Pokémon Go!

Chapter 19: The United Front with Team Dogma! Overcome the Fierce Snowstorm

Narration: After an exciting day on Native Island, Golen and his friends continue on to Resort Island for a day of relaxation, but the Dogma trio seem to have a new scheme in mind.

"Hey why the heck are we doing this?" Zorua asked his teammates. "To take on the brats of course." Duke replied. "*sigh* How clumsy of you to not even know that." Nichole said in a mocking tone. "Shut your mouth! I was really just wondering why the heck we're fixing this place up?" Zorua stated. "Well we have to do all in our power to accomplish our goals and taking advantage of our endless resources to do so is the way of Team Dogma." Duke replied as the trio continued to work on whatever they were working on.

"Golen are you going to continue to hold that choleric attitude towards us?" Tom asked an upset Golen. "I don't know what that means and I don't care." Golen replied. "Oh come, how were we supposed to know that you were stuck hanging on a cliff while we battled?" Carly asked her companion. "You guys left me there for five hours!" Golen retorted. "And we apologized for that." Vlad replied, trying to calm down his companion. "Hmph it's a good thing we're stopping by at a resort today. It's exactly what I need to relax the strain on my arms after I was left hanging for all those hours." Golen complained.

"Look!" Vlad happily declared as they finally arrived at the Resort Island. "About time!" Carly happily declared.

After exiting from the boat that brought them there, the quartet began to explore the island. "How long until we reach the resort?" Vlad asked as they continued walking. "I am not certain, Golen do you have any idea where we are going?" Tom asked his companion. "Not a clue." Golen replied. "*sigh* Why is he our navigator?" Carly muttered as Golen took out two wrappers. "What is that?" Tom asked as Golen opened up the wrappers to reveal a red ball and a green ball. "Is that candy?" Vlad asked.

"Yeah, this is an Atomic Fireball and this is Sour Power Ball." Golen replied as he proceeded to eat both. "Are you sure you should do that?" Vlad asked.

"Of course." Golen declared while he ate the candy, his lips suddenly puckered up tightly as his eyes soon became red as well. "Mmm...mmm!" Golen muttered, trying to talk as he began to ran away. "Mr. Golen!" Vlad shouted. "What a goof." Carly added along as the trio ran after him. As Golen continued to run, he had eventually went past a bush.

The entire arena from behind that bush was covered in a blanket of white snow. "Snow?" Carly muttered.

"How illogical, it is not even the proper time of the year for this." Tom complained as the group caught up to Golen who was rolling around on the ground, seemingly choking. "Slowpoke use Water Gun!" Carly commanded as she called out the Dopey Pokémon who doused off the choking black-haired lad. "Huff, huff, huff thanks for that." Golen said as he thanked Slowpoke. "Huh? Snow?" Golen muttered as he finally noticed the weather. "Why is it snowing here even though the side where we were on before was perfectly fine?" Vlad asked. "Hmm maybe the island changes weather to match the requirements for a resort?" Carly suggested. "Carly please, we have to be logical about this." Tom told his companion, waving off her suggestion. "Hmm maybe it's winter now?" Golen suggested.

"But it was summer about two minutes ago. How could it go from summer to winter in two minutes?" Vlad asked. "Forget about that, look!" Golen answered as he pointed at the resort.

"Wait but that isn't how it looked like in the brochures." Carly stated. "Maybe it's a new resort." Vlad replied. "Regardless, we must check in soon. This temperature will do no wonders to my complexion." Tom stated as the group left to go to the resort. "Hold on, doesn't this place seem a little suspicious?" Carly asked her companions. "It could be that villainous trio again." Tom added along. "Don't worry guys. Team Dogma already did something like this a few days ago, so no way would they do the same thing again. It'd be way too obvious." Golen reassured his companions.

"Good point." Carly replied as the group finally went into the resort. "This place is huge." Vlad said, amazed. "Where are all of the other customers?" Tom asked. "We obviously got here before everyone else." Golen declared as two individuals showed up from behind them.

"Greetings and welcome to the DE Spa Resort." the man stated. He had ruby colored hair, sunglasses, a green polo shirt that was decorated in flowers, dark gray pants and black shoes. "Would you all like a tour of the resort?" the lady that was with the man asked. She had long sapphire hair which she wore in a bun, glasses, a pink polo shirt, black pants and white shoes. "That'd be great!" Golen declared as the quartet was led around by the duo. "This is the casino. Here customers put their luck at stake in high risk games against each other." the man stated.

"Right down the hall is the cafeteria while to the left is guest rooms but what's next on our tour is the V.I.P room." the lady stated as the group continued to walk through the resort.

As they walked through the resort they eventually bumped into a short old man. "Who is that?" Vlad asked. "I'm the manager of this fine establishment." the short old man replied. He wore a big white hat, with a white suit with black shoes and along with that he had a shaggy beard and slate-gray hair. "The manager?" Carly asked confused. "Yep, now let's move forward to the V.I.P room." he stated as he led the group to the V.I.P room.

"Hey Golen, who does Team Dogma think they are fooling with those disguises?" Carly whispered to her companion.

"Shhh this'll be good." Golen chuckled to his companion. "Now here is the V.I.P room!" the old man declared as he led the group to a room that was filled with various games and classy furniture along with various high quality portraits that were hung up on the orange walls. "Amazing." Vlad muttered. "Yeah, by the way how long did it take you guys to set this up, Zorua?" Golen asked the old man.

"I'm glad you asked brat. You see it took….." Zorua stopped in the middle of his sentence as he realized what was going on.

"Nice one." Nichole mockingly stated as she face palmed while Duke just shook his head in disappointment. "How did you know it was us?" Zorua asked as he took off his ridiculous outfit and was shown to be in his human form. "I caught on to your scent as soon as I bumped into you guys." Golen answered. "You have more skill than we expected you to have." Duke stated as he and Nichole took off their costumes. "But that isn't really saying much." Nichole added along. "Oh no! Wait, who are these guys again?" Vlad asked, seemingly forgetting who the trio was. "They're really, really bad people who do really, really bad things." Golen replied. "For real's?" Vlad asked. "For really real's." Golen answered as Carly and Tom face palmed at his response.

"Wait, why did you guys do this again? I mean wasn't this just the same plan as the Amusement Park scheme?" Carly asked, confused. "Of course, which is why we did it again." Nichole answered.

"I don't get it." Golen stated confused. "It's simple. The Amusement Park scheme was our most recent encounter and of course we realized you guys would be suspicious of a repeat of that scheme but you would have still fell for the trap because of how obvious it was." Duke replied. "That was pretty smart." Vlad stated while praising the trio's scheme. "Don't praise them!" Carly retorted. "I see, so they went for the most obvious trap because they realized that Golen would have thought of it as too easy of a trap to fall for which would have resulted in him falling for it anyways." Tom stated.

