet muscle in deeper.

It wasn't romantic or memorable. It was primal need. The tearing, drowning sensation that demanded he have this man inside him.

Antonio was all too happy to comply.

Lovino reached between them, ghosting his fingertips over Antonio's hot cock, stroking it encouragingly.

"Inside." It was a demand, but came out pleading, his voice wavering as he felt Antonio's slick tip pressing into him. He lifted his hips of the tiled floor, grinding down on Antonio and forcing him in another inch. "Por favore."

Antonio slid in with a groan, covering Lovino's mouth with his own to stub a pained whimper. Lovino bit Antonio's lower lip, nipping it sharply with a pointed glare. Antonio chuckled at the look, nursing the split lip with his tongue.

"That wasn't nice."

" I was-ahhn~" Lovino cried out, tilting his head back in both pain and pleasure as Antonio pulled out and plunged back into him. Lovino wrapped his legs around Antonio's waist as he slammed into him, prodding for that one spot that made Lovino's toes curls.

The friction was enough for now, pressing Lovino's shoulders into the cold floor as Antonio jammed his dick into the writhing Italian again, and again. Lovino's nails cut trails down Antonio's back, making the Spaniard cry out. Lovino smirked into Antonio's shoulder and licked it, the salt melting on his tongue.

Their bodies slid against each other, the sound of skin slapping against skin echoing across the empty locker-room. "Fuck, Anto-tonio, your c-cock…"

Antonio gripped Lovino's hips as he leaned, sliding onto his back with the lithe Italian situated comfortably on top of him. Lovino looked surprised for a moment before he sat up, bracing himself on Antonio's chest. He pushed himself up, before dropping back down on Antonio's throbbing cock, his own slapping against his abdomen. Lovino rode Antonio like he was at the grand international, bouncing up and down. His speed varied, slow at first before quickening and slowing again. He was driving Antonio crazy to the point he had to bite into his tongue to keep from forcing Lovino down on his dick.

Lovino had never felt so empowered, Antonio the one writhing underneath him.

"So t-tight. Mngh-hah-hh..." Antonio was so close, his fingers curling and uncurling into Lovino's hips. He gripped Lovino's dick, working it, his hand sliding up and down, thrusting up into Lovino's quivering heat.

"Ah-hahh... Dio, Tonio. Wr-reck me."

Antonio's dick plunged in and out of him, brushing just past his prostate, allowing him the barest taste of what he could do. Lovino bent back, balancing himself on Antonio's knees as he came down on him at an angle.

Antonio could see it all. The way Lovino's hole stretched to accommodate him, the way Lovino's cock twitched with every thrust, and the way Lovino's eyes rolled back in his head every time he touched his prostate. His face was flushed in embarrassment, mouth open as spittle trailed down his chin.

Lovino came undone on his chest, coating it in slick, white cum that slid down his toned abdomen in rivulets, dripping down his body to mingle with sweat. Antonio came inside him, firing rope after rope of hot cum up Lovino's rectum, filling him until he felt he might burst. They panted, Lovino falling forward onto Antonio's chest, Antonio's limp dick sliding out of him. He whined at the loss but settled onto Antonio as he caught his breath.

Lovino propped himself up on Antonio's chest, watching the Spaniards face through lazy hazel eyes. Antonio lifted his head to look at him and he smirked.

"So, does this mean I'll be starting?"

Antonio let his head fall back onto the tiles with a laugh.

I'm considering multi chapter. Let me know if theres a pairing you want/ situation. =u=