Making Memories VIII "Remind Me"

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He could see her resolve crumbling, and he took one step, followed by another, until he was right in front of her. Tears still streamed down her pretty cheeks, but he could see she was beginning to understand. He cupped her cheeks, his thumbs erasing the teardrops. "I know I left before, but I promise, I'll never leave you again." He searched her eyes, looking for some comfort for himself, some sense of forgiveness. There was nothing he wouldn't do for her. And he had learned his lesson hard the first time-he would never leave her again. This was it for him-she was it for him.

She stared back at him for a long moment, her eyes swollen and red, her face flushed from the hard liquor. "Show me," she taunted him softly, her tone one of seriousness and stone. He didn't have to be told twice-he'd do anything to make her understand where she stood with him. His hands still cupping her face, his lips crashed into hers.

She was surprised by the ferocity with which he kissed her but that didn't mean she didn't relish in it. Her hands came up to grasp his biceps with a vice-like grip, holding him to her. His hands slipped back into her hair, cradling her head as he attacked her lips. Her legs came up behind his waist, her ankles locking across his behind, her strong legs puling him into her roughly.

This was them-they were real, feral, physical. There was nothing soft about these two when it came to matters of sexual desire. And as his lips rapidly attacked her collarbone, she sighed deeply with content and want, her eyes falling shut, a moan coming from somewhere deep within. Everything about what this man did to her was right. There was no question in her mind.

His hands left her hair, sliding down her waist to grip her round behind. He lifted her as she instinctively tightened her legs around his waist, wrapping her arms around his neck. Their lips never broke contact, her eyes never even opened, as he carried her easily from the kitchen table to the living room floor. He released her gently onto her back, kneeling above her, sliding his hands up under the light material of her tank top, touching every bit of the skin he could get his fingers on. He pulled the flimsy material over her head, tossing it off to the side before attacking her newly exposed skin. Her breath hitched in her throat, the thought of breathing escaping her. She couldn't think or breath with the things he was going to her, his mouth rough on her breasts, as he raked his teeth across her sensitive flesh. She could feel sensations she hadn't felt in God knows how long, her feet pushing his boxers over his hips before she knew what she was doing.

He wanted to take his time, wanted to love on every ounce of her golden body, but as she worked his shorts off, and as she shivered below him every time his mouth grazed her taut body, he knew there was no way taking his time was an option. He had his whole life to enjoy her, he decided, as he roughly pulled her sleep shorts off. This moment was about reminding her of their passion, their inherent need for one another.

She couldn't take her eyes off of him as he leaned up to kneel before her. He watched her, his hands grazing up and down her smooth legs for a short moment as he caught his breath. She didn't let him stay there for long, as she pushed herself up and pressed her naked body to his. He wrapped his arms around her, swinging his legs out from under him to lean against the couch. She straddled his legs and before he could initiate anything, she found him and slid down, engulfing him inside her. The sensation knocked the breath out of both of them.

He held her tightly against him, her whimpers against his lips indicating to him that it wouldn't take her long. He lifted her up again and placed her roughly on her back, pulling her leg up against his hip. She arched her back in pleasure, squealing out his name as he dug deeper. His moans against her neck mixed with his rough thrusts pushed her over the edge, as she cried out against his shoulder, biting hard into his thick skin. He followed suit, latching onto her throat as he pushed against her one last time, before collapsing on top of her small frame. He supported what weight he could on one elbow, his other arm snaking under her waist to hold her against him as long as he could.

Letty pushed her hair out of her face as he slid off to lay by her side, his chest still riding and falling with the exertion. Her eyes glanced over him, drinking in all of him that was hers. He turned his head and caught her eyes and her impish grin. She curled up beside him, throwing her leg over his waist. His handled settled on her thigh where it stretched across his stomach. She nuzzled his neck, breathing him.

"So that's what I've been missing?" She murmured into his ear, and he felt a familiar stir where her leg was conveniently placed.