"What are you talking about Tom? You fell for it too!" Golen retorted. "Enough talking, now we fight." Zorua declared. "About time!" Golen declared determined to defeat the trio.

"I wanted to use our motto before we stomped these guys but I guess that won't be the case." Nichole stated as she and Duke prepared to battle against Golen's group.

"Hey Vlad, do you mind waiting outside the resort for this one, things are going to get messy." Golen said as he cracked his knuckles. "What does that mean?" Vlad innocently asked. "J…just get us some cupcakes." Carly told her companion. "Oh, well I can do that!" Vlad declared as he ran out of the room. "Make sure to get me one with extra frosting!" Tom shouted to his companion who had left. "Tom, you realize we aren't actually getting cupcakes right?" Carly asked her companion. "C…Clearly!" Tom replied, trying to feign his belief in the cupcakes.

"Let's get started." Zorua declared as Nichole and Duke called out Tirtouga and Archen. "You guys deal with this. I won't let that red-head brat escape and ruin our schemes again." Zorua stated as he left the room.

"Hold on!" Golen shouted as Tom stopped him. "Have faith in Vlad." Tom confidently told his companion. As the battle had begun in the resort, Vlad continued running through the halls while trying to find the exit. "Come on out Roselia!" "Teddiursa, assist me!" "Skorupi, let's GO!" the three trainers declared as they called out their Pokémon. "Skorupi?" Duke muttered. "Koo!" the Scorpion Pokémon angrily muttered as it stared at the trio with hate filled eyes. "What's wrong Skorupi?" Golen asked his teammate. "That little weakling got in our way back then but we sure gave it a good beating in return for that." Nichole bragged.

"You jerks." Golen muttered as the trio began battling against Team Dogma.

"There's the exit!" Vlad happily shouted as he tripped over himself. "That was clumsy of me." he muttered on the floor. "Hey you brat!" Zorua shouted as he chased after the crimson-haired lad. "Oh no!" Vlad shouted as he got up and continued running.

"Skorupi use Shadow Ball!" the black-haired lad commanded as the Scorpion Pokémon formed a ball of black and purple energy which it then shot out at its opponents. "Tirtouga, Aqua Jet!" Nichole commanded as the Prototurtle Pokémon's body was covered in water as it shot itself at its opponents. Tirtouga dodged the Shadow Ball as it rammed itself into Skorupi and sent it flying into Carly's Roselia. "Aerial Ace!" "Take Down!" Duke and Tom commanded as their Pokémon collided with each other.

"You are quite skilled." Tom admitted to the Dogma member. "Clearly." Duke arrogantly replied. "That sounded eerily familiar." Tom stated as Tirtouga appeared behind Teddiursa.

"Brine!" Nichole commanded as Tirtouga unleashed a powerful stream of water at Teddiursa. "Teddi!" Teddiursa wailed as it crashed into Carly and Golen's Pokémon. "Everyone!" Tom exclaimed. "Steel Wing!" Duke commanded as Archen's wings were encased in a white light before both turned into steel. Archen then repeatedly slammed itself into all of its opponents. "No way!" Golen shouted, surprised. "How are they so strong?" Carly muttered in astonishment. "I told you all of that shirtless training would pay off." Duke told his teammate. "Then why did you take your pants off too?" Nichole asked. "Why stop at a shirt." Duke smirked.

"Skorupi, Shadow Ball!" "Roselia, Energy Ball!" "Teddiursa, Rock Tomb!" all three trainers commanded as they simultaneously attacked the Dogma duo.

"Hide behind Tirtouga!" Duke commanded as Archen ran behind its teammate. "Protect!" Nichole commanded as Tirtouga formed a turquoise energy shield, protecting itself from its opponent's attacks.

"Stop you cunt!" Zorua shouted as Vlad continued running. The crimson-haired lad had finally made it to the exit as he continued running outside while Zorua chased after him.

"What is that noise?" Vlad wondered as he heard a rumbling noise as the two continued running in the snowy field. "Stone Edge!" Duke commanded as a ring of Archen's body became surrounded in white energy for a moment and the energy came off its body in the form of two rings of jagged white energy orbs that floated around it. The white energy then faded, forming the orbs into gray jagged stones that Archen shot at Skorupi, Roselia and Teddiursa. The three Pokémon wailed as they were overpowered by the duo.

"Their power has increased drastically since our last encounter. We have to fight them with all of our might to be victorious." Tom declared. "AAAHHH!" a voice shouted from the outside.

"What was that?" Golen asked. "Zorua!" Nichole exclaimed as she and Duke recalled their Pokémon and left the room. "Hold on!" Golen shouted as he and his companions recalled their Pokémon and went after the duo. "Damn it!" Zorua shouted as he shut the door of the entrance. "What's going on Zorua?" Duke asked as he and Nichole had finally caught up to their teammate. "We're in trouble!" Zorua replied. "What the hell are you talking about?" Nichole asked, confused. "Hey you jerks, where's Vlad!?" Golen shouted at the trio. "None of your business, you whiny little brat!" Zorua retorted. "Mr. Golen HELP!" Vlad shouted from the outside. "Out of the way!" Golen exclaimed as he pushed Zorua away from the door. "Vlad!" Golen shouted as Zorua stopped him from opening the door. "Let go, I need to save Vlad!" Golen told the Tricky Fox Pokémon. "You bastard, if you open that door you'll doom us all!" Zorua retorted. "I don't care!" Golen exclaimed as he opened the door. "Out of the way!" Vlad shouted in fear as behind him an avalanche followed.

"AAAHH!" the group shouted as they closed the door to the resort. A loud sound echoed across the resort as Golen's group and the Dogma trio remained inside.

"Are we safe now?" Carly asked. "I'll go check." Golen stated as he went to open the door. "Hold on!" Carly shouted as Golen opened the door. "Eeek!" Carly stated as she cowered at the thought of the snow flooding the room. "We're stuck!" Golen shouted as the snow remained in place. "Huh?" Carly stated as she looked up to see the thick snow blocking the entrance and not budging an inch. "No way are we stuck in here!" Nichole shouted in disbelief. "Yeah, being trapped like this isn't the Dogma way!" Zorua added along. "Who cares about your stupid Dogma way!? We're getting out of here!" Golen declared.

