(Hey guys sooo listen up I have this new idea for a story and this is the beginning of this story I am going to write about how Jack becomes Pitch assassin and how Bunnymund becomes North's warrior, there are pit's on my DA account I am called Darksidermonents and just lookout for them I am hoping to do more pic's of the others to many thanks Kindred)

Chapter 1: Jackson to Jack

The dark hair man towered over the small brown hair boy. He grinned, his fangs glinting in the moon light. The boy had no shoes on and his feet were cut and sore from running. Screams could be heard from others in the nearby village. The fire of the torch caught the boy's fear and it made the vampire smiled. "What do we have here gentlemen, a lost little boy." He grinned, the other vampires with body armor on chuckled.

"What do you want to do with him Lord Night, should we put him with the other cattle?" asked one guard, his eyes burning red behind his smoke black mask.

"No, this one will be turned." He said jumping down from his horse and walked over to the teen.

The boy eyes widened and tried to scurry back. The vampire Lord pulls out a whip and strikes it at the teen hitting him on the face.

"GAH!" the boy cried out as he rolled to the side, holding his face.

"Now now Jackson, this will never do, you shouldn't fear death...but you are mortal after all and all mortals fear death, but that won't bother you anymore."

He grabbed the poor mortal teen by his throat and pulls him up onto his feet and stood looking at him. A small old brown cloak that covered his shoulder was torn off. "No more of these rags." He said as the rest of his clothes were torn off him.

"N…No please st…stop!" Jackson cried out as he tried to cover his naked cold body.

Tears were running down his face as fear took over him. The vampire pulled the boy closer to his body, he used his hands and rubbed the teen's chest, watching small puffs of hot air come out of his mouth. He smiled at the lithe body. He smiled even more and turns the boy's head, exposing his neck. The vampire licked the length of his neck and took a deep breath of his scent.

"Shhhh don't worry, you will not remember a thing." He whispered, he held onto the teen's arm tightly and sunk his fangs into the teen's smooth skin.

The brunette eyes widened and he let out a silent scream, tears flooded his eyes and down his cheeks. He couldn't get any air into his lungs, his finger nails buried into the vampire's arms. Soon he couldn't hold on to him anymore. He started to feel weak, his eyes lids became heavy and he let himself become limp, he felt so cold that he was shaking.

Pulling his teeth out of the teen's neck he looks down at the half unconscious boy. He smirks as he licks his mouth. He could hear the lost boy's heart beat slowing, taking his wrist he bit down and let his blood fill Jackson's open mouth. "That's it Jackson, drink." He whispered.

He watched the boy drink and then the long cold hand wrapped around the vampire's wrist and carried on drinