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She loaded her brother's shotgun. The Sandins were going to die tonight. She'd waited for this Purge night all year. After last years events, she kept tabs on the Sandins and their whereabouts. Her brother was dead. She was able to find out where her brother had taken his last breaths. Her brother was the only family she knew. The hefty insurance policy he'd left behind in addition to their house meant nothing to her. Not when her brother was dead. Her caretaker was dead. Her best friend was dead. The person she loved and respected was dead. They were the reason he was dead. The younger boy, Charlie, would go first. He let the swine in. He's the reason her brother targeted the Sandin house. If the child had just left the swine outside, then her brother would still be here.

She arrived at the Sandin's before lockdown. They greeted her warmly. Afterall, she wasn't dumb. She didn't walk into the house with a shotgun. She took it apart and had it in her purse. A medium-sized Vera Bradley purse she purchased with Zoey when the newest patterns debuted earlier that month.

She befriended Zoey Sandin. They bonded quickly even though she was around Charlie's age. Zoey saw her as a little sister. It was too easy really. Zoey's father died on Purge night, and so she was very understanding about the loss of her brother. When Zoey asked for pictures of her brother, she showed pictures of her father. When questions arose, she explained that her brother was much older than she was and they were orphaned on a Purge night when she was a child. Not a complete lie, and Zoey ate it up. She played her part and soon they were BFFs. Bonding quickly like super glue.

Mary Sandin was surprisingly easy to win over as well. It was her soft spot for kids. It was easy enough to convince her that she didn't want to stay alone in a big house on Purge night. She was young and alone. Mary felt bad and offered to let her stay with them during lock down. It was extremely trusting for a Purge night widow, but Mary Sandin had no reason not to trust her. She was young. A young woman with a Purge 2022 sob story...what's not to trust.

Charlie, however, didn't 100% trust her. She considered it just another reason for him to go first. When the time came for lockdown, she excused herself to the bathroom with her purse.

"Why is she taking her purse?" Charlie asked.

Zoey scoffed, "You don't question why a girl takes her purse to the bathroom. It's her business."

"Is she on her period?"

Zoey pushed him. Mary gasped.

She smiled to herself and ascended the staircase to the upstairs bathroom. The sound of the sirens outside cued the start of Purge night. Once inside with the door locked, she began to assemble the shotgun.

"Big brother, I promise I will avenge you tonight." She whispered. "I will finish what you started and the Sandins will pay. I apologize for releasing haves...but I know you would do the same for me."

She cocked the gun and unlocked the bathroom door. Charlie stood directly in front of her. She jumped.

"What are you doing with that?" asked Charlie.

She raised the gun. Charlie yelled for his mother. She enjoyed the look of fear on his face. She fired one shot between his eyes. Blood splattered across her face as she cocked the gun again.

She released Mary second. Mary came running and she'd fired right into her heart. She'd gotten very precise. The whole thing was way too easy. For a family that had been through hell last Purge, they were surprisingly unprepared. Then again, she'd played her part as Zoey's bestie so well, that it was no surprise they trusted her this much.

"Mom!" Zoey's voice cracked from her screams. "Charlie! What did you do?"

Zoey screamed louder from the sight of her dead mother and brother. She raised the shotgun and fired at Zoey three times. The first shot was the knee. She had to make sure she couldn't run when she cocked it. The next time in the shoulder. Then finally in the stomach. Zoey was bleeding, but still alive. She could almost hear her brother laughing at what she'd done.

"You always play with your food, don't you?" he'd say.

She smiled at the idea.

Zoey looked at her with glassy eyes. She gasped for air. "Why?"

"Because your idiot family is the reason why my brother is dead," she replied simply.

When Zoey displayed confusion, she rolled her eyes and pulled a picture of her brother from her pocket. His blonde hair was slicked back, he carried her piggy back, her long blonde hair flowing over her right shoulder, their lips curled into perfect grins.

"The guy...last Purge," Zoey was withering quickly from blood loss.

"Your idiot brother let the swine in. If you'd listened to my brother, your father would be alive and so would he. He was nothing but polite to your family. My brother was always polite, Zoey Sandin."

"You too...why...didn't...see?"

"Cause your whole family is stupid. God, Zoey, don't you see? Your family caused this. Your trust towards people. Your...stupidity started with my brother...and it ends with me."

She raised her gun and fired at Zoey's forehead, watching the light leave her eyes. She dropped her weapon and raised her head to the ceiling.

"I did it, big brother. I released them for you."

She wiped the blood from her face. It was over. Her brother was avenged.

"Thank you, Charlie, Mary, and Zoey Sandin, for a perfect Purge night."

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