"I should have brought Cyndaquil with me." Golen muttered to himself. "I'll use Tepig to burn through the snow." "Halt!" Tom told his companion. "What's wrong?" Golen asked, confused. "The entire building is covered in snow, it is best that you preserve your strength rather than wasting it in such a meaningless way." Tom answered. "Yeah, couldn't you tell we were surrounded from the start, you idiot?" Duke asked the goggles-wearing lad. "Hey, just cause we're trapped doesn't mean we have to put up with you guys!" Golen exclaimed. "Heh because you did so good against us before, right?" Nichole sarcastically asked the lad. "You merely caught us by surprise." Tom retorted.

"Yeah Mr. Golen and Professor Tom would destroy you guys!" Vlad exclaimed. "It is you who shall be destroyed!" Zorua retorted. "You wanna go Team Dogma!" Golen declared as he and Tom confronted the trio ready to battle. "Bring it on brat!" Zorua shouted. "Hold on everyone!" Carly shouted. "What is it squirt?" Nichole asked. "I'll ignore that comment. So anyways, we should avoid hurting each other. After all if we just keep fighting the entire time we're here then we'll probably end up killing each other before we're able to get out of this place." Carly told everyone. "I don't mind." Zorua said as he cracked his knuckles before being held back by Duke.

"As much as I hate to say this, we'll stop. But only until the weather clears up and we can leave this place." Duke stated. "Yeah and after that, you guys are going down!" Golen declared. "Yes because you're strong enough to take us on after we just humiliated you without even trying." Duke replied. "He almost makes Zorua seem like a genius." Nichole snickered to Zorua's annoyance. "Err…uh…you guys are going down!" Golen retorted. "Nice comeback." Carly sarcastically muttered.

"Regardless, we shall remained separated to avoid a conflict." Tom declared. "Good idea, Señor Tom!" Vlad said, impressed. "Is that even English?" Carly muttered as she had accidentally dropped one of her Pokéballs.

"I'm sick and tired of you Team Dogma!" Golen declared in response to the noise from Carly's Pokéball hitting the ground. "What did you rapscallions do now?" Tom added along as he stood next to his companion. "Show them whose boss you guys!" Vlad shouted, cheering his companions. "We're sick of you brats!" Nichole declared. "Let's settle this." Duke added along. "Yeah, let's go!" Zorua enthusiastically declared.

"Let's go!" Carly declared as she dragged her companions away. "This isn't over Team Dogma!" Golen shouted. "Not by a long shot brat!" Zorua retorted.

The two sides then departed from each other as they left to different parts of the building. "Golen what are you doing?" Carly asked the goggles wearing lad. "I'm gonna prank Team Dogma." Golen chuckled as he prepared a water balloon. "Why?" Carly asked. "Cause those jerks need to learn a lesson, after all they're Team Dogma." Golen declared as he filled up a bucket. "Let's get going Mr. Golen." Vlad stated. "You too!?" Carly asked in disbelief. "Well I couldn't let Mr. Golen go at it alone, right Sensei Tom?" Vlad asked the purple-haired lad. "Indeed." Tom smirked as he placed his hand on his chin.

"I thought you were supposed to be the smart one of the group?" Carly asked her companion. "That is still true, I just need to support Golen just in case something gets serious." Toms stated.

"You guys could just not go and stay here." Carly replied. "What was that Carly? We're too busy leaving!" Golen stated as he opened the door. But before he could leave a bucket filled with juice had fallen on his head.

"AHH!" Golen shouted in pain. "What is that?" Vlad asked. "Hmm it appears to be juice from a Tamato Berry." Tom replied as the goggles-wearing lad wiped his eyes. "Team Dogma." Golen glared into the distance. "Hahaha I told you pranking them would be worth it." Zorua said as he and his teammates sat around. "It was idiotic but completely worth the effort." Duke stated. "Good thing those brats are pushovers." Nichole stated as the phone in their room began to ring. "Hello?" Zorua answered as he picked up the phone. "Hello, are your Jigglypuffs loose?" the voice asked. "Uh…what?" Zorua asked as he looked under his shirt. "Well you better cover them up!" the voice said as the phone call was cut. "What…?" Zorua asked, confused.

"Hahahaha!" Golen laughed. "Mr. Golen I didn't get that." Vlad stated. "Believe me, you will not want to know what it means." Tom told the lad.

Eventually some time had passed as Zorua was walking in the hall. As the Tricky Fox Pokémon walked in the halls in his human form he was pelted by a barrage of water balloons. "Brats." muttered an angry and soaked Zorua.

A while later Golen was searching for food in the kitchen as he then went over to the refrigerator. The lad quickly looked all around him and slowly opened the refrigerator door. Relieved that there seemed to be nothing there he quickly opened up the door as a frying pan quickly sprung out from the fridge and smacked him in the face and sent him flying.

Elsewhere Nichole walked through the halls as she attempted to open the door to one of the rooms but was shocked by a joy buzzer that was planted on the doorknob. As that happened elsewhere Vlad stumbled upon a Pokémon Guide which he quickly went to pick up, but as he picked it up he fell for one of Team Dogma's pranks and was left dangling in the middle of the hall. The prank war between both sides had raged on for the next few hours as neither side was willing to give up.

"Enough!" Carly declared. "Huh? What's wrong Carly?" Golen asked his companion. "You guys need to stop this dumb prank war with Team Dogma! It's not getting us anywhere!" Carly replied.

"Indeed, I will settle this ridiculous conflict once and for all." Tom declared. "That's no fun." Golen muttered, upset as the group left to stop the prank war with Team Dogma. "*sigh* Why do we have to end this now?" Zorua asked. "Because this war won't help us get out of this place." Duke replied. "But if we really are stuck here, we've got to at least mess with those brats!" Nichole retorted. "Enough, this ends now." Duke replied as the Dogma trio and Golen's group ended up in the lobby. "I see that we both have similar intentions." Tom stated. "Yeah, to end this ridiculous war." Duke replied.

"Let us cease this foolishness once and for all." Tom stated as he held out his hand for a handshake. "Yeah." Duke replied as he accepted Tom's handshake much to Zorua and Nichole's annoyance.

"You know you bastar….I mean brats aren't too bad." Duke stated as Tom suddenly hit him in the face with a pie. "Let us retreat!" Tom exclaimed as he ran away. "Nice one, Tom!" Golen happily shouted as he followed his companion. "Way to go Sensei!" Vlad exclaimed as he followed them. "Tom, you idiot!" Carly yelled while she chased her teammates. "So much for that truce, huh?" Nichole sarcastically stated as she and Zorua snidely smiled at their teammate.

"Those sneaky little….I wanted to do that." Duke muttered as he revealed the pie that he was hiding behind his back. "You can always give it to me." Zorua stated as Duke hit him in the face with the pie. "I meant to eat!" Zorua retorted. "You had that coming." Nichole muttered.

