Okay, again this isn't a update. I really wanted to keep this updated as possible.

Wilting Flowers (Natsa's side of this story, while she was Edolas) - Completed

Burning Flowers (a what if Natsa didn't disappear and Gray was able to confess, oneshot) - Complete

Lasting Flowers (the events that happens later, set after the timeskip (So it's the Grand Magical Games for NamikazeMia ) with appearance of old characters) - Just started

Plus I've made some random oneshots (that isn't really placed in the real story):

-Longing Flowers

-Escaping Flowers

I really think I'm done with the Flower Series, but there might be some oneshots; if I do make more oneshots that doesn't have anything to do with with the major storyline, I won't update this list. Also, Lasting Flowers (this was rename from Blooming Flowers) will be the longest out of all of them since it covers more than them, and I added many twists.

I just love the setting to much to stop adding, so sorry.