My Life as a Celestial Body

An Autobiography by Akio

With Forward Written by Kurisu

Hello to all of my readers. When I first heard of Akio's intention of writting an autobiography about her early life I was very excited and could not wait until it was ready. Of course this excitment was nothing compared to when she asked me to write the forward to said book. I do hope that I will live up to her very high expectations and not let her down in this endeavour. But enough about me, this should be about Akio.

When I first met her I wa24t-9gasfbl;an . . .

Transmission Error

OK, enough with the fake forward, although I do like the authors name, here's the real intro. This fanfic is going to be something a bit different from most. While I have read quite a few fanfics I have yet to come across one written in first person. Why? Probably because our English teachers all said that it shouldn't be done in fiction. Well I never really did well in English class so I'm going to do it anyways. Well most of it. Even though this is written as an autobiography some background is necessary that happened before the main character is born. That part will not be first person.

As this is my very first story I wanted to do something different. So using an idea from a heat induced daydream/halucination, which will end up as a scene, I started pulling together an outline based around a base idea of the dream: What if there were a Senshi from America?

So here we are. The story will be based mostly around Sailor Moon, the anime as I haven't read the most recent, and I so far good, translation of the manga yet, with some locations/characters from Ranma 1/2. Because the main story idea is my brain child, the majority of it will be based around original characters in, what may be to you, familiar locations. I hope to do my characters justice but we'll all see how that goes.

Although this may seem like non-fanfiction material it is. It's just that the fanfic portions come a bit later than most expect.

And now before the first chapter begins there is the required Disclamer, of which this is the super long version, which will not be repeated in each chapter:

Sailor Moon is the property of Naoko Takeuchi. Toei holds all the rights for the anime while Kodansha published the manga in Japan and holds the license for a US version.

Ranma 1/2 is the property of Rumiko Takahashi. Shogakukan published the manga in Japan and VIZ Media licensed it for publication in the US. Kitty Films created the anime and VIZ Media licensed it for release in the US.

This entire story is a derivative work using characters, situations, and locations created in each of the above properties. In other words I don't own either of them in whole or in part. Go find someone else to sue.

However the original characters, introduced in the beginning of this story, are mine as is their introductory stories. I don't mind terribly if you use them but please let me know so that I can tell how well liked I am.

Lastly, please review. It helps me to find out what big mistakes I made and how well, or poorly, I have done, or how much you like or hate me.

Now on with the show.