"You guys really are a couple of goofballs." Carly muttered. "Oh come on Carly, that was too good an opportunity to pass up." Golen chuckled. "Regardless of that confrontation I believe that we should move on from these pranks." Tom stated. "Yeah, besides I really want to try out the hot springs." Vlad stated. "That sounds like a blast, let's do it!" Golen declared as he and his companions left to try out the hot springs. "Come on out everyone!" Golen declared as he and his companions called out their entire rosters.

"Alright everyone, the boy Pokémon go with the me and the others while the rest go with Carly." Golen declared as he noticed the Dogma trio appear.

"Koo." Skorupi angrily muttered as Tom held all the Pokémon back. "What do you guys want?" Golen asked the trio. "Excuse me, I didn't realize that you guys owned this place." Duke stated. "We don't but….um before we continue you should probably wipe off that piece of pie that's still on your face." Carly told the Dogma member who quickly wiped off the piece of pie from his face. "Fine, we'll go to the hot springs together but you better not try anything stupid!" Golen declared.

"Likewise!" Zorua shouted. "Man this is kind of awkward." Golen muttered as he, Tom, Vlad and Duke sat in the steaming hot springs together over at the male's side.

"It was expected, after all there is a section for males, females and a room for the Pokémon, so logically we would end up together in the section for the males." Tom replied. "Yep but it could be worse." Vlad stated. "You could be the girls." Duke added along as he sat back and relaxed. "I can't believe that we're stuck together." Carly muttered over at the girl's side as she sat in the water. "*sigh* You were probably the last person I wanted to be alone with." Nichole replied. "Being with you isn't very much fun either!" Carly retorted.

"Darn it, we're outnumbered." Zorua stated as he along with Archen and Tirtouga were surrounded by Golen, Carly and Tom's Pokémon. "Hey, what's wrong with you?" Zorua asked Emolga who sulked in the corner. "Still depressed, huh? How weak." Zorua stated to Emolga who remained silent.

Outside of the resort the snowstorm seemed to become more fierce as the entire area was enveloped in a blanket of snow.

"So Mr. Team Dogma member, why are you guys so evil? Vlad asked. "Vlad!" Golen exclaimed. "What's the matter?" Vlad asked, confused. "Don't socialize with our enemies." Golen whispered to him. "The goggles brat is right. By the way, why are you still wearing those goggles?" Duke asked. "That doesn't concern you Team Dogma!" Golen replied. "If you say so." Duke nonchalantly stated. "I must ask though, how can you and your companions pull off such a flawless sequence?" Tom curiously asked. "Well I guess there's no harm in telling you." Duke stated as he began to explain how he and his companions were able to successfully do their motto in perfect union.

"Hey, you runt, how can you deal with traveling together with three guys?" Nichole asked. "They aren't that bad, the real question is how can you deal with that noisy Zorua." Carly answered.

"He can't be any worse than you brats." Nichole replied. "Is that right, you hag?" Carly answered, annoyed. "Yeah, little hussy." Nichole retorted. "I wouldn't toss around words like that so easily, you…." "Man that sounds exhausting." Vlad stated after Duke finished explaining how he and his team perfected their ability to perform their motto. "Golen, Vlad, we must also practice to create our own sequence!" Tom declared. "I'll pass." Golen muttered.

"Let's do it Headmaster!" Vlad enthusiastically stated. "Hey you brats, how about we go check up on the girls?" Duke suggested.

"Why would we do that?" Golen asked confused. "It sounds like quite the shameless atrocity to carry out." Tom added along, embarrassed. "Maybe they need our help?" Vlad suggested, not understanding what was going on.

"EEEEEEEEKKKKK!" a voice shouted on the opposite side of the wall that separated the girls and guys. "Carly!" Golen shouted as he got out of the water and quickly climbed up the wall. "Hey Carly, are you ok….AHH!" Golen shouted as he looked over to where the girls were and was hit in the face with a wooden bucket and ended up falling off of the wall. "Golen?" Carly muttered, embarrassed. "I expected Duke but that was good enough." Nichole stated, amused. "Hey, did we really have to lure the boys in just to do that?" Carly asked. "Sometimes you have to assert yourself as the dominant one among your allies." Nichole replied.

"Mr. Golen what happened?" Vlad stated as he walked up to his fallen companion. "I don't even know." Golen stated, annoyed as he had a bucket like mark on his face.

"Good thing I avoided that." Duke stated. "Do you have any shame?" Tom asked. "Rule number one in the Team Dogma manual, Feel no shame." Duke stated as he sat back and relaxed. "I think Mr. Golen's losing consciousness!" Vlad exclaimed as no one seemed to pay any mind to that.

"How do you Pokémon just battle for those brats? It's embarrassing." Zorua stated. "Aipa, aipa." Tom's Aipom stated. "Slow down there buddy. Don't barrage me with words I don't even understand." Zorua replied. "Archen, arch." Duke's Archen stated. "Touga." Nichole's Tirtouga added along. "Damn right." Zorua confidently replied. "Tepig, pig." "Koo, koo." "Teddi." the others stated as all the Pokémon began a debate.

A while later everyone had regrouped, having finished relaxing in the hot springs. The males wore red and pink robes that seemed to be a bit too small for them while the girls wore blue and green robes that were a bit loose as the Pokémon had yellow robes. "These robes are kind of tight." Vlad uncomfortably stated. "They may be tight but they are also extremely stylish." Tom stated as he admired the robes. "Actually I think we're wearing the wrong robes." Golen muttered.

"Come on girls, let's trade." Duke told the girls. "Yeah, let's trade Carly." Golen stated as he attempted to take off his robes.

"J…just take the extra robes over there." Carly told her companion as she pointed to the extra robes. "What perverts." Nichole muttered, amused.

After a while everyone aside from Tom and Zorua sat in the lobby seemingly waiting for something. "Since when could Tom cook?" Carly asked, she wore a red tank top along with white pajama pants and red sandals and along with that she wore her usual accessories and kept her hair in a bun. "Me and the Commander usually practiced recipes when you and Mr. Golen were busy." Vlad replied, his attire consisted of an orange t-shirt with blue highlights, black pants and black sandals. "The real shock is the fact that Zorua can cook." Golen muttered as he sat with his Pokémon, his clothing consisted of his usual attire barring his red hoodie and gloves.

"Zorua can do a lot of things, not exactly in a skilled or well executed manner but he can still do things none the less." Nichole replied as Duke was tapping on a machine that seemed to resemble a tab. Nichole's attire consisted of a white tank top, green pants and black boots while she wore her sapphire hair in a ponytail. Duke's attire consisted of a dark green long sleeved shirt, black pants and black boots.

