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Pokémon Go!

Chapter 1: My Name is Golen!

Introduction: Pocket Monsters, more commonly known as Pokémon. There are hundreds of these powerful creatures, all varying in shapes and sizes. Over the years many powerful trainers have emerged and kept the balance of peace in the world. But this story isn't about them. This new story takes place twenty years after Team Plasma's plans to manipulate the Legendary Dragons were foiled by Black and White. Now watch as we unravel the mysteries of Pokémon and follow the journey of this special young man from Aspertia City.

"Hey wake up!" shouted the angry red headed blue-eyed lady. She was wearing a casual attire consisting of a designed white top and black pants. Her beauty was matched only by her aggressive persona. "What?" said the sleepy black haired boy, his gold eyes were barely open.

"Hey Golen! Have you already forgotten what today is!?" she screamed. "It's June 13th why are you asking?" said Golen, barely awake. "Today is the day you start your journey, Golen." said an old lady in a calm sweet voice. Her hair was a grayish black and her eyes were a pale green. Her attire consisted of a cream robe and white pants. "Amy, you really need to stop being so harsh to your brother." said the old lady. "But Grandma Emma, you know how careless he is. If I didn't wake him up he wouldn't have gotten his starter Pokémon." said Amy.

"So what?" said Golen. "What do you mean so what?" Amy angrily replied. "Obtaining a starter Pokémon from the regional Professor is just one of the ways for a trainer to begin their journey. Even if I missed out today I'd begin my journey whether I had a Pokémon or not." "You little dork! Don't try to act like a rebel!" said Amy. "What?" replied the annoyed Golen.

"Both of you stop this." said Emma with an intimidating tone.

"Golen, Amy this is the last day you two will see each other in a while so can't you try to get along better?" asked Emma. "Sure?" replied Golen and Amy, both slightly intimidated by their Grandma's shift in tone.

"Alright, you better hurry up and get ready." Amy told Golen as both she and Emma walked out of Golen's room. "Today is really the day." said Golen as he got changed into his journey attire. His new attire had consisted of a zipped up short sleeved dark red hooded jacket with a white undershirt along with black cargo pants. He also sported black and white gloves, a golden necklace and red striped low black sneaker. "Time to get this journey started." Golen confidently stated.

"Hey dweeb! Instead of accessorizing yourself, how about you come down here and eat your breakfast." Amy shouted. "She really is annoying." Golen thought under his breath as he walked out his room and headed to the kitchen. "I'm here" Golen replied. "Took you long enough." said Amy. "If you want to be energized you should hurry up and eat dear." said Emma. "Yeah I got it." replied Golen as he began to eat.

After breakfast Golen prepared his dark red backpack as he began to leave.

"Golen, hold up." said Amy. As Golen turned around he saw both Amy and Grandma. "Amy, Grandma!" Golen replied as he looked back at them. "Thinking about leaving without a proper goodbye?" said Emma. "Sorry,I'm not too good at things like that." replied Golen. "Always acting like a tough guy even now. You never change." said Amy in a slightly saddened tone. "It's what I do best" said Golen, trying to ease his sister. "Alright. but remember not to cry whenever you don't catch a Pokémon and also you throw the Pokéball to catch the Pokémon and also don't forget..."

"I get it Amy" said Golen as he interrupted her lecture.

"Okay, don't mess up out there little bro." she said, still slightly depressed. "Yeah,I got it." replied Golen . "Golen do your best." said Emma. "I understand, thanks Grandma. I'll be sure to come back after I become the best trainer in the Unova region." Golen confidently stated as he left. "He might be an idiot but I'm gonna miss him" said Amy. "Yeah, if he sets out then I'm sure he'll meet up with them again." replied Emma as they saw Golen walk off.

"To start my journey I have to go over to Professor Juniper. I remember that her office is a few blocks west from my house." said Golen as he began to walk.

"The regional starters involve Snivy a Grass-type, Tepig a Fire-type and Oshawott a Water-type. They all sound like wimps to me honestly. But I guess I have to pick one of them anyway. *sighs* Maybe they won't be as bad as I think." said Golen as he continued walking.

As he continued to walk he arrived at Professor Juniper's Aspertia City office.

"This is the place." said Golen as he opened the door. "Hey is Professor Juniper here!" he shouted. As he looked in he saw three people.

The first was a dark blue haired young man. His eyes were a dark blue color and his attire consisted of a purple blazer with a black undershirt, dark grey pants and black, white bottomed shoes. He also sported multiple accessories including a silver pendant and three black rings. The second person was a green haired young girl. Her eyes were a dark brown color and her hair was tied in a ponytail and her attire consisted of a light pink sleeveless blouse with a short black skirt and long black boots. Her accessories consisted of a white scarf, light silver bracelets and two pink clips in her hair. The final one was the only of the faces that Golen recognized. The third figure was a tall woman, with light brown hair and light green eyes. Her attire consisted of a white lab coat with a white undershirt and a green skirt.

Golen recognized her as Professor Juniper, the famous researcher.

