A/N: One day, a year ago, I got an inspiration to write raps for the Fellowship. It didn't stop there. Since then, I've added characters like Denethor, Gollum, Elrond, and Saruman to the list. Crazy, right?

As anyone who's read my other fanfics know, I tend to be a serious writer-lots of angst, lots of drama...careful attention to grammar, syntax, etc. (at least I hope!). So this is in a very different vein for me-raps for Lord of the Rings Characters! If you don't like this sort of humor/parody, don't bother reading. I'm only posting these for fun!

Disclaimer: I LOVE, respect, and appreciate Tolkien and his works. I've read the Silmarillion, The Hobbit, and LOTR, of course. I read the books before I watched the movies, and so on. In other words, I'm not *making fun* of the characters, just having fun with them because I love them so much!

Disclaimer (part the second): some of these are true to (movie) canon...others are colored by my own perspective. One of the quirks is that some characters are very anti-Frodo. Full disclosure? I'm not fond of Frodo. I kind of love to hate him :). So if you like him, don't be too offended if his intelligence, abilities, or his very existence is impugned by the most unlikely characters.

Disclaimer (part the third): some are better than others. Some have an uneven rhythm. Some have questionable rhymes. All of them are free of curse words. :)

Enjoy, read, favorite, review...I appreciate it all!

~Dedicated to my friend M.~

1. Gandalf

Hey I'm a whiz yo, a whiz at wizardry,

I come with tidings, to cheer your misery.

I got a staff, y'all I wear a pointy hat,

And just to show that I'm all that,

My sword is Glamdring,

And my only stupid thing,

Was giving Frodo pow'r o'er the One Ring.