"Ta-da! I present to you my signature soufflé!" Tom declared as he emerged from the kitchen with his Pokémon as he presented the vanilla flavored pastry.

"That looks amazing, Tom." Carly stated as she sat with her Pokémon. "You really improved, Senior Tom." Vlad stated, impressed. "It looks good but I still don't think we should be eating with our enemies." Golen stated as he sat with the rest of his Pokémon. "If we had any intention of attacking you we would have done it ages ago." Duke stated as Zorua came out from the back as well. "Forget his food, take a bite out of my pound cake!" Zorua declared as he came out from the back and had the plate on the top of his head.

"It's way better than his soufflé." Zorua bragged as he stood on the table. "A TALKING ZORUA!" Vlad shouted in shock. "You just now noticed that?" Carly asked. "I never took the time to notice." Vlad stated embarrassed.

"Enough talk, please feast on my superior delicacy." Tom stated as he gave everyone forks, his attire consisted of an unbuttoned white shirt with his usual black pants and usual purple dress shoes.

Everyone along with their Pokémon soon took a bite out of both Tom and Zorua's deserts. "Bleh this is terrible!" Golen exclaimed as he and the others expressed disgust at the two deserts. "Damn it Zorua!" Nichole shouted, annoyed. "No way!" Zorua shouted in disbelief. "Good thing I didn't eat it." Duke smirked, having faked his consumption of their deserts. "Hey Tom, you're terrible at cooking!" Carly exclaimed to the shock of the purple-haired lad. "I…impossible." Tom exclaimed in shock. "You still need a lot of practice Professor." Vlad stated as he attempted to discard their desserts. "If only my skill in the culinary arts was as great as my battling prowess." Tom muttered as he and Zorua sulked in the corner.

"Hehe I knew we should have gotten Vlad to cook from the start." Golen exclaimed, having finished a meal.

"It probably would have been better than allowing Master Tom to embarrass himself." Vlad chuckled as Tom continued to sulk in the corner. "I could have done it better." Zorua grumpily muttered. "Yeah, because that cake was so great." Nichole sarcastically told her companion. "Oh shut up." Zorua stated, annoyed. "Zorua you obviously should have removed your shirt when you were cooking to increase your abilities." Duke stated. "What are you, some kind of nudist?" Carly asked, disturbed. "Hmm removing your clothing to increase your abilities? Sounds like quite the resourceful tactic." stated an interested Tom.

"Please don't do that." Carly muttered. "Since we're not really fighting as enemies right now I need to ask you guys something." Golen abruptly stated. "Huh? What is it?" Nichole asked.

"Why are you guys part of Team Dogma?" Golen replied to the shock of the Dogma trio. "W…why the hell are you asking that?" Zorua angrily asked. "Well it's obvious." Carly replied. "Yeah, you guys aren't as evil or menacing as you try to be and you're actually pretty decent people." Vlad added along to the trio's surprise. "You idiots, we're only acting nice because it'd be meaningless to fight a battle in these circumstances." Nichole replied. "I would not be too certain about that." Tom replied. "Say what?" Zorua retorted.

"Hmph are you all really acting or are you revealing your true selves to us?" Tom answered much to the trio's surprise. "Why in the world should it concern you people?" Nichole asked.

"Regardless of how we are we're enemies and a temporary truce will never change that." Duke declared. "Team Dogma is an absolute force, even if you all think it's evil it's still our home and we'll never betray it!" Zorua added along. "We're more alike than I expected." Golen replied with a smile to the trio's annoyance.

Before the conversation between the two sides could continue the power was suddenly cut off. "What's going on?" Vlad asked, confused. "Why was the power cut?" Carly added along as Duke's tab-like machine began to beep. "What's going on Duke?" Nichole asked her companion. "As I expected, there was something behind this snowstorm." the ruby-haired man stated as he read information on his device.

"Could it be a weather manipulating device?" Tom asked. "No way, that was our scheme for next week." Zorua replied. "It appears this storm was caused by a group of Pokémon." Duke replied.

"Pokémon? But why?" Vlad asked. "I'm not sure, but the longer they do whatever they're doing, the more severe the storm gets." Duke replied. "Then we've got to stop it!" Carly declared. "We can't, there are four separate points and we're stuck in here so even if we wanted to we couldn't do a thing." Nichole stated. "Trapinch." "Gible." the two Pokémon stated as they tugged on their trainers.

"That's right, we can use Dig to make underground holes so we could avoid the trouble of going through the snow." Golen stated.

"We have a plan on escaping but how in the world do we find the points where the four Pokémon are and who goes out to each point?" Vlad asked. "I'll stay here and guide all of you to your designated points." Duke answered. "So I'll get the first point." Carly stated. "I will depart to the third destination." Tom stated. "I'll take down whatever's at the fourth point." Golen declared. "Nichole, you and Zorua deal with the Pokémon on the third point." Duke told his teammates.

"Heh are you too scared to go out there yourself?" Nichole asked. "You could say that, though this is a task much more suitable for the two of you." Duke smirked.

"Anyways, all of you take one of these." Duke stated as he handed out black earphones with mics to all the others.

"Thanks a lot Team Dogma err I mean Mr. Team Dogma man." Vlad stated. "Alright, with this we can settle this crisis." Golen stated as he looked over to his Pokémon. "Everyone, I'll need all of you to do this. So let's give it our all." Golen encouraged his Pokémon who happily nodded at him aside from Emolga. "Are you all ready?" Duke asked. "Yeah." everyone answered in union. "I know this'll be a tough task to handle but if any of you even think about failing, don't even dare to show your faces after this is all over." Duke told everyone who just smiled in response.

Carly, Vlad, Nichole, Zorua and the rest of Carly's Pokémon had gone into the hole that was created by Gible as Golen, Tom and their respective parties went into the hole that was created by Trapinch.

"Finally we're out of here." Carly stated as her group emerged from underground into the cold snow enveloped surface. Carly's attire consisted of black and white sweatpants, black boots and a red tank top which she wore under Golen's red hoodie. "Hey Duke, in what direction is the 2nd point?" Nichole asked as she wore her usual uniform. "Just continue to the north while skirt brat, you and redhead brat head to the west." Duke replied. "Understood." Vlad stated.

"Hey, we may be enemies but good luck out there." Carly told the Team Dogma members. "The same to you, princess." Nichole replied with a smirk as Carly smiled, being slightly annoyed with Nichole's nickname.