"Woman, you haven't seen anything yet," He sat up and stood up, pulling her with him before lifting her up as she wrapped her legs around his bare waist once more. They stopped against the front door, and once on the stairs, before they found his bed. Her tribulations of earlier forgotten, he did his best to clear her mind of any and all thoughts that weren't right here in this moment. And she didn't complain, if only begging for more.

It was late morning when she woke, her eyes felt puffy and heavy, and it took a moment for her to adjust to her surroundings. It was bright through the curtains in the room, the soft material moving lightly in the breeze. She felt the rise and fall of the chest below her head, and as she lifted her head up to peer at the man below her, she had a sudden rush of the thoughts of the night before. She had no idea how much sleep they'd gotten, and wasn't aware of what time it was in the world, as they went on just laying there. The tickle of her long dark tresses across his broad chest caused him to shift, and with a long sigh his eyes opened slightly.

"Mmm…what time is it?" His voice was gravelly with sleep as he pulled her closer, inhaling the scent of her shampoo from their impromptu midnight shower. She giggled a little as he ran his fingers up her bare side, teasing the underside of her breast.

"I have no idea," she replied softly, not caring either. He leaned back and kissed her forehead before they both leaned back against the white pillows.

"We're probably late for work," he replied, though neither moved from their spot. "I'd rather just stay here today," He teased, twisting to his side and engulfing his face between her bare breasts. She laughed out loud, wrapping her arms around him. Everything about this felt natural, felt easy. She imagined they had done this often. He knew his way around every inch of her being, and she appreciated that more than she could express in words.

"Shouldn't we call and tell them we're coming in?"

"Who would want to do that?" was his teasing response, as he worked his lips up to her face. He looked down upon her, the way her hair splay across the white pillow, her eyes still full of sleep, her cheeks flushed with attraction. He stole a kiss from her swollen lips before reaching over to grab his phone and make the call. Before he could dial the garage's number, they heard the screen door open and slam downstairs. They locked eyes and waited for the sound of Mia's voice.

"Dom! Letty! Are you guys okay?" Concern was evident and Dom showed Letty the time on the phone screen. They'd slept past noon. Letty covered her eyes with her hand as Dom swung his legs over the bed.

"Hang on, Mia, I'll be right down," He called out, grabbing a pair of sweatpants out of his dresser. Letty whistled softly as she stared at her man's muscular back, and he just shook his head with light laughter as he pulled a tee shirt over his head. He made his way down the stairs and found Mia in the living room, surveying the clothing strewn about from the night before. They locked eyes across the room, and though her hands were on her hips, she laughed, shaking her head.

"Well, I'm glad you guys are all right," she brushed her hair out of her face and rolled her eyes, "When neither of you showed this morning we got concerned. Usually you're the first one there and when I had to unlock the door, I figured something had happened."

"Sorry, Mia," Was his response, and she just shook her head again. Light footprints made their way down the stairs, as Letty appeared, her long white cotton top and blue sweatpants standing out against the contrast of her dark skin and hair. She smiled at her friend with a small wave.

"Morning, Mi" She greeted, leaning on the railing. As Dom made his way past Mia into the kitchen, they exchanged a knowing glance, before Mia clapped her hands lightly and motioned for Letty to call her later. Letty nodded with a laugh, as both girls turned for the kitchen.

"We'll be along shortly," Dom spoke to Mia as she pushed the door open.

"Oh, I'll let the guys know," She teased, before making her way back to her car. Dom started the coffee as Letty cleaned up the table from the night before. They worked in silence for a few moments as Dom began cooking, Letty pulling out clothes from the dryer to fold. It wasn't long before Dom put eggs and bacon on a plate for her and himself, and poured them each of cup of coffee. Letty picked up a piece of bacon off his plate before he carried them to the table and chewed the delicious slice, watching him as he watched her. He flipped the stove off, and before she knew it he was pushing her up against the kitchen counter, his hands moving back across the flesh they'd visited last night. Her laughter rang out through the house as he devoured her collar bone. She had a feeling it would be a while before they'd be at work, if at all that day.

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