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There was nothing Antonio wouldn't do for anyone, Lovino most of all. He'd cut his heart out and serve it to the Italian on a silver platter if it would make him happy. He was a good man, a righteous one. But if good worked in the service of pleasing evil, was it still good? No, he'd been condemned a long, long time ago. What had triggered it? This burning need clawing at his chest. It was ripping him apart from the inside but it hurt so good.


Auburn hair and golden eyes. Skin the color of burnt olive that slid over his own like warm silk. Temptation at its finest, or worse. He wanted him. Dios did he want him. Not just his body, no, Lovino had given him that already. Antonio wanted to possess him. Body and soul. He wanted that spark inside the fiery, selfish, cruel Italian.

His Lovino.

Lovino moaned like a whore and begged him for it, clung to the wood like a lifeline… because he couldn't have another man. After everything he'd done for the little brat, Lovino had the nerve to use him? Well, that was fine. Karma may be a bitch, but she was just. She'd bring Lovino to his knees eventually, but Antonio didn't want to wait for Lovino to come crawling back to him.

It wasn't hard. Italians were terrible about holding their liquor, but they loved to drink. They'd never turn down a free glass of cherry and why would anyone be suspicious of a small old man? Why would a small old man accept three hundred dollars to slip a few Xanax into a glass of cherry? The world was full of mysteries…

Like a weasel into its hole, Antonio retreated to the cellar, his prey in hand. A metal shackle was clasped around Lovino's wrist; Antonio tugging the chain to make sure it was securely cemented into the wall. And because the universe is so perfectly in tune, Lovino chose that time to wake up, shooting up as soon as he realized he wasn't in his comfy bed. Then, he noticed Antonio, and finally, the shackle around his wrist.

He was so cute~ Chained like an animal, wide eyed and confused.

"Where the fuck am I?!" Antonio beamed at him, rocking on his feet in front of the Italian. "You're home." Lovino's eyebrows disappeared beneath his bangs and he appraised the room. It was empty, nothing but four cold stone walls surrounding him. There was a small window in the corner, level with the ground, letting in just enough light to make out Antonio's wide-set grin. That smile sent an unfamiliar chill up his back.

"What the fuck did you do?"

The Spaniard let out a light, flighty laugh, nudging the Italian on the ground with his foot playfully. "Silly Lovino… It's what you did." And the smile was gone, replaced with a grim line that foretold nothing. "I was trying to help. I wanted to make you happy. I gave you everything I had to offer but that wasn't enough, was it? Was it?!"

Pagan green eyes bore into Lovino like knives and he scooted away from the Spaniard involuntarily, pressing himself into the wall. Heavy steps followed him, Antonio kneeling before his Italian.

"I'll bet you had fun climbing in and out of those beds. How many men did you lie to? Hmm? Or was it just me? What's wrong with me, Lovino? You think you deserve better you selfish son of a bitch?" Antonio's personality did a complete one eighty and he started stroking Lovino's face gently.

"Now you're here, and you'll stay here where I can watch you. Where I can keep you safe… No one will make a whore of you mi amante. I'll protect you. I'll feed and clothe and bathe you, but you'll have to stay down here until I trust you again." His conditions were met by angry eyes and a scowl, Lovino tugging insistently at the chain that bound him to the wall. He ran the backs of his knuckles over Lovino's smooth cheek, eyes flickering over that sweet face.

"You can learn to love me, can't you?"

Lovino spat in his face. "Vaffanculo!" Antonio wiped the saliva from his cheek with an unamused laugh, inspecting it before slapping Lovino with that same hand. Lovino's face jerked to the side, a trickle of blood trailing from his split lip. Antonio turned Lovino's face towards himself, inspecting it. Lovino had such a pretty face. It would be a shame if something happened to it.

"That hurt you more than it hurt me." Lovino grimaced, nursing the cut iwth his tongue. He spat the blood from his mouth onto Antonio's shoe.

" I hate you. "

He regretted the words as soon as they left his mouth. A heavy foot connected with his stomach bowling him over. Antonio kicked him liked the dog he was, beating him into submission. There was a pressure on his neck, increasing until he could no longer draw breath. He clawed at the foot; his neck would break! Lovino mouthed the words 'can't breath, but was only met by a cold stare. Just as quickly, it was gone, and Lovino rolled onto his side, curling into himself as he coughed and gasped, throat burning.

Antonio glared down at the broken Italian, clearly struggling to contain his anger. "I was good to you."

The door to the cellar slammed behind Antonio's retreat, Lovino's only company the echo.

Lovino was awoken by a clatter beside his head, hazel eyes shooting open as he scattered away from the threat, heart hammering in fright. He blinked at the tray, eyes scanning it. Bacon, churros, eggs with tomato and milk. He blinked, eyes jumping from the tray to Antonio's smiling face.

"Oh good, you're awake." Antonio sat on his knees and slid the tray towards Lovino, treating him like a cornered animal. "I made your favorites. You still like your bacon crispy, right? Eggs scrambled…" Lovino deadpanned as Antonio attempted to make small talk, looking between the Spaniard and the food rapidly. Lovino crawled forward slowly, reaching out to pull the tray closer to himself. He was tempted to throw the food back in Antonio's face, but his stomach disagreed, urging him to eat. Lovino didn't take his eyes off of Antonio as he ate, unnerved by his seemingly innocent smile. True to his nature, Lovino finished his milk and threw the glass at Antonio. Unfortunately, he missed and it flew across the room, shattering.