"Mr. Talking Zorua, good luck to you as well." Vlad told the Tricky Fox Pokémon. "I won't need it but the same to you." Zorua confidently replied as the two sides separated. "So my destination is in the south while the destination that Golen needs to depart to is in the east?" Tom asked. "Yeah, so don't screw up." Duke replied. "Do not worry, we will succeed." Tom confidently stated.

"Yeah, though I'm really glad we could team up like this Team Dogma." Golen happily stated as everyone else was also able to hear Golen and Duke's conversation.

"You….just go on and settle this, we don't have all day." Duke stated. "I understand, though thanks for the help, Team Dogma." Golen cheerfully exclaimed as his companions smiled in response while the Dogma trio remained silent. "Tom, I'll see you when we win this." Golen told his companion. "I wish you the best of luck." Tom replied as both of them ran off to their respective destinations. "Those guys." Duke thought to himself as he let out a slight smile. "They actually trust us." Zorua muttered in disbelief. "After everything that we have done, yet they still…." Nichole thought to herself as she and Zorua continued onto their destination.

"Hey Ms. Carly, I know this might sound a little wrong but even though Team Dogma are our enemies I still kind of like them." Vlad happily told his companion. "That's ridiculous Vlad! Heh who am I kidding, I feel the same way as you do." Carly cheerfully told her companion as they continued onto their path.

"Hey Emolga, get into my backpack. You're in no condition to be doing any of this." Golen sadly told the Sky Squirrel Pokémon as he put it into his bag.

"Everyone, let's go." Golen declared as he and the rest of his team continued walking towards their destination. "The vehemence of this storm seems to be increasing." Tom stated as he attempted to cover his Pokémon from the storm. "Ai-pa, aipa." "Teddiursa" "Nyah." Tom's Pokémon stated, trying to tell their trainer not to worry about them. "How foolish of me, to undermine your respective strengths is something that I as a trainer cannot afford to do." Tom told his Pokémon as they continued onto their path. "All of you, you've reached your respective points." Duke declared.

"Huh? But all we see is an orb of blue energy." Carly stated. "Same here." "Same here." "I seem to be in a similar predicament." the three other groups added along.

"The Pokémon who are causing this have built up so much strength that they've been enveloped in an orb of energy. I insist that all of you launch an attack to disrupt their energy flow, doing so will not only catch their attention but then they won't be able to accelerate the ferocity of the snowstorm as fast as they did before." Duke told everyone. "So we've got to attack first, huh? Mudkip let's go!" Golen declared as Skorupi interrupted him. "Skorupi?" Golen muttered in shock as he looked at the confident look on the Scorpion Pokémon's face. "Alright, let's win this." Golen happily declared. "Roselia I'll need your help." Carly declared as she prepared to battle. "Skitty, I will need your strength to overcome this obstacle." Tom declared as the Kitten Pokémon happily prepared to battle. "Tirtouga, we'll settle this." Nichole confidently declared. "All of you attack on my mark." Duke stated as everyone prepared to attack.

"One, two, three, Go!" Duke declared as he and his Archen sat in the lobby of the resort.

"Roselia, Extrasensory!" "Tirtouga, Stone Edge" "Skitty, Hyper Voice!" "Skorupi, Cross Poison!" all four trainers simultaneously commanded as their Pokémon all launched out their attacks at the orbs of energy. As a result of their assaults on the orbs, the energy that all four Pokémon had were disrupted as the orbs began to vanish.

From the orbs appeared four distinct Pokémon.

"What is that?" Carly asked as she and Vlad were confronted by a Pokémon that resembled an ice cream cone. Its head resembled a swirled scoop of vanilla ice cream. It had dark red eyes, a dark-blue mouth, and light blue crystals on its cheeks. Its small body was adorned with specks of ice and had stubby arms. "It's a Vanillite." Vlad stated as Carly pulled out her Pokédex.

Vanillite, the Fresh Snow Pokémon. Theoretically, this Pokémon formed from icicles bathed in energy from the morning sun. Their breath is -58° F.

Elsewhere Nichole and Zorua were confronted by a large, bipedal creature covered in shaggy, white fur. It had fierce red eyes with bushy eyebrows and long strands of fur covering its mouth. Two tufts of longer fur grew on both its back and chest. Its hands, feet, and tail were dark green and spiky, similar to the foliage of an evergreen tree. On its back were four green spikes that resembled pinecones. "An Abomasnow, huh?" Zorua asked, amused. "This'll be interesting." Nichole stated with a smirk.

While that happened Tom and his Pokémon were confronted by a small shaggy creature that had brown fur and appeared to look like a legless lump. Its eyes appeared as if they were perpetually closed. It had a pink, pig-like nose that it appeared to use to look for anything edible. "It appears that Swinub will be our fated opponent on this occasion." Tom confidently declared as Skitty happily prepared to battle.

Finally over at Golen's location he was confronted by a small, black Pokémon with an ovoid body. It had circular, red eyes, wide teeth, and spherical hands and feet that lacked digits. It was covered with a yellow cloak that gave it a triangular outline. The coat was rimmed with an orange stripe and had three orange diamond markings on its back. "That's a Snorunt." Golen stated as he prepared to battle.

"Everyone be cautious! These things seem to be powered by something." Duke informed the others. "Could it be? The Accel Power?" Duke wondered to himself.

"So they're possessed?" Nichole asked as she and Zorua dodged a punch from Abomasnow. "That thing's got some nice power there." Zorua stated, excited. "Ms. Carly, be cautious." Vlad told his companion. "Don't worry, me and Roselia will win this." Carly confidently stated as Vlad and the rest of her team looked on. "Skitty avoid that attack!" Tom commanded as Skitty dodged one of Swinub's attacks. "It appears that this will not be as easy a task as I had anticipated." Tom stated. "Snorunt stop this! If you all continue than you'll end up killing everything on the island!" Golen pleaded as the Snow Hat Pokémon blew out snow from its mouth and a wind with sparkling blue powder was then released. "Koo!" Skorupi shouted as it used Shadow Ball to intercept the attack.

"Looks like talking won't get us anywhere." Golen muttered.

Vanillite's body became covered in a light blue aura. The aura then formed into a light blue orb of energy in front of Vanillite's body. Vanillite then fired the orb at Roselia. "That's Mirror Shot!" Vlad exclaimed. "Roselia, dodge it!" Carly commanded as the Thorn Pokémon avoided the attack. "Energy Ball!" Carly commanded as both of Roselia's palms began to glow light green with light green sparks as it formed an orb of light green energy which it then launched at Vanillite.

"Aqua Jet!" Nichole commanded as Tirtouga rammed itself into Abomasnow. "Aboma-snow!" the Frost Snow Pokémon exclaimed as the dark green part of its arm glowed turquoise and it swung it at Tirtouga.

