~ Prologue - Sparks Fly.



How did I end up like this?

Torn fabric and scattered blood matting my clothes. Sheesh, all I wanted to do was head home from a night of drinking, but no I don't even get a break from that, instead the Yellow Scarves had to come and attack me, even using animal tranquilizers to wear me out. How ironic.

Some how I ended up all the way out by the port, wounded and the sun has gone down making it eerily pitched black besides the lights from the warehouses. A few minutes ago I lost the rather efficient group, that's a good thing. I closely listen to the sounds of the whistling wind from the waters, and the slight sounds from the lights flickering, there was no one sneaking around trying to ambush me in one area, there was no one here.

I began to walk backwards, while I was in my moment of paranoia my back hit the warehouse. Panting in and out, I slid to the damp ground, a flickering light over head and water dripping from it's tip from the pouring rain hours before.

Biting my lip as a groan surfaced up my throat while I leaned inwards to grab the small tranquilizers that are sticking out of my skin, four on each of my legs, two on my left arm, one on my right, three on my back.

"Fucking.. bastards.." Throwing the tranquilizers to the side, I lean my head back against the wall and close my eyes. The haziness is kicking in, I'll probably pass out here tonight and some worker will eventually find me in the morning.

For that very moment I thought my night would end in a daze, instead I opened my eyes right at the sound of something smooth clasping open, there was a rather distinct scent bugging my nose and my mind that only reminded me of one person.

The creepy poetic smile in the darkness came closer to where I was, held a blade in his hand that gleamed off the flickering light from the warehouse.

"Don't tell me you're giving up, that isn't the Shizu-chan I know."

I sighed and grit my teeth at the approaching figure that reminded me of the fight we had earlier today, five cars totaled, two buildings and a few gang members were in our path of destruction, and yet he had to come and bother me at a time like this.

The asshole really had nothing else to do.

"Che, you have a life Izaya, go live it and stop bugging mine," I spat, my glare never losing it's edge as he stopped just five feet away from where I was.

He played with the knife in his hand then he placed it back in his pocket, his black hair looked wet and matted. There hasn't been rain for the past few hours, he either just took a shower or got splashed by a car.

I bit my lip again as the pain began to numb my legs and my arms, my shoulders slacked and Izaya right away noticed, his smile dropped into a distressed frown of disappointment.

"Oh, Shizu-chan, you're in a pickle and can't seem to get out of it, but don't worry," He took out his blade once more and his smile turned a little more twisted. "I can fix that, there seems to be some gang members still looking for you and I don't like when someone plays with my toys."

My eyes widened, "Izaya, you better not do anything stupid!"

He shook his head, his bangs swaying with it, "The only one that's stupid is you Shizu-chan, I'm just doing what I do best. Destroy people's lives." He swiftly darted off into the darkness, I tried to move, but I couldn't. Everything felt heavy and my vision was going out, the last thing I could hear were the screams echoing in this isolation, then I was out.



To Be Continued.