Chapter one

It was a week after the battle of Hogwarts that Harry Potter went to Diagon Alley so he could go to Gringotts. The moment he stepped into the Leaky Cauldron, people instantly called out to him, then started to shake his hand and thank him. Harry knew everyone would do this, so he just nodded, shook their hands but kept moving towards the back. He made his way up to Gringotts, where two goblins opened the doors. Harry went straight over to the counter, organised a vault for Teddy, then decided to set up one for the Weasley's so they could fix their house, but also so they could live and buy food. They could take their time and not have to worry about anything. Harry visited his vault first, filled his pouch with money, then went to Sirius' vault. He knew the Blacks were well off, but even he was surprised by the contents. He grabbed another bag full of money and stuck that in his pocket before heading back out.

He decided to buy some things for himself, clothes and shoes were the first thing he bought. When he finished shopping, he headed straight to Andromeda Tonks' home. He gave her the key to the vault, then sat there talking to her while he held Teddy. Andromeda taught Harry how to feed Teddy, then change him before letting Harry put her grandson to bed. Harry said goodbye then headed back to Hogwarts, dropped his bags off, instantly changed out of his old clothes into some new ones, then headed to the Burrow. The moment he stepped through the wards, he could see a lot of damage. Chickens were running around everywhere as there was no chicken coop left, Mr. Weasley's shed also had damage and no doors left on it. Harry saw the small balcony he had sat on a few times hanging loose, lots of windows busted all over the Burrow. Harry sighed, then stepped into the large kitchen.

'Hi,' Harry said as he sat down next to Mr. Weasley.

'Hello Harry, you still look tired.'

'Nightmares,' Harry shrugged, 'I got this for you,' he handed over the bag of money to Mr. Weasley, 'But I also set up a vault for all of you to use, you're going to need to stock up on food, apart from repairing everything. Now I know you wouldn't want me to do this or to give you a lot, so I just put enough in. But it should keep you all going until you can all go back to work, which won't be for a while and this way you can take your time,' Harry handed Mr. Weasley a small brass key, 'And before you ask, Sirius' vault even surprised me. So it's not like I'm going to miss it and it goes to good people.'

'Even though I wish you didn't do this or that I didn't need to take it, thank you, it will help. Molly's been making do with what we got from Hogwarts, so at least now she can go stock up on some food. Charlie wants to stay for a while, Percy is going to stay as well. George said he can't go back to his flat, but he's not ready to find another one. So the house is going to be full for a while.'

'Yeah, I can understand them wanting to stay close. Where is everyone?'

'Ron and Hermione are in Ron's room, Ginny's in hers, the rest, I'm not sure, maybe in their rooms as well. Why don't you go see your friends?'

'Okay, thanks,' Harry walked slowly up the stairs, he passed Percy's room, Percy was tidying up, he saw Harry, gave him a small smile and a nod, Harry nodded back. He kept walking slowly until he came to another door and saw Charlie gazing out the window, 'Everything okay Charlie?'

'Hey Harry, yeah, just trying to get my head around the fact that it's all over.'

Harry leant against the door frame, 'I've been doing the same thing. I have these dreams that his still here and these last few weeks have been a dream, I wake up and he's still trying to kill me,' Harry shrugged.

'Yeah, I could believe it, especially with you. Come in for a minute, close the door.'

Harry nodded then closed the door behind him but leant against it, 'So what's up?'

Charlie stared at Harry for a minute then walked over and stood in front of him and gazed into his eyes.

'I was hoping that I could give you something to think about,' Charlie smiled then brushed his lips over Harry's.

Harry smiled, 'Do you know that it was you that made me realise I was gay?'

'No, but I'm intrigued, so tell me.'

'The first time I saw you, I stepped out of the fire, you were sitting with Bill, laughing with Fred and George about what they did to my cousin. My eyes went straight to you, long hair, earring in your ear, your arms and chest,' Harry gave a small moan of pleasure making Charlie laugh, 'I had too much to think about then, but I would see that perfect image quite a lot. When I realised I was gay, the sight of you kept coming back to me.'

'So you like the way I look, good to know,' Charlie took Harry's hand and they sat on the edge of the bed, 'Those few weeks before Bill got married, I couldn't stop watching you. I didn't say anything because I knew you were tense and really, it wasn't the best time to think or even talk about what could happen.'

'When I was away with Hermione and Ron, there were times I needed to clear my head so I'd go for a walk, find somewhere quiet and secluded, I'd sit and before I know it your image would come to me again.'

Charlie noticed Harry blushed slightly, 'Ah, and you would, well let's just say you would use that image of me to make yourself relax.'

Harry blushed brightly, 'You could say that,' he heard Charlie chuckle, 'It wasn't funny, there I am sitting there doing that when blasted snatchers or death eaters could have shown up. After the first time though, I always had to find some privacy.'

'Well Mr. Potter, you don't need either that picture of me or your hand anymore,' Charlie gently rubbed Harry's groin making him moan again, 'From now on it will be my hand or my mouth that can do that for you. That's if you want us to see if this could go anywhere?'

'I do, I wasn't sure you thought of me like that, and it's the only reason I haven't said anything to you. Then I figured if this was ever over you'd go home, you know, back to Romania.'

'No, when we were in hiding at Muriel's, we all talked and knew sooner or later this fight was coming and we all knew the chance of losing someone or more than one. So I decided then that I'm staying to be close to the family. So does Ron know your gay, he knows I am, I finally told the family a few weeks back?'

'Yep, I told both of them when we were away, then I explained to Ginny and she wasn't surprised actually. She said she always had a feeling there was something different about me. You do know we dated though, don't you?'

'Yep, Ginny told all of us. But she also told us that she knew you wouldn't get together again. I spoke with her one day, just after I explained about being gay. She started to ask me questions and I realised she was asking because of you. So even though we haven't talked until now, when Ginny talked to me that day, that's when I knew there might be a chance for us.'

'Well Sirius said all Potter men seem to like red heads, seems he was right,' Harry smiled shyly up at Charlie then before he knew it he was lying back on the bed being thoroughly snogged and he couldn't help the groan escaping him even with his mouth against Charlie and his tongue dancing around Charlie's. Both men were all hands, lips and tongues and before either of them knew it they were undressing, pulling at each other's clothes but their lips kept finding the other.

Both Harry and Charlie were panting heavily as they lay sprawled over Charlie's old bed, they were staring at each other but they were also holding hands.

'I wasn't expecting sex so soon Harry, I figured you'd want some time.'

'Charlie, I haven't stopped thinking about this in so long, I wasn't going to say no. Like what you said before, anyone could have died, so I'm going to live my life like there is no tomorrow, I'm not going to just sit back anymore. I've been thinking of talking to you for a while now, but I just couldn't seem to find any more bravery to approach you. I think I used it all up.'

Charlie laughed, 'Well you didn't and if you're sure, I know I want to keep shagging you. I wonder if the family will be surprised when we tell them?'

'They know we're both gay, most were there at Grimmauld Place when Sirius told me how all Potter men marry red heads. I never did ask him if there were any gay men in the family, maybe he didn't know. It's only in the last few years that's it's been accepted, well in our world it's accepted. The muggle world still has problems with gay people.'

'It will change because people are realising that this is how we're born, that it's not a choice, it's who we are. We just seem to find other men attractive. I know mum and dad will be happy, they have been waiting for the day when I would settle down. Even after I told them I was gay, mum said then find a nice man Charlie, it's time to settle down,' Charlie chuckled making Harry laugh, 'So now you are finally my partner Mr. Potter, which makes you more a family member than you were before.'

'That's true, but you know the first time I thought of you like that I wasn't sure it was right. I had come to think of your family as my family in a way, Ron as a brother, Fred and George like brothers. When I realised I was gay, I thought of Ginny as a sister like how I think of Hermione. So I kept thinking could I be with you knowing how I felt about the family, but you can't help who you like and I like you.'

'Good to know especially since we did just shag each other. I suppose we should get up and go let everyone know we're together.'

'We should and originally I was heading up here to see Ron and Hermione but I'm glad I saw you. I figured I'd have to tell you sooner or later or I would have just kept drooling every time I saw you.'

Charlie laughed loudly, 'Do I make you drool Harry?'

'Every time I see you Charlie,' Harry grinned, then stood up, 'I'm going to feel that for a while.'

'Being your first time, yep, you are,' Charlie stood and started to dress but his eyes stayed on Harry while he dressed, 'Let's go babe,' Charlie held out his hand to Harry.

'Babe,' Harry chuckled then slid his hand into Charlie, 'I like that, babe.'

Harry and Charlie kissed again then slowly walked down the stairs, still holding hands. Arthur spotted them first, he gave them a smiled.

'We saw a few looks going on between you two, so we knew or hoped this would happen,' Arthur smiled.

'You mean?' Ron waved his hand between Harry, his mate, and Charlie, his brother.

'Yep we're together Ron, are you okay with that?' Harry asked as he sat beside Hermione with Charlie beside him.

'Um, yeah, sure, I've been expecting to see you with some bloke but I wasn't expecting it to be Charlie. But as you said to me once, you can't help who you fall for,' Ron looked at Hermione and gave her a smile.

'No you can't little brother,' Charlie put his arm around Harry and pulled him close, but he did notice Ginny chuckling quietly, 'Yeah, I know Ginny.'

Harry looked up, 'What?'

'She made a bet with me a couple of days ago. Said the next time you turned up I'd either say something about liking you or we'd be together. I said not the next time, because originally I was going to give you a few looks to give you an idea that I did like you.'

'Okay, so how much do you owe Ginny?'

'Not money, but I have to do her chores for the next week,' Charlie grimaced making everyone around the table laugh. But Charlie didn't care, he had Harry in his arms, what he had been hoping for a long time now.