Chapter twenty four

Over the next week, Harry had been to Hogwarts twice. He mainly stayed with Octavia and Terry, but he did get to speak with Hermione, Ginny and all his other friends, but not too often as he had to do his duty as an auror.

A month after the students went back to Hogwarts, Darius, Harry, Terry and Octavia turned up, spoke to Lavinia, Ron and Cho. They notified Minerva McGonagall who sent notes to twenty three girls and three boys, all to go straight to her office after their next class.

All the students filed into the headmistress office, Ginny instantly looked towards Ron and Harry who gave her a smile, but never moved from beside the rest of the aurors.

'I asked you all here because head auror Swain has something he'd like to tell you,' Minerva looked towards Darius.

'Gregory Goyle and Blaise Zabini were given life, well, they were given three life sentences, which means never to be released even if they are model prisoners.'

All the students cheered and hugged each other, except Ginny who hugged Ron and Harry at the same time making them both laugh.

'Looks like their all happy with that announcement, but Miss Weasley has gone a little too far I think.'

Ginny let Harry and Ron go before facing her headmistress. 'Sorry professor, I lost myself.'

'Quite understandable and I'm sure some of these other students would do the same thing if they had family here right now.'

'Did the Wizengamot need to see the memories?' Dennis asked.

'No, they read our report and knew we had the memories. They also had the reports from the Unspeakables who performed those tests we told you about. They said all of you didn't need to have those thoughts of others watching what you had been through. Now another announcement, auror Potter is going to Azkaban with me tomorrow and he is going to remove that part of their memories, so they won't ever remember any of it.'

Every student all looked at Harry and smiled, nodded their heads at him. Harry nodded and smiled back.

'I think all of you deserve some time. So why don't you all head out for the rest of this lesson?'

As the students moved through the door, 'I think all those students can finally put last year behind them now. Knowing they were still out there was hard on all of them but they don't have to worry about them anymore,' Darius said.

'It was the one thing I hated, knowing I could have bumped into them just going about my business,' Cho said.

'Well just like the others Cho, you can put that behind you as well. Now why don't you three head home and get some sleep.'

'Thanks boss,' Lavinia said then led Ron and Cho out of the office.

'We'll go patrol, but I think we're all going to be a bit bored. Mr. Malfoy said all the Slytherin's are doing their work. None of them are talking about the old ways.' Octavia said.

'I believe he's right Darius, they are even behaving in class, receiving a lot of points. I really don't think aurors are needed, but as we do want them to feel safe, I will leave the decision up to you,' Minerva said.

'I might change it to two at a time, just for the year. I've had a few students say they feel better knowing we're here and after last year, I don't blame them. So for now until I redo the roster, Harry, Terry, Octavia, just keep a listen out. Now I'll be off as well, I'll talk to you later Minerva.'

'See you tomorrow boss,' Octavia said then turned back to Minerva, 'We'll let you get back to work Minerva. You know where we'll be if you need us, but I don't think you will.'

'No, I don't think I will either,' Minerva smiled as she watched the aurors leave her office, 'I think Hogwarts is finally just back to being a school Albus, one that every student feels safe in.'

'I believe you are right Minerva. I even believe Harry is finally putting his past behind him, just like the rest of those students.'

'He is, that comes down to his love for Charlie and the Weasley's. Now I should get back to work.'

'You look like you're in a good mood Harry,' Terry said.

'A very good mood, helping those people, I feel really good right now. But also knowing I can take those memories from those two bastards will help them as well.'

'Yeah, I overheard a couple of the girls talking about that. They really like the fact that those two won't remember what they did or what the girls looked like,' Octavia said.

'Ginny said that to me, then hugged me like her mother does when I told her I'm removing them. Anyway, it'll just be two of us from now on, do you think anything will happen or will we be bored?' Harry smirked at the other two aurors.

Octavia and Terry looked at each other than Harry, the three aurors spoke together.