"Tirtouga, dodge it and use Aqua Jet again!" Nichole commanded as the Prototurtle Pokémon swiftly avoided the attack and once again rammed itself into its opponent.

"Skitty, Assist!" Tom commanded as a silver orb of energy appeared on the tip of Skitty's palm as a barrage of golden stars was released from the orb. "Swinub!" Swinub wailed as it fell to the floor before standing up once again. Swinub took in in a deep breath and released a wind with light blue sparkles in it from its snout into the air. Then, small clumps of ice formed in the wind and grew longer and larger, forming into sharp icicles. The icicles then rained down over Skitty and Tom. "Skitty, intercept the attack with Hyper Voice!" Tom commanded as Skitty used Hyper Voice to cancel out the Icicle Crash. "Swinub!" Swinub shouted as released a ball of brown mud from its mouth at Skitty. "How amusing." Tom stated as the battle continued.

"Skorupi use Aerial Ace!" Golen commanded as Skorupi was encased in a clear aura as it struck down Snorunt. "Snorunt!" Snorunt angrily shouted as it took a deep breath and fired a large whitish light blue ball of energy from its mouth at Skorupi, who proceeded to quickly dodge the attack. "An attack that depends on the weather? Can it be….Climate Attack?" Golen exclaimed as even his Pokémon realized he was wrong.

"Vanillite!" Vanillite shouted as it opened its mouth and the inside of it started to glow light blue. It then released multiple sharp, thin spear-shaped ice shards from its mouth at the opponent. As it did, a stream of cold air with white sparkles inside it is released as well. "Rose!" Roselia wailed as it was hit by the attack. "Roselia!" shouted a concerned Vlad. "Have faith in us, we haven't lost yet." Carly told her companion with a confident smile.

"Roselia, Extrasensory!" Carly shouted as the Thorn Pokémon crossed its arms and gold energy started to form around it and formed into its body, causing its body to become surrounded in a golden aura. It then opened its arms and three rings of rainbow-colored energy surrounded in golden energy shot out of its body all around it. As the rings of energy expand, they leave behind a rainbow-colored energy.

"Vanillite!" Vanillite wailed as it was once again hit by Roselia's attack.

"Everyone, listen up. I know how to stop this storm." Duke declared. "Well? Don't keep us in the dark any longer and tell us already!" Zorua stated as Nichole continued battling.

"How do we settle this?" Tom asked as he continued to battle as well. "The only way to stop this is by catching the Pokémon." Duke replied. "Catching them?" asked Golen as Skorupi continued its fierce fight against Snorunt. "Yeah, it's the only way to subdue them and release them from the energy that is corrupting them." Duke answered. "So catching them is the only way to win." Vlad muttered. "That's fine for me, I needed an Ice-type anyway." Carly happily declared. "While I dislike the notion of simply capturing a Pokémon I have not bonded with, I assume that this is an exception." Tom stated as Skitty continued battling Swinub. "We'll settle this now then, Skorupi use Cross Poison!" Golen commanded as the exhausted Skorupi crossed its arms in front of its face and its claws started to glow purple. A purple 'X' then appeared in front of its crossed arms and it opened its hands, firing the 'X' at Snorunt. "Snorunt!" Snorunt wailed as it landed on its feet. "Snorunt!" Snorunt fiercely declared despite its injuries as it opened its mouth which began to glow light blue as it released two light blue beams of energy from its fangs at Skorupi.

"It's trying to settle the battle. Skorupi, Aerial Ace and Cross Poison!" Golen commanded as the Scorpion Pokémon was encased in a clear aura as it formed a purple X in front of its arms while it dashed at its opponent. The two Pokémon collided with their attacks as both sides dashed right past each other. Golen and his Pokémon eagerly looked on curious at who was victorious. As Skorupi winced in pain Snorunt had fallen signifying its defeat. "Pokéball GO!" Golen declared as he threw a Pokéball at the fallen Snow Hat Pokémon. Snorunt was engulfed in a red light as it was captured in the ball. The Pokéball began to shake repeatedly as it suddenly stopped signifying the successful capture.

"YES! I got a Snorunt!" Golen shouted in joy as he was then overcome by the intense cold. All of his Pokémon quickly ran up to him worried about their trainer's well being.

"Don't worry about me." Golen stated as he sat behind a rock. "Huff huff huff you guys are better off in your Pokéballs." Golen stated as his Pokémon sat next to him. "So you're willing to stand by me even in this intense weather? Boy you guys really a thick-headed…though I guess being with me for so long will have that effect." Golen chuckled as he began to lose consciousness. "Everyone, it's up to you." the black-haired lad stated as he lost consciousness. All the Pokémon cradled up next to their unconscious trainer aside from Timburr who opted to first place its trainer's goggles on as it then joined the others. All the Pokémon smirked as they kept their trainer warm as inside Golen's bag a tear fell from a sleeping Emolga's face.

"Skitty avoid that attack!" Tom commanded as the Kitten Pokémon dodged Swinub's Mud Bomb. "Assist!" Tom commanded as a silver orb of energy formed on the tip of Skitty's palm once again.

This time a white X shaped attack had appeared from Skitty's palm as it struck Swinub. "So this time it was Cross Chop." Tom stated amused. "Swinub!" Swinub declared as Swinub released a powerful blizzard from its mouth at Skitty. The Blizzard soon engulfed the entire arena as it was further strengthened by the snowstorm. "How perceptive of it to use Blizzard in this environment." Tom stated, impressed. "But this battle has reached its conclusion. Skitty, Hyper Voice!" Tom commanded as Skitty took a deep breath as it released multiple transparent rings from its mouth. The Hyper Voice forced its way through the Blizzard as Swinub was struck down by the powerful attack. "It appears that now is the time to carry out my task!" Tom declared as he threw a Pokéball at the defeated Pig Pokémon. Swinub was engulfed in a red light as it was captured in the ball. The Pokéball began to shake repeatedly as it suddenly stopped signifying the successful capture.

"Success, I have acquired a Swinub, with grace!" Tom happily declared having succeeded in capturing a new Pokémon. "Everyone, we have no time to bask in the glory of victory. We must find our companions!" Tom stated as he and his Pokémon ran to go find their friends.

"Roselia, Energy Ball!" Carly commanded as Roselia launched an Energy Ball at Vanillite who dodged the attack. "Vanillite!" Vanillite declared as its body became outlined in light blue. Then, light blue orbs of energy form around Vanillite's body and spun around it in a circle. The light blue orbs then glowed a bright white and when the glow faded, the orbs had turned into multiple shards of ice. Vanillite then fired the ice shards at Roselia.

