"Gray! Look I found a dragon egg!" Natsa shouted. Her grin was huge and one of a kind, she was proud. Her clothes were baggy, boyish; her pink long hair dripped in sweat. Her breaths were ragged.

"Why would I care, Flamehead?" Gray asked with a cold tone, but this was the way he always talked with his rival.

Natsa stuck her tongue out, "Meanie!" and then she sulked away.

That stunned Gray for a moment since Natsa didn't fight him. He just stood in the middle of the guild, looking at the direction that she left in. He didn't really know what to do.

Something touched his shoulder and he looked around, Mirajane. She had a belt-thingy around her neck, dark clothes that never covered much. She was sucking on a sticker, she popped it out of her mouth. "That was mean~" she said.

"Yeah, so?" questioned Gray.

She took a step, "Natsa ran all the way here to tell you, and all you did was complain. No wonder she left..." Her head tilted to the door that swung closed.

Gray looked at Mirajane, looking for a sign she was lying, but then he remember the sweat and her panting. Now all that Gray felt was guilt. "No way..." said Gray as he turned around and ran out of the guild. He couldn't believe that Natsa would run all the way from that place just to tell him about her findings.


Gray awoke with a smile, even if he was on a noisy train since lovers wanted to be with each other on Valentine's Day. The memory brought many feelings to him, not of guilt, but of fondness. He didn't really know when his feelings changed, but they did.

It took him two months, the time of the mission, to figure out these aged feelings. He never really noticed them till he left Natsa for the long of a period. Over the course of the mission, he felt as if he was frozen in time, every couple of seconds he looked at the clock, counting down to when he was going to see her again. He dream of her, roaming in the meadows where they always fought. He would look behind, or glance aside, to see if she was there, but she wasn't.

He was in love with Natsa Dragneel.

And that was true.

It took him two months to figure his feelings, away from her, someone he knew for five years.

But no matter how much he thought of her, wanting to tell her about his feelings, what did she feel about him? A rival? Brother? Friend? Was he already Friend-zoned before he could even try? But no matter how much he thought, an answer never came up. Natsa...she was too complex, well at least in the terms of love. She loved Igneel as her father, she thought of the guild as her family after his disappearance. So would Gray be any different relationship with her? Could he changed his status with her? Not rivals, but lovers instead?

This was making his brain hurt, nothing made any sense, well that's love for you. He sighed, but at least he came back at a good time. It was February 14, Valentine's Day, and the best time to admit his feelings.

The train stopped, and the conductor's voice could be heard. "This is Magnolia Town, Magnolia Town," he repeated. "Please check your overhead luggage rack for any personal belongings."

"Guess that's me," Gray said as he grabbed his bag, full of his clothes that always appear on the ground, and walked out the door, onto the pavement. Behind him he could hear the sounds of love~ People were kissing there loved ones, hugging them as if they would disappear, and worse of all, saying, "I love you!" But at least this gave Gray a mental picture of what he could do for Natsa; since in the guild, nothing normal happens, and Gray just wanted to treat his Natsa normal, just this once.

He started walking back to the guild, picking up some roses on the way, which girl didn't like roses? They smelled fresh, it was a nice contrast against the February air. His smile lifted, he was going to do it, so he took off to the guild.

He was going to do it.

He was going to admit his feelings.

He was going to declare his love for Natsa.

These were the thoughts that raced in his mind as he got closer to the guild.

The guild was large, two-story high building. In the center of the building was a large banner with Fairy Tail's symbol on it, held up by a pair of parallel poles. This was his home, ever since Ur... and this was also the home to others, namely Natsa. He smiled as he walked inside the gate, but something was off...he couldn't put his finger on it.

He opened the great doors to reveal a...noiseless guild. Everyone looked up when he could in, hope but it turned disappointment. Even Loke, the newest one around and a sort of friend to Gray, was sadden. No this guild wasn't noiseless, the guild just wasn't was unruly, the sounds were of crying. Gray looked around and set his eyes on Lisanna who was crying, the only one brave enough to do so.

"What happen?" Gray asked. It was like someone just had a bad breakup...

Makarov jumps down from the rail he always sitting at. The others looks away, they knew what he was going to say, and it was hard to hear for the first time. Makarov looks up at Gray in the eye, knowing he would take it the hardest. He gives Gray a fatherly hug, since to him he was a father to everyone in the guild. He opened his mouth, nothing came out at first. It took a couple of awkward moments, well for Gray, for Makarov to talk. The words could out of his mouth, but he was still disbelieving them, "Natsa, she..."

To be continue...

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