"If you think you can keep me here, then you're fucked in the head. Someone will realize I'm gone and-"

"Who?" Antonio cut in, eyebrows lifting as he indulged the Italian. "Who will come looking for you? No one cares about you Lovino. No one will come looking for you. I'm your only hope for survival." He lifted Lovino's chin with his foot, tilting his head slightly. "It could be perfect. We'd grow closer and closer, get married, adopt and nurse each other into old age... Doesn't that sound nice, Lovino? A happy life, friends, family. It can all be yours, I could be yours, if only you'd say you're mine." He smiled broadly, pagan green eyes darkening; his pupils were pinpoints.

"Someone will come." Lovino spat bitterly, jerking his face to the side stubbornly. Antonio tsked in mock disappointment, turning his back on Lovino as he ascended the stairs. "Who?" The carpet came rolling down the stairs, unfolding before Lovino to reveal a mutilated, ghostly pale body. Empty sockets where red eyes once were stared at Lovino. "Him?"

If Lovino had been afraid before, now he was terrified. Antonio had murdered someone in cold blood! It crossed his mind that he wasn't so upset about who Antonio had killed, but more that he could. That didn't bode well for the Italian he was now circling.

Lovino felt a hand on his shoulder and flinched away only to be forced to the floor, eye level with the corpse. He trembled against the stone floor as Antonio pulled away his pants, cursing himself for never wearing underwear. He felt it wasn't 'necessary', but as always he had to be proven wrong.

"Don't…" He protested weakly, struggling beneath the larger Spaniard. "Que? Don't need it anymore? What's changed?" Antonio produced a bottle of lube, coating his fingers before probing Lovino's hole. Antonio scissored him, moving far too fast for comfort, but it wasn't about Lovino's pleasure anymore. Lovino felt Antonio's cock at his entrance and bit back a moan, nails digging into the stone floor.

He wasn't relaxed. He didn't want it. So, why did it feel so good when Antonio shoved his big, dark cock inside? Lovino felt like he was burning, a languid moan filtering from his open mouth, Antonio's finger rubbing his tongue while the Spaniard bucked his hips, drawing more pleased noises from the cock hungry Italian. "Ah-uhm mng! Hahh... A-ahh N-no!"

"Hahh-huh… But you like it. Look," Antonio grasped Lovino's hips gently. "You're moving your hips all by yourself…" It was true, he was.

He was only getting hotter as Antonio fucked him in fron of the corpse, unable to look away from those empty sockets. Did the thought of Antonio killing someone tun him on?... Dark, calloused hands wrapping around an innocent throat, bringing a knife down again and again. Crimson splashing onto his face and chiseled chest. And then... Antonio taking him in a pool of the victim's blood like a war prize.

Lovino pressed his forehead to the floor, his pleas morphing from' stop' to 'more' sickeningly. Antonio's balls slapped against his own rhythmically. Antonio all but stopped, holding back his own noises. "Are you imagining it's him inside you now? Why don't you moan his name?" Lovino lifted his head to meet eyeless sockets, trying to focus on the words leaving his mouth. He wouldn't. That would only make Antonio angry. And Gilbert was the product of Antonio's anger. Antonio had killed for him. Those hands tweaking his nipples took the life of the man he'd chosen over the spaniard. He felt so proud, so powerful. Antonio would kill any man's name he called out.

Lovino bent his head back, tongue lolling out as he slammed his hips back into Antonio's. "M-move! Mio Dio A-ah..! S-so good... I-I can't..." Suddenly, Lovino was flipped over. He tried to regain his bearings as Antonio shoved his cock back inside, drawing a cry from Lovino. Long, olive, legs wrapped themselves around a tan waist. Soft, wet drops tapped against Lovino's face and his eyes opened. Angry tears carved their way down Antonio's cheeks as he pounded into Lovino ruthlessly, gritting his teeth.

Lovino's eyes softened and he gasped as Antonio struck his prostate. "Ahh! Ahh-Antonio!" Lovino slung his arms around Antonio's neck, burying his face in the Spaniard's shoulder. "Mi dispiahh! H-hah r-reck me! Please, Antonio. Antonio. Antonio, fuck me! Ti amo- God I love it.." Blurry eyes widened as his captor turned lover pounded into him again and again and again. He moaned into Antonio's ear, licking the shell heatedly. "Y-you're inside… so deep, Ludwig."

The squelching of juices and smell of sex filled the air, a thin layer of sweat having formed over the two wrapped in each other. Lovino's cum splattered onto Antonio's chest, dripping onto his own. Antonio held Lovino close as he filled the Italian with his cum, semen shooting up Lovino's rectum.

Antonio pulled out, cum flowing out of Lovino slowly. The Italian moaned softly, Antonio guiding him to the stone floor with steady hands. Light flooded the room, and then dispersed with the closing door. Lovino could hear Antonio's rage unfolding upstairs and sat up slowly, wincing as he moved to lay his face in the remnants of Antonio's cum, semen clinging to his hair. Lovino fingered himself, lapping desperately at the puddle. The burn in his stomach hadn't left and it occurred to him that Antonio might have drugged him. But no drug could have forced him to admit what he had in the midst of sex. Did he love Antonio? Could he, even though he knew what Antonio was capable of? Kidnapping, rape, torture, murder.

Love is blind… to everything.

I would just like to briefly point out that there was no rape in this chapter. e-e It was more of a 'I didn't know I wanted it until you gave it to me' situation. But Lovino did in fact want it... as you can tell by the begging for more. u Also, Lovno did indeed say Ludwig's name just for the hell of it. His Logic: Antonio will kill him. I apologize sincerely if it came across as rape and offended anyone. ;-; Lamento.