"Hello. You must be Golen, Ms. Emma's grandson." said Professor Juniper. "Yeah and you must be Professor Juniper but who are those guys?" Golen asked while pointing at the young man with blue hair and a young girl with green hair. "These are your fellow beginning trainers. His name is Kyoya and her name is Carly." replied Professor Juniper.

"It's nice to meet you." replied Carly with an eager tone. "Yeah you too." Golen happily responded as he then looked over to Kyoya who glared back at him.

"Hey I'm Golen" he replied. "Whatever." Kyoya replied, barely acknowledging Golen's kindness. "What!?" Golen retorted. "Don't mind him. This is the beginning of our journeys we should be enjoying it." said Carly, trying to prevent any further trouble between Golen and Kyoya. "Everyone, it's time for you all to take your starter Pokémon." called out Professor Juniper. "It's finally time." Golen thought in his head. "Alright come on out!" Professor Juniper screamed as she threw three Pokéballs.

Out of the Pokéballs emerge a Snivy, a Tepig and an Oshawott.

"These are the starter Pokémon, huh? Golen said. "Anyone of them could prove to be a reliable partner." Kyoya calmly stated. "Wow, they are all so cute!" Carly said while admiring the three starters. "Carly, you're the first one up." said Professor Juniper. Carly began to think about who to choose. "They are too cute." said Carly while admiring each of them. After carefully analyzing each of them Carly came to a decision.

"I've made my choice. Tepig let's begin our journey together." she said with a joyful tone. "Tepig!" Tepig shouted as it jumped to Carly. "This is going to be a fun journey." Carly said while laughing.

"Golen you're up." Professor Juniper called.

"I'm sorry Professor but I have to decline your offer." Golen calmly stated. "What? But how do you plan to start your journey without a Pokémon?" asked Professor Juniper. "I just want to catch a Pokémon on my own without having to rely on you to give me one." Golen replied. "...Well I understand Golen. But if you ever change your mind you will be free to take one of these starters." said Professor Juniper.

"Okay, I'll be sure to come back when I do catch a Pokémon." Golen happily replied.

"Well not all of you have Pokémon but here." Professor Juniper stated as she gave Golen, Kyoya and Carly five Pokéballs. "With these you will be able to gather your own group friends." she added along. "Thanks Professor." said both Carly and Golen in glee.

"Professor, I'd like to pick my starter Pokémon now." Kyoya calmly replied. "I wonder who he's gonna choose." Golen thought in his head.

Kyoya walked over to Snivy and Oshawott and began to observe both of them. "Oshawott and Snivy are both reliable Pokémon. But I've already decided who I want." Kyoya stated.

"Who is it?" Golen impatiently thought. Both Oshawott and Snivy calmly looked at Kyoya who finally was going to make his decision.

"Oshawott today is the day that we begin our path to the Championship." Kyoya confidently replied. "Oshawott." Oshawott said, almost expecting itself to be the one chosen. Snivy looked on slightly annoyed with the decision but instead chose to go to sleep as Kyoya recalled Oshawott. "He chose Oshawott huh?" Golen eagerly stated. "Also here are all your Pokédexes." Professor Juniper called out as she handed one out to each of the three new trainers. "I'm sure you will all achieve your dreams and make your families proud." said Professor Juniper, confident in their potential. "Yeah." replied all three of the new trainers.

As they all departed, Golen came up to Kyoya.

"What do you want?" asked Kyoya barely interested in talking to Golen. "I want to battle you." replied Golen. "Why would I battle someone like you who has no Pokémon?" asked Kyoya. "Don't you want to prove yourself as a Trainer?" asked Golen. "I can't prove myself against someone who I have nothing to prove to." replied Kyoya. "What?" said a furious Golen. "If you really want to battle then I'll meet you in Floccesy Town in ten days." said Kyoya while walking away. "Ten days huh? This is going to be an interesting battle for sure." said Golen overjoyed at this new development.

Elsewhere in a forest a horde of Pokémon including Pidove, Sentret and Rattata began to run away as a lightning bolt dropped and caused destruction. The trees collapsed, the area was slightly devastated and the electricity ran wild all over the area. In the wake of the destruction a shadowy silhouette appeared in the shadows. Without any warning it shot out one more bolt of electricity as the electric waves wildly danced into the sky.

Conclusion: Golen's journey has already begun and he finds himself with a new Rival. What kind of Pokémon and battles await him?

Major Events (6/13/13): Golen begins his Pokémon journey but refuses to choose a starter Pokémon.

Golen meets Carly and Kyoya who choose Tepig and Oshawott as their starters respectively.


Golen (debut)

Carly (debut)

Kyoya (debut)

Amy (debut)

Emma (debut)

Professor Juniper (debut)


Snivy (Professor Juniper's, debut)

Tepig (Carly's, debut)

Oshawott (Kyoya's, debut)

Pidove (multiple, debut)

Sentret (multiple, debut)

Rattata (multiple, debut)

Unnamed Electric Pokémon