Chapter 2: Amazing Cosmic Powers...Or Not

So, I graduated high school, GO DOGS!, and approached my 18th birthday.

Of course being my 18th birthday my parents wanted to get me something BIG. Although I asked for a new car I didn't get one, to pricy in the long run and the one I had ran OK. However what I didn't expect was a laptop computer. In the long run this set me up for a huge push into computer geekdom and helped me immensely in college. But that's all for later.

So I had my 18th birthday. Got some cool presents from my cool friends, enjoyed some great food, yep lasagna again, and some great cake. Red Velvet if you must know, but no Donatello this time. It came, it went and I retired for the night.

However something AMAZING awaited me in my room. Remember that meteorite? Well for the most part it remained on display in my bedroom. Either on my bedside table, desk, or bookshelf, it was always in the open and never did it glow or do anything strange. Well surprise, surprise, this time things were different.

As I entered my room I noticed a slight red glow. As I usually had a computer on, an old mid-90s desktop, I thought nothing of it. Then I closed the door and the light became as bright as a 100 watt bulb. As I turned towards the source I felt a warm wind overtake me and was amazed at what I saw. The meteorite was floating above its stand and it looked as if the surface was moving. Now most would probably be very worried at this time, not me. For some reason I felt at peace and began approaching the glowing red rock.

As I moved towards it, it also moved towards me and began to get even brighter. Although the color never changed, it remained red throughout, eventually it looked like a miniature of the sun itself, with sunspots, prominences, and flares. Soon it was right in front of me and I reached out for it never once thinking that I could be hurt. Then I touched it.

All at once I was somewhere other than my room and the sun like rock was no longer in front of me. Instead it seemed to be behind me. I turned and saw the sun in all of its glory. I could see it all at once and feel its heat although I did not seem to burning up nor was I without breath. As I gazed at the star I heard a woman speak in a voice as sweet and warm as a summer breeze but as load as a roaring blaze.

"Samson. I am Sol. I am the one that will guide you through the remainder of your life, and a portion of my power will be your own.

"However, I cannot fully assist you as you are. Soon a new change will occur in your life and only than will you be ready for me.

"I will see you soon, my paragon."

Immediately after I heard this I was back in my room with the still glowing rock in front of me. All of a sudden the red color turned to white it glowed so bright that I had to turn away. Once the light died down I looked again to see, what seemed at the time, a strange golden rod about 8 inches long with an large orange jewel topped with a red star at one end and a red cap at the other. Within the jewel was a rotating symbol that seemed to be the astronomical symbol of the sun, a dot within a circle. I was amazed at the time as I had never seen such a thing. Not thinking of possible consequences I reached out for the rod but as soon as the ends of my fingers touched it the whole thing shrank to a small pinprick of bright light which rushed into my chest.

I suddenly felt very hot and felt a strange feeling on my forehead. I've been told by Sol that had I looked in a mirror I would have seen Sol's symbol glowing brightly on my forehead. As it was I was too worried about the heat and was about to strip when everything returned to normal. Well, as normal as things can get after such an event. As my eyes readjusted to the lack of light from the worlds brightest rock I noticed that nothing seemed out-of-place excepting that my meteorite was gone. I checked the time and noticed that less than a minute had passed during my apparent trip to space. I soon sat down and started going over what happened. Losing track of time my mother soon came up to check on me and noticed the missing meteorite. She asked me where it was and in a fit of trying to get some help I explained what happened.

My mother was calm about the whole thing and asked few questions. After I was done explaining she seemed deep in thought for a few minutes before telling me this.

"Samson, ever since I was pregnant with you, and especially after I found that meteorite, I felt that you were destined for great things. It seems that I may have been correct.

"Learn all that you can in your college years and I will continue to pray for your success in your life's devotions. If this Sol says that she will guide you than I'm certain that she will. Remember son, that your father and I will always love you, so you can always come to us for help."

When she stood up to leave we hugged each other and went off to bed. The second largest change in my life had begun, but the biggest was yet to come. But first, I had to survive college. DUN DUN DUN! (Not too much foreshadowing, is it?)

Sailor Sol - Chapter 2
by: MonsterRideOp
June 13, 2013

A/N: You may have noticed that these first chapters are very short. I'm not planning on writing super long chapters as each is a portion of Akio's/Samson's life, but they will get longer. I hope.