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When You Have Nothing Left to Lose (Alternate Version)

They were dead, every single one of them. The worst part of it all was that none of them stood a chance, but they fought anyway. It wasn't a matter of skill or determination. It all just came down to numbers and one clever trick.

The plan was for the aurors to ambush the last group of Death Eaters and to finally move on from the war.

The only thing was that the Death Eaters had been waiting for them.

Harry and his colleagues had gone over the ridge and charged at the remains of the legacy of the Dark Lord Voldemort. The aurors swarmed through the streets, eliminating the small amount of opposition they faced. It did not take long for the fifty-one fighters for the light to access the last part of the village, the town square, which rested at the exact center of the town.

"Something's not quite right here." An auror thought aloud as the mass of his colleagues filled the square from all sides.

It had been quiet, eery. That was before all hell broke loose to envelop the village.

Death Eaters had silently encircled the town square, just out of sight of the aurors until they sprung their trap and charged their prey, blasting away at the aurors with little accuracy.

As soon as Harry saw them, spotting them first before any spells flew, he knew that everything had gone to shit. He didn't bother warning anyone, for he knew it was too late. Instead, he started to cast his first spell of many, sending off one before any Death Eater could.

Harry's partner was in the center of the fifty aurors, and after seeing the first of the dead fall, he barked out orders. "Everyone! Make a circle and use your shields!"

Harry knew that the point was useless. Unlike his partner, he was at the Battle of Hogwarts, and he knew that forming a shield would provide no protection with the kind of tactics the Death Eaters applied.

A second later, Harry was proved right as a Death Eater launched a spell that tore through the several shield charms the others had performed and then some. Before Harry looked away to face the enemy, he had seen seven aurors immediately absorbed by the inferno, and another three torn apart. The aurors behind them were drenched in their former friends' blood.

Harry then turned away from his comrades and charged at the enemy. He knew that if he died that it would only be right to bring at least a few down with him.

As he bobbed, weaved, and cast, Harry had a strange thought come to him.

Earlier that day, he had awoken to have a horrible feeling about the day. His feeling was just, apparently, for he found Ginny was gone with their children. On the kitchen table, he had found a letter that told him that he was never around, and that she would never come back. She also wrote that if she had her way, he would never see his children again.

He had half wanted to stay at home and cry today, but he knew that he had to finish what he started in that graveyard at the old Riddle Manor years ago.

As his mind reflected on the morning and his body reacted to the danger he was in, a seed of hatred grew in the pit of his stomach. It continued to expand until the anger washed all over him.

A second after the hatred swelled, something inside Harry snapped, and in that moment he became an animal lashing out at everything that had gone wrong in his life. In reality, however, Harry was lashing out against everything that moved for he knew that everything that moved was trying to kill him. This was no longer about politics, justice, or finishing a war; this was Harry just trying to survive by killing anything in his path. Harry was a raging bull except far deadlier and far angrier.

He could barely register the pain as some stray spells and debris hit his skin, but Harry no longer cared about any pain he felt. He had survived the Cruciatis, Killing, and Imperious curses. He had seen friends and comrades alike brutally die. He had been been betrayed and back-stabbed. Anything else in comparison was insignificant.

Harry had entered one of the apartment buildings and ran up the staircases until he broke down a door and reached a balcony on the third floor to get a better view of the battle.

As Harry gazed out upon the town square, Harry realized that his prediction had come true. Almost all of the aurors were dead. If Harry had to guess, only ten remained besides himself.

Harry then started to cast once more. This time, however, Harry cast wildly down below him at his long-time foes. Death Eaters flew around like rag dolls inside a hurricane. Harry, though, saw that all of the aurors were now dead. His efforts to save his colleagues had been in vain.

Instead of giving up hope, however, Harry became even more infuriated. His spells grew wilder and wilder and more and more widespread but, as did their fatality.

Suddenly, Harry heard the sound of glass being crushed behind him, so Harry turned to find five Death Eaters coming at him with their wands raised. Instead of casting a spell in response, though, Harry charged the murderers, rapists, and thieves wrapped into five. An elbow to the face killed the first one he saw. The next was killed by a punch to the face, and the other three were dispatched with a spell that exploded right in front of them. Harry's own spell damaged him as well at that close of a range, but Harry didn't seem to notice the blood dripping from his chest.

Harry then apparated down into the Town Square but found only a few stragglers. He quickly killed each of them without mercy. Harry figured it came with being a Death Eater and trying to kill him. Them being them was their warning. Them trying to kill him was the action that forced his reaction.

There was one left, though, and as the Death Eater started to run, Harry charged and wrestled him to the ground.

"DIE, YOU FUCKING SON OF A BITCH!" Harry shouted as he pummeled the murderer into the ground. Harry continued punching until his arms would no longer comply with his mind. As Harry stood up, he noticed that his hands were covered in blood, a mix of his victim's and his own. He also suspected that his knuckles might be broken. He then looked up at a noise he heard.

On the ridge, Harry noticed people flooding down the slope.

"It's about time you got your arses over here!" Harry called, thinking that the other aurors had finally come to back up their now dead colleagues. It was then that he saw that each of them were not dressed in auror robes but in black ones. He also saw that all of them had silver masks and were raising their wands at him.

"Fuck me."

Harry withdrew his wand from his holster. Despite his fatigue, Harry was still the animal, and the animal was going to do all it could to survive. Harry then did as he had just done on the balcony and cast violent spells all along the ranks of the incoming Death Eaters. A second later, the Death Eaters reciprocated his actions except that their aim was more precise. To counteract this, Harry put up a shield and walked along with it in front of him. This allowed him to leave the street and enter again into the apartment building.

Harry did not rest easy, though, for he used as many locking and ward charms he knew on the front doors to keep the Death Eaters at bay for as long as he could. He then ran up the many floors, locking as many doors between him and the path the Death Eaters would have to follow. Finally, he arrived at the roof. Harry positioned himself so that he overlooked the doorway but had some cover to duck behind. He hid behind some metal box that Harry did not know the purpose of.

After a few minutes, the door exploded open with Death Eaters close behind it. As soon as he saw the first sliver of black inside the doorway, Harry cast as many spells as he could as fast and powerfully as he could. After about a minute, though, the Death Eaters were starting to apparate in their smoky way onto the latest battleground. Harry looked around and knew that he was surrounded with no hope of escape from the town. Recon aurors had set up wards around the town to stop all apparation out before Harry and the others had arrived. Despite this fatal fact, Harry just broadened his range of attack, spinning around when one Death Eater would get too close or shoot a spell at him.

"It is useless, Potter! We have you surrounded, and you are growing weary! I can see it by your decreasing techniique!" A woman spoke out from the crowd of followers.

"If you stopped looking at my body, you would notice that I'm fucking pissed off! I'll kill as many of you as I can until my dead body hits the bloody ground!" Harry shouted back before moving his wand in a wide horizontal arc while casting a spell.

Out of the wand sprang one of the darkest pieces of magic Harry ever used: fiendfyre. Although Harry had no control over the giant flaming stag, the spell served its purpose well as it demolished many rows of Death Eaters. As the stag burned through the Death Eaters, Harry apparated to a far corner of the town so that he was in one of the buildings closest to the outskirts of the town.

When Harry landed on the rooftop of the other building, he did so with no grace as he fell flat on his face due to exhaustion. After a second, though, he rose from his position and began climbing down the ladder on the side of the building. The entire time he was scanning the air for the infamous black smoke, signaling the presence of a Death Eater apparating. When he reached the ground, Harry finally noticed a burning fire far away that told Harry that the Death Eaters were still struggling to put out his spell. Harry didn't let himself enjoy this revelation and began running toward where he knew the apparation wards ended. Just before he reached them, though, a black cloud of smoke barreled into Harry without him even noticing the Death Eater until she had impacted his right side. The two rolled off in two directions due to the slope of the hill after violently skewing off to Harry's left.

While Harry struggled to his feet, the Death Eater quickly jumped up from the ground. She kicked Harry in his side, forcing him back onto the ground. Harry's wand slipped from his normally airtight grip. The Death Eater snatched it and stowed it away in her robes. She then held her wand up to the Boy-Who-Conquered's temple.

"Go ahead, kill me. I've taken out enough of you to die happily. I don't even need to know a definite number to know that I've crippled you filth more than just eliminating Voldemort." Harry whispered.

The Death Eater remained silent.

"Just let me see your face. I don't have anything left to live for, but if I get a chance at revenge from the afterlife, I'll make sure to come for you. If you're not alive if I return, I'll hunt down your descendants." Harry spoke calmly.

Despite Harry's threats, the Death Eater pulled off the infamous silver mask and flipped over the black hood. Daphne Greengrass stood over the famous Harry Potter with his life up to the woman with the wand.

"You joined them after all I see." Harry stated more as a fact than a judgment.

"Yes." Daphne fired off a spell.

The next moment, Harry saw nothing but black.

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