'Bored,' it made the three aurors laugh, then they pulled out their auror sides and went about patrolling Hogwarts. Octavia and Terry noticed Harry had a very contented look on his face as they walked around the old castle and realised that Harry Potter was also putting his past behind him.

Harry stepped into his house and saw Charlie in the kitchen. He never said anything, just grabbed Charlie and kissed him passionately.

'Wow, that was sure a nice hello. In a good mood are you babe?' Charlie smirked.

'A very good mood, those students were all told about the sentence and I don't think I've ever heard such noise in Minerva's office before, or so much hugging. Ginny grabbed Ron and me together, she did that so quick and hard we bumped our heads together.'

Charlie laughed, 'I get that babe, I would have liked a few minutes alone with those two. But how are the other Slytherin's?'

'Good, not causing any problems at all, behaving and even receiving points in their classes. I saw Malfoy a few times, mainly studying, he told me he would like to be a healer and help people. There were times he wanted to before and had to stand there and watch the death eaters or the other Slytherin's do some cruel things. I think he's finally having the life he wants and not the life his father wanted for him.'

'Sounds like it, but I want to talk to you about something,' Charlie took Harry's hand and they sat together on the sofa, 'I want us to get bonded.'

Harry smiled up at Charlie, 'I'd like that love, I really would. So it looks like we've got a wedding to plan.'

'Yep, and since we both love the Burrow, it can be there and there's plenty of room.'

'It's the perfect place Charlie. You're going to have to write to your friends in Romania so they know.'

'Yep, I do, but I have to tell them who my partner is so they can get over the shock.'

Harry scowled but saw Charlie's cheeky smile, 'Yes, you're going to be bonded to the great Harry Potter, blasted chosen one and saviour of the wizarding world. That might get you a lot more attention.'

'Oh you're being cheeky now,' Charlie kissed Harry hungrily, 'But it's all great now isn't it Harry. The wars over, the last death eaters are locked up, Hogwarts is safe and just a school again. Our world is really safe, for the first time since before Voldemort was born.'

Harry sighed wearily, 'Yeah, it is. It's been going on for so long, so many people died, so many families torn apart, all because he wanted to rule the world and live forever. I can't imagine living forever, seeing everyone I care about dying, one after another. The last eight years was hard enough, I'm just glad you're here, your family is safe, well, everyone is safe, but you're family,' Harry smiled at Charlie, 'My family are okay, you and I are good, together, getting bonded and eventually we'll have kids. Blimey Charlie, when you first time me wizards can get pregnant, I think that shocked me more than anything ever has, imagine a bloke pregnant,' Harry chuckled, 'We just have to decide who will do it first.'

'I would like to Harry, you're a great auror and just having you as an auror makes everyone feel like their saviour is always going to keep the world safe. I don't say that name to wind you up, but I overheard a lot of people talking over the last few months. That is how they feel, the man that saved them and their world is doing what he always did, protecting their world, protecting them. It gives them a peaceful feeling and it gives them hope that our world will never go through anything like that again.'

'Even though I still hate being thought of like that, I have finally accepted it and I do get what you mean Charlie. I've read the letters people have sent me, Kingsley has told me what he's read, he gets letters as well. So many people suffered and like you said, as an auror I can do this job and make sure no one else dies or suffers. So if you want to be the one to get pregnant, that's fine with me, maybe I'll do the second one, or the third, fourth, fifth, sixth,' Harry laughed as Charlie's eyes widen before he pulled the man he loved into his arm, kissed him passionately, 'We can have one or a dozen Charlie, I don't care. I love you and I want to have a family with you, as long as we're together, everything is okay.'

'Yeah, it is Harry, but I think we'll stick to about three or four kids. So even though we don't want to just yet, how about we go practice?'

Harry laughed loudly, 'I love the way your mind works Charlie, let's go fuck.'

Charlie laughed, stood up, pulled Harry to his feet, then threw him over his shoulder and carried him up to their bedroom, using his foot to close the door behind him. The saviour and his partner were showing each other how much the loved each other, this time, in the most special, beautiful and intimate of ways.

The end: