AN: So this is where the Avengers will be getting suspicious. No worries though, they won't find out for a while.

Chapter 5: Planning Meetings

New York, NY

Silently, a shadow moved through the Blofis-Jackson residence. An arm shot out to grab a cookie off the table. Moving towards a bedroom door, it eased the door open as silently as it could. When the figure got to the figure lying peacefully in bed, it slipped a bottle out of its pocket. Opening the cap, the figure dumped the contents onto the sleeping figure and bolted out of the room, through the apartment, and into the kitchen where it hurried to find a degree of normalness before the sleeping figure woke up and kicked his butt.

"Aargh!" Percy woke up to a tickling sensation, everywhere. Hoping out of bed, he heard a slam of a cupboard and knew who it was. "Nico!"

"Ah," Nico screamed as Percy came after him.

"I'm gonna kill you!" Percy shouted.

Nico just screamed again.

Walking in the room through the fire escape, Thalia complained, "Nico, you scream like a girl."

The boys stared at her, then went back to what they were doing.

A few minutes later, someone knocked on the door and shouted, "What's going on in there?"

The cousins froze, and Percy hesitantly called back, "Nothing?" it came as a question though.

Annabeth appeared through the fire escape and popped up behind the three cousins and asked, "What are you guys doing?"

"Ahhh," the cousins screamed in response, whirling around and almost falling over.

"That's it, I'm coming in there," with that said, the door busted open, revealing a very worried looking Captain America, "What happened?"

"He played a prank on me!" Percy shouted pointing a Nico.

"Well you threatened to kill me!" Nico shouted right back.

"I showed up and they ignored me," Thalia said, offended.

"I scared the crap out of them," Annabeth said, smiling slightly.

"Not true!" the cousins cried out, "You just startled us!"

The shouting began, all fighting with each other while the Captain just looked on amusedly.

Eventually the girls just kind of stopped shouting and just watched the boys, who started wrestling by this point, with Captain Rogers.

"So what are you doing here, Captain?" Annabeth asked.

"I was just passing by when I heard the screaming," He answered.

"Oh, I'm Annabeth Chase," Annabeth said, noticing the questing glances the Captain was shouting the four of them, "and this is Thalia, she doesn't use her last name."

Thalia waved slightly and continued digging through the cupboards.

The Captain shot a worrying glance at her. "Should she be doing that?" He asked.

"Oh, it's fine," Annabeth replied, "It is Percy's house. Percy Jackson, he's the older boy. Nico Di Angelo, the other one, was already here, and Thalia and I were going to hang out with them today. Guess that didn't happen."

"Found it!" Thalia exclaimed from where she was reaching into a cupboard.

"Found what?" Percy asked breathlessly from where he was pinning Nico down.

"My mug," Thalia said happily.

"You have a mug in my kitchen?" Percy asked.

"Yes, is that a problem?" Thalia asked dangerously.

Percy swallowed nervously and said, "No?" but it came out more as a question than a definite answer.

"Good," Thalia said, then she smiled sweetly.

Percy coughed and looked down at Nico, "Give up yet, little cousin?" he asked.

"I give," Nico said reluctantly.

Captain Rogers laughed, "You remind me of the group that helped us out during the Chitauri Invasion."

The four on them froze for a second, just long enough for the Captain to notice before continuing with what they were doing. Percy smiled and said, "You must be imaging it."

"Yeah," Captain said, slightly suspicious. He glanced at the clock, "I gotta go, I told Stark I would be at his tower five minutes ago."

"Oh, I've always wanted to meet Mr. Stark," Annabeth said excitedly, "The architecture of his tower is astounding."

"That's cool. Maybe to make it up to all of you I can see if the Avengers would like to meet you," the Captain offered.

"Thanks but it wouldn't be fair if we got to meet them and our friends, Travis Stoll and Clarisse La Rue, didn't," Thalia said, pouring herself some blue lemonade.

"If it's only two more, they can probably come too," Captain said, "Do you have some way I can contact you?"

"I'll give you my number," Annabeth said as she wrote her number down on a spare piece of paper.

"Thanks, I'll call to let you know when I have an answer," Captain said, letting himself out of the door, "It was nice meeting you all."

The four smiled and said, "You too."

"Sorry I'm late," Steve said as he walked off the elevator and onto the floor the rest of the Avengers, besides the Asgardian ones who were up on Asgard, were gathered at, "I got held up on my way back by some teenagers."

"Oh, who?" Natasha asked.

"Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Nico Di Angelo, and Thalia who doesn't use her last name apparently," Steve replied, "Oh, Stark?"

"Yeah," Tony looked up from where he was pouring coffee into a mug.

"Annabeth is very into architecture and wants to meet you," Steve told him, "actually I offered to ask if you all wanted to meet them and their friends, Travis Stoll and Clarisse La Rue."

"Eh, why not," Natasha said.

"Jarvis, look up the names Rogers gave us," Tony told his AI.

"Yes, sir, beginning search now," Jarvis informed the Avengers.

"Was that necessary?" Bruce asked.

"Yes, we need to know who they are before we meet them," Tony told him.

