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Chapter 1: Gathering the Warriors

Camp Half-Blood

"They aren't going to like it," Chiron said gravely, looking at all the counselors gathered around the ping pong table.

"It doesn't matter! We have a duty to help them," Clarisse argued.

"This is not our fight, nor our jurisdiction," Chiron replied, "It is Norse, not Greek. They have Thor and they are going after Loki and the Chitauri."

"Innocent people are going to get slaughtered! To hell this isn't our fight!" Will shouted indignantly.

"The Avengers will take care of it," Chiron told them all, "besides, we can't be discovered. It is better that we don't get involved."

"It is our job to protect the mortals for the monsters, how is protecting them from the Chitauri any different?" Katie asked, "The mortals cannot protect themselves. They don't have the skills or the tools necessary."

"I can't let you help them," Chiron sighed.

"But tha-," the campers started but Chiron cut them off.

"Officially. If five or six of you go to New York, you can just claim to have been there when it had started, but do not get caught. It could mean the end of freedom from the mortals." With that said, Chiron nodded to them all, and without another word, silently left the room.

"Well, on that happy note," Clarisse stated loudly, "I'm going to go help the mortals. Who wants to come with me?"

"Don't be ridiculous, you heard Chiron, end of our freedom," Lou Ellen scoffed.

"Some should go," Piper said, "but some have to stay back to protect and teach the younger campers."

"I'm going," Travis announced suddenly.

"No, you aren't," Katie responded immediately, quieter she added, "Conner wouldn't want you to join him so soon."

"But I want to go," Travis insisted in a hollow voice.

"No, you do-," Katie began but Nico interrupted her.

"I think it's a good idea." The entire rooms occupants looked at him. "Travis can burn off some of his sadness and guilt by saving other innocents."

"So who else?" Will asked.

"I'm going to IM Percy if he and Annabeth are going to go help, then I am going to go get Thalia, I already IM-ed her about going to go help out," Nico told the room.

"Alright then," Piper said, "That's a plan. The rest of us will stay here for back up if things get out of control or for medical supplies once you make it back. IM if you guys need us. Sound good?"

Everyone mumbled their agreement, and the counselors left except Nico, Clarisse, and Travis.

"Will you IM Percy?" Nico asked Clarisse.

"Yeah. I'll do it as I suit up," Clarisse replied, "How we gonna get there?"

"Mrs. O'Leary," Nico sarcastically replied.

"All righty then. Travis, you good to go? Clarisse asked him, concern in her voice.

"Hmm, oh, yeah. I'm ready. Just let me go put my armor on." Travis replied distantly.

"Okay, move out," Clarisse said, and the left to go put armor on and gather their weapons.

Travis walked dejectedly back to his cabin. He wanted to fight, he really did. Or not.

"I just want to be with Conner again, if I have to be dead so be it," he thought, "Conner wouldn't like that though, he told me to be happy."

Feeling even worse, he reached his cabin and starting pulling on his armor through muscle memory only when a thought struck him, Chris told the same thing to Clarisse. Stopping for a moment, Travis sat on his bed and stared at his hands.

"If Clarisse can keep going, I can too," he thought. With renewed determination he got back up and finished putting his armor on. As he gathered his weapons, Travis decided that after the battle, he was going to change for the better. And possibly tell Katie about his feelings.

"Woah," Travis thought, stopping for a moment, "Like that's ever going to happen. Friends for now is fine. Friends is good." He walked on towards the arena, heading towards Mrs. O'Leary and the next battle.

Clarisse walked with forced determination to her cabin. Yeah, she wanted to fight, but she wanted to fight alongside her boyfriend, not her boyfriend's younger brother. Maybe this battle will finally be the one to unite her with her fallen hero. Maybe.

"No, that absolutely will not do. I am going into battle in less than five minutes. Depressing thoughts will get me killed out on the field," Clarisse thought, shaking her head as if it would get rid of the horrible thoughts. Walking into her cabin she reached for her armor and thought, "You can do this girl, you can always do this. It's just another battle. You've been through so many already. You can do this, for Chris."

Grabbing her weapons and strapping them to her armor, Clarisse walked with actual determination to the arena, towards another battle, another day.

