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SUMMARY: Bella woke up in a strange place as a vampire. However that isn't the only thing to happen to her. Bella finds out that her family is cursed, that whenever a Swan dies of an unnatural death they return to life as a vampire. Also Bella finds out that the woman who raised her isnt her mother, Renee wants to kill Bella for some unknown reason and Bella wants to know why. But Bella also wants to know who her real mother is. So she leaves to hide and to find her mother, but she plans to stop Renee no matter what it takes.

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Chapter 1: Bitter Sweet Start

The metallic taste of my blood was the only thing my tongue picked up on of my blood in my mouth, all I could see were blurry images of my surroundings and black patches, my whole body ached in pain, and my head screamed at me. My legs and arms were numb; I couldn't feel anything—except pain, excruciating PAIN! My mind was blank; I had given up on everything —a chance of escape, a chance of rescue, or even this mother fucker ending everything right now. He was enjoying himself too much, the sick fuck. I just wanted it to be over; I wanted to just close my eyes and not wake up. Or if they do open again, I want to be curled up in my king size bed where Matilda would carry in my breakfast on a tray and hand it to me. However, I knew that was not going to happen.

I still didn't even know the whole reason for my capture. I had only gotten bits and pieces of the time I had spent down in this cold basement. I didn't even know how long I had been here now; I had lost track of time. What I had figured out was that he had been screwed over by my father, lost everything and now he figured doing this to me was getting back at my father. My father hardly knew I existed, and for the 19 years I have lived in the same fucking house, he only spoke to me when it suited him. My mother was the same—they were wrapped up in their work and their affairs. Both knowing about the other's, only living together because it was all about money, fame and social affairs in the 21st century. Holding me, torturing me, starving me, and whatever else he had done. My parents probably haven't even noticed that I'm missing. They probably thought I had left and gone back to New York, back to college.

I had been on holidays for Thanksgiving and had given up a Hawaii vacation with my hot-ass boyfriend and our friends to go back to my parents who acted as if I wasn't alive. Everyone thought I had the perfect life, money, looks, hot boyfriend, parents who gave me anything. What they didn't know though is that all those come with things that are missing from a child's life. Love. It's all sucked away by greed, people are so consumed by their money and power that their children don't matter anymore. However, being the 'perfect' child that I was, I slapped a smile on my face and acted as if I was the happiest person on the planet. I had been at it for so long that sometimes I even convinced myself that I was happy. Then I would remember how unhappy I was.

Maybe this fucker was doing me a favour, making me feel something. Even if it was pain, it was a different kind of pain from the loneliness and quiet suffering I was used to. It was physical pain; it wasn't just in my mind. I know now that I have accepted what I knew what would happen soon. I knew I had lost a lot of blood, my wounds were infected and I could feel the life slowly leaving my body. I didn't care anymore—if I died, I died. If I didn't, I didn't. It was as simple as that, but I still wished silently that I would die, that I wouldn't survive this. I don't know how I would survive after all this, in the end I would probably kill myself anyway.

Closing my eyes, I leant my head forward, I could feel my heart slowing, maybe this was it. I felt cold—I shivered—everything was completely numb now, and I felt as if I was floating. I couldn't feel the ground, or the chair I was sitting on, I couldn't even feel the tight binds of the rope wrapped around my wrists and ankles. I took a deep breath and exhaled before everything stopped.

No more heart beat, but I could still feel a burning sensation and it was growing. Right where my heart once pumped life into my body, a fire spread out and through my body. Slowly making its way up my chest to my brain and down my arms. It grew down my body to my legs. I tried to open my mouth to let out a scream but I couldn't move my mouth. I couldn't move anything; I couldn't make a sound.

I thought I was dead since I couldn't feel my heart; I couldn't feel anything but this fire. Maybe hell did exist and that was where I was sent. Maybe to burn for the sins of lying to everyone I ever knew. I didn't know, but I just wanted it to stop. I was sick of pain; I just wanted to be at peace.

The burning reached my toes before it all shot back up my body and back into my heart. The pain stopped and I could feel everything again—the floor, the chair, the ropes—I could hear things as well. I could hear the faint sound of birds chirping happily in the trees, meaning it was probably morning. I hear creaking and the slide of a chair. I heard a key enter a lock and click open the lock. A door swung open and then I smelt something, something that smelt amazing, my throat was burning, burning like a wild fire. I wanted whatever that was. I wanted to sink my teeth into them. I heard the feet of my captor walking down into the basement. His shoes thumped on the old, creaking, wood stairs. When his shoes hit the concrete floor, my eyes snapped open and everything was as clear as day.