"Endure the attack!" Carly commanded as Roselia stood its ground against the powerful Ice attack. "Now, settle it with Venoshock!" Carly commanded as Roselia fired multiple globs of green liquid at a poisoned Vanillite. "Vanillite!" Vanillite wailed in pain. "As expected of Ms. Carly, she has only caught that Roselia recently yet she's already in perfect sync with it." stated an impressed Vlad as he and the rest of Carly's team happily looked on. "Now's my chance, go Pokéball!" Carly declared as she threw a Pokéball at the fallen Fresh Snow Pokémon. The Pokéball began to shake repeatedly as it suddenly stopped signifying the successful capture.

"Alright, I got a Vanillite!" Carly happily declared to Vlad and the rest of her Pokémon's joy.

"Touga!" Tirtouga wailed as it was smashed into the ground by Abomasnow's Wood Hammer. "Aboma." Abomasnow maliciously grinned as Tirtouga smiled. "Stone Edge!" Nichole confidently commanded as Tirtouga's body became surrounded in white energy for a moment and the energy came off its body in the form of two rings of jagged white energy orbs that floated around it. The white energy then faded, forming the orbs into gray jagged stones that Tirtouga pelted Abomasnow with at close range which sent the Frost Tree Pokémon flying. "How sneaky of you to take that attack knowing that Tirtouga would survive because of Sturdy." Zorua snickered. "Now this is over, Brine!" Nichole commanded as Tirtouga released a stream of powerful water at Abomasnow. "Aboma!" Abomasnow wailed as it was knocked out by the powerful attack. "Brine, an attack that has double the strength when used on a weakened opponent. That was almost too easy." Zorua thought to himself.

"Now you're mine." Nichole stated as Abomasnow began to glow. "Huh? So that's what it was." Nichole smirked.

"Golen, Golen!" Carly shouted. "Amy don't hurt me!" Golen shouted in fear as he woke up. "Huh? Where did all the snow go?" Golen asked as he looked around and noticed that the environment returned to how it was when they had landed on the island. "That was my doing." a voice declared.

That voice came from a tall man, he had brown eyes and dirty blonde hair. His attire consisted of a stripped green and yellow polo shirt with a brown belt, black pants and green shoes.

He stood next to two fuzzy, moth larva-like Pokémon. They had blue eyes in a shadowed face. Their white manes of fuzz encompassed their head and the upper half of their bodies, while their lower half was brown. They had three pairs of small black legs. There were five orange, slightly whorled horns on the sides of their heads. "What are those Pokémon?" Golen asked. "They are Larvesta." Tom replied. "Mr. Casey had them clear the island of the snow after we subdued the Pokémon." Vlad told his companion. "That's amazing." Golen stated.

"It was nothing, but I'm glad to see you're all alright." Casey stated. "Why were you on this island?" Tom asked. "Well I was on my way to Native Island for some training but I saw that this island was suffering from a snowstorm so I made a stop here to help out." Casey replied. "Oh well thanks for the help anyways." Golen happily replied as his Pokémon thanked the man as well.

"Well, all of you be safe now." Casey stated as he left. "Thank you for your assistance!" Tom shouted. "Hey hold on!" Golen stated as he quickly got up. "What is it?" Vlad asked.

"Where's Team Dogma!?" Golen shouted. "We're not sure, we went over to the 2nd point and even the resort but they just vanished." Carly answered.

"Damn, that's too bad. I really wanted to thank them for their help." Golen stated. "We will surely meet up with them again." Tom reassured his companion. "Yeah but they'll most likely be our enemies again." Carly muttered, depressed. "Regardless of that let's head out. We're behind after wasting yesterday in that snowstorm." Golen stated as he put on his backpack and recalled all of his Pokémon. "That sure was annoying." Zorua stated as the trio sat in a boat. "Yeah, who would have expected us to team up with the brats. But at least I caught a new Pokémon." Nichole added along. "It was unexpected but at the same time it wasn't so bad." Duke admitted to his teammates. "What!?" Zorua shouted at his companion. "Oh come on Duke, you can't actually tell me that you think they're our friends!" Nichole added along. "Don't worry, I already understand that they're our enemies but our time as allies was actually pretty enjoyable." Duke told his companions. "I guess you're right." Nichole admitted. "Though even if we did have a good time with them that doesn't mean that we won't take them out the next time we meet with them!" Zorua declared with a slightly sad tone.

"Hey everyone, I know that I haven't known that trio as long as you have but regardless of what's happened or what will happen they really are good people." Vlad cheerfully told his companions who smiled at him. "I agree with you as well." "Same here." Tom and Carly told the crimson-haired lad.

"You know you guys if things were different I know that the Dogma trio could be our friends but regardless I'm glad that I know them." Golen happily declared to his companions as the group continued onto their next destination.

Narration: After an unexpected truce with Team Dogma, Golen and his friends have not only attained new allies but have also acquired a new perspective on the Dogma trio. But what new adventures await them next time?

"I've done research on the reason behind the incident at the resort and I can confirm that it wasn't because of a natural disaster or Accel Power." Duke told his teammates. "Say what!?" Zorua shouted in shock. "Then what in the world was behind that?" Nichole asked. "I don't know all of the details yet but the truth is that those Pokémon were manipulated by someone." Duke answered to the shock of his companions. "Who in the world could manipulate Pokémon and force them to do something like that?" Nichole asked her teammate. "I'm not sure, but what I am sure of is that it was someone whose resources and intellectual capacities surpasses that of Team Dogma." Duke begrudgingly stated as his teammates looked at him, utterly shocked.

Major Events (8/7/13-8/8/13): Golen captures a Snorunt.

Carly captures a Vanillite.

Tom captures a Swinub.

Golen's Skorupi is revealed to know Cross Poison.

Carly's Roselia is revealed to know Extrasensory.

Tom's Skitty is revealed to know Hyper Voice.

Nichole's Tirtouga is revealed to have Sturdy as its ability and is revealed to have learned Protect while Duke's Archen is revealed to have learned Steel Wing.

Golen and his friends meet Casey.








Casey (debut)


Emolga (Golen's)

Zorua (Team Dogma)

Mudkip (Golen's)

Trapinch (Golen's)

Timburr (Golen's)

Skorupi (Golen's)

Snorunt (Golen's, new, debut)

Tepig (Carly's)

Slowpoke (Carly's)

Gible (Carly's)

Roselia (Carly's)

Vanillite (Carly's, new, debut)

Aipom (Tom's)

Teddiursa (Tom's)

Skitty (Tom's)

Swinub (Tom's, new, debut)

Tirtouga (Nichole's)

Archen (Duke's)

Larvesta (Casey's, debut, x2)

Abomasnow (wild, debut)