Nico walked to his cabin, dreading the conversation he was about to have. Sure Percy and Annabeth were the best of the best, but another battle is just mean, but without them, there will just be too many campers going to help save New York.

Stopping at the fountain in the corner of his room, he scooped up a drachma and called out, "O' Iris, goddess of the rainbow, accept my offering, show me Percy Jackson, Home Away from Home." Glittering, an image formed in the rainbow to show Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase engaged in a heated make out session.

"Ewww!" Nico exclaimed, "Oh gods, I did not need to see that!"

Percy and Annabeth sprung apart, both of them blushing furiously. "Gods Nico, what do you want?" Percy complained.

"Err," Nico was bright red, trying desperately to get the image of his cousin making out with his girlfriend out of his head. "Um, we need your help."

"What for," Annabeth asked with a sigh, it was never good when Nico contacted them for help.

"Have you see what is happening around Stark Tower," Nico asked, grabbing his armor and starting to put it on.

"Erm, no?" Percy asked sheepishly, "we were a bit busy as you saw."

"Percy!" Annabeth scolded him as she lightly hit his arm, "What's the situation?"

"Loki has brought the Chitauri to New York, Clarisse, Travis, Thalia, and me will meet you outside your apartment," Nico said.

Their expressions darkened instantly. After a minute of non verbal communication, Percy cleared his throat and said, "Alright, let us armor up."

"We'll meet you in five minutes," Annabeth told Nico before waving her hand through the mist and severing their connection.

"Great, Thalia next," Nico muttered to himself as he picked up his sword and melted into the shadow.

"Dismissed for the night," Thalia called over her shoulder as she walked into her tent. Placing her pack, Thalia knelt down next to it to retrieve her bed roll for the night. As she turned around to unfurl it, Nico stumbled out of the shadows directly in front of her. Calmly, Thalia turned right around and replaced her bed roll into her back, which she then slung over her shoulder. Walking out of her tent and gesturing for Nico to follow her, Thalia call out, "Phoebe, Nico's here to pick me up, I'll be back as soon as I can. IM if you need me."

"Yes, Thalia," Phoebe replied respectfully, concern running through her eyes.

Grabbing Nico's arm, she sent the rest of the Hunt a smile and a quick wave as Nico pulled her into the shadows.

"Hey everybody," Thalia called when she stepped out of the shadows with all the grace of a Huntress, Nico stumbling alongside her as he always does.

"Hey yourself," Clarisse replied gruffly.

Travis just nodded at her. Frowning, Thalia nodded back, shooting a glance at Nico that clearly said "We'll talk later."

"Everyone ready to go?" Nico asked. When they all nodded back to him, Nico just smiled, whistled for Mrs. O'Leary and when she popped up said, "Then up you go." Whispering into Mrs. O'Leary's ear, he patted her on the neck and she stepped into shadows, closely followed by Nico.

Percy and Annabeth observed as Mrs. O'Leary popped out of the shadows, Nico following close behind.

"You guys ready?" Percy asked as they all hopped off Mrs. O'Leary, breaking off and handing a portion of an ambrosia square he produced from somewhere in his bronze armor to Nico as he listed dangerously to the side. Receiving nods in affirmation, he glanced at Annabeth, who in turn gripped his hand tighter. The Strategist, in her gleaming bronze, took over.

"Percy and I will head over to Stark Tower and help out on the ground there. Clarisse, head down 39th and gradually head up to the Tower as the Chitauri are destroyed. Nico, take Thalia up to the top of one of the buildings then head down to Central Park to do damage control there. Thalia, I want you to choose a building and take down the air born ones. Travis, take air born things down with your flying shoes in the air surrounding Stark Tower to the beginning of 39th. Clarisse, as the only one without a lot of backup, get out if you need to and join Percy and I at the Tower. Any questions?"

Percy raised his hand, "Codenames?"

"Right, I'm Strategist, Percy's Gladiator, Nico's Reaper, Thalia's Huntress, Travis is Traveler, and Clarisse is Boar. Any questions." They all shook their heads. "Alrighty then, meet back here after the battle. Let's move out."

Putting their helmets, or in Thalia's case her hood, on the group of demigods dispersed to the positions Annabeth laid out for them, ready to kick some Chitauri butt.

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