My vision had improved. It was better than before. I could clearly see the specks of dust that slowly flew through the air, normally invisible to the human eye. My eyes snapped up and connected with the ugly hazel blue eyes of Frank Smith. Frank was a large man, not fat, but he was built. He was 6'2" and had muscles that you could see through the tight black shirt he had on. However, he had a small beer gut forming. He had a shaved head but what hair you could see was grey, and his beard was just scruff of the last few days. He glared at me and snapped

"What the fuck you staring at bitch?" I shrugged.

"I don't know; some ugly fucking excuse for a human, apparently." Where the FUCK did that come from?I thought to myself; I normally didn't say anything. His glared deepened.

"What, after two months you finally decide to get snarky. I thought you would have learnt by now that you should show me some respect?" I laughed.

"Please, I show respect to people who show respect to me. Beating me, starving me. I don't think that is showing respect, now is it?" He stared at me, not moving from his spot.

My eyes travelled from his eyes down to his chest. I could hear the strong thump in his chest that was his heart; I could hear the blood pumping through his veins. Glancing at his neck, the veins seemed to be jumping out and teasing me. I just wanted to jump up and rip his throat open and get at the blood. I felt something push against my gum inside my mouth. I moved my tongue to feel what it was; it was my teeth, but sharp, pointy and longer than my normal teeth. My two canine teeth had grown long enough that they sat lower than my bottom row.

I stopped my rushing thoughts for a moment and thought harder. No heartbeat. Lust for blood. Fangs. How the fuck had I become a vampire? Is it even possible? There is no way that there were really vampires in the world. I looked down at my hands that were tied to the arm of the chair and wondered, did I have inhuman strength?I looked at Frank for a fraction of a second before looking down at my arms. With a pull of my arm the rope snapped in half. Snapped like a twig, breaking apart. Frank's jaw dropped opened, and I smiled. I gripped the rope around my other arm and ripped it off and then ripped my legs out of the rope below.

I stood up from the chair and for the first time in my life, I felt physically powerful, I left like I could do anything. Frank's first reaction was to run at me. Before he could take two steps, I had slammed him up against a wall leaving a crack in the concrete wall. I laughed at how amazed I was. Nothing could be better. I was finally in control for once.

"Now, Frank, I have one thing to do before I leave."

He stared at me with fear in his eyes. "What, you freak?" I frowned.

"That's not very nice, but I guess it can't be helped knowing how much of a dickhead you are. Oh well…" I shrugged my shoulders and glared at him "…goodbye, Frank." I leaned forward and slammed my new fangs into his throat. I felt the skin rip apart as my teeth dove through his flesh to get to the fresh blood that was just below. The blood pooled into my throat, and I swallowed mouthful after mouthful of this asshole's blood. I felt his heart stop, and I dropped his body to the ground.

His eyes were opened wide, filled with fear and as pale as a ghost. Wiping my mouth with my hand, I walked up the stairs. I had never seen the outside of the basement, and I wondered where I was being kept. I walked through the door, and it was a quiet house. I locked the basement door with the lock on the outside of the handle and walked down the hallway to what looked like the front of the house. I stopped in between two open doorways, a large living area on my right and a large fining area on my left. Just beside me in the hall was a staircase leading up to the second floor.

Walking upstairs, I was met with a smaller hallway that had three doors. I walked to the first door and opened it, inside was a simple bathroom, shower, toilet and a basin. I closed the door and walked up to the second door. It was a bedroom, empty of anything personal— just a double bed, side tables, a dresser and a desk in the corner. I closed that door and walked to the last door. It was another bedroom except this one was filled with pictures, the bed was unmade, and there were clothes thrown all over the floor. I walked over to the closet and opened the doors. To my surprise, there was a bunch of female clothing. Looking down at my dirty blood-covered clothes, I decided against it, who knows who was wearing these clothes. Maybe Frank was a transo, which would have been funny seeing a man like that dressed as a woman.

Deciding I wanted to just go home and then figure everything out, I walked downstairs and out the front door. I was in the middle of a fucking suburb. Are you fucking kidding me? I decided maybe I shouldn't walk home, and I walked back into the house. Finding a pair of car keys I guessed was for the truck parked out front, I quickly ran and jumped into the beast of a car before making my way home.

These were the things that I knew at the moment. I had been captured for two months and kept in a basement in the middle of a fucking suburb. I died and became a vampire. I had killed Frank, and I also realised I didn't have a fucking clue where I was. My life at the moment was totally fucked up.