"Another thing," Steve cut in before Bruce could say anything else, "when I mentioned that they had acted a lot like the Warriors did after the battle, they all froze for a split second and almost looked at each other, but stopped themselves."

"That's suspicious," Natasha said.

"Yeah, I'll go watch it if you want," Clint offered, "Where do they live?"

Before Steve could answer, Jarvis did, "Percy Jackson lives on apartment B-5 at 341 East 106th Street. I assume that is the only address you would like as Miss Chase lives in California, Miss Thalia Grace and Mr. Di Angelo do not have registered addresses, while Miss La Rue likes in Arizona, and Mr. Stoll lives in Nebraska."

"Yeah, thanks Jay," Tony said.

"You're welcome, sir," Jarvis responded.

"Okay, so do you want me to watch Jackson?" Clint asked again.

"Sure, we can find out more about them that way," Steve said.

"So are we going to be meeting them?" Natasha asked.

The team looked at each other and assessed their responses, as one they said, "Yeah."

"Great, I'll call Annabeth and set up a day. It will be here correct?" Steve asked Tony.

"Yeah, of course," Tony said.

"Great, I'll go let her know," Steve said as he walked off to go use the phone he left in his room.

"Do you think that the kids are the Warriors?" Tony asked as they watched Steve walk to his room.

"I don't know," Natasha sighed, "When they come to visit we can ask questions and try to figure it out."

Taking the note out of his pocket, Steve dialed the number. Ring, ring the line went. And he waited for someone to answer the call.

"Hello?" Annabeth's voice came on.

"Hi Annabeth. It's Captain Rogers," Steve said.

"Oh, hey Captain. Did you get an answer?" Annabeth asked.

"Yes, the Avengers would love to meet you and your friends. Come by the Tower next week at nine o'clock and you can stay all day." Steve replied.

"Thank you so much, we'll be there. Tell them all thanks for me."

"Okay, will do. I look forward to seeing you again."

"Yeah, me too, bye."

"Bye," Steve hung up. Walking back to where the rest of his team where, he said, "They are going to come next week from nine to whenever they leave."

"Awesome," Tony said, "now you can come with me to go tell Pepper about why I don't have to do any work next Saturday."

"Why?" Steve asked from where Tony was attempting to pull him along.

"Because she is going to want an official notice of it so she can reschedule all my appointments."

"Okay," Steve said, and the two of the walked into the elevator.

"So should we plan the day, or just do whatever?" Bruce asked, turning his attention from the closed elevator to the SHIELD agents.

"I don't care," Natasha said.

"Jarvis?" Clint asked.

"Yes Agent Barton," Jarvis's voice came on over their heads.

"Can you make a list of activities that the kids would probably like to do. A list for each one and then a list of things that all of them would enjoy together," Natasha said into the air.

"Yes Agent Romanoff, compiling the data now, estimated completion time, five minutes," Jarvis said.

"Awesome, I assume that those activities are what we would probably what we will be doing," Bruce asked.

"Well, we just choose something that we like and they like and do that," Natasha replied.

"Okay," Clint said.

"Well, they promise to be interesting people," Natasha commented after a few minutes.

"Yes they do," Bruce said.

"Lists completed. Would Agent Romanoff, Agent Barton and Mr. Banner like to review the lists now, or shall I call Mr. Stark, Mr. Rogers?" Jarvis asked.

"Let's hear the lists now," Natasha decided.

"Percy Jackson: swimming, sword fighting, watching television, cheese burgers. Annabeth Chase: learning, teaching, architecture, knives, different styles of fighting cheese burgers. Nico Di Angelo: sword fighting, cheese burgers. Thalia Grace: hunting, bows and arrows, knives, spears, different styles of fighting, cheese burgers. Clarisse La Rue: all weaponry, different styles of fighting, wrestling, cheese burgers. Travis Stoll: pranks, sword fighting, cheese burgers. All: fighting, cheese burgers," Jarvis said, "I have also taken the liberty to place the lists on the Starkpad by the coffee machine and email the lists to Mr. Stark and Mr. Rogers."

"Thanks, Jarvis," Bruce said.

"You're welcome sir," Jarvis replied.

"So we teach them different ways to fight, then order fast food," Clint deadpanned.

"Um, yeah, seems like, but they all like something one of us like, so we can get together with that person and spend a few hours doing whatever, then fight and order burgers," Natasha said with a smile.

"Great, I want Annabeth after she gushes over the architecture of the Tower to Tony," Bruce called.

"Awesome, I'll take Clarisse and I can show her my weapons collection," Natasha said.

"So do I get the prankster or the bow?" Clint asked Natasha.

"Bow, we can give Travis to Tony," Natasha replied promptly.

"That would mean Jackson and Di Angelo both go with Rogers unless Thor shows up," Bruce pointed out.

"Hmmm, you're right, I think Percy and Nico can handle being with Steve for a few hours," Natasha decided, "I'll go text Tony and Steve what's happening."

AN: So I hope I didn't do too badly on the lists. I don't know if Travis and Clarisse like cheese burgers but since Percy, Annabeth, Nico, and Thalia like them, I just went with it. Next chapter will be the meeting and the demigods will almost be like the Warriors, then totally throw the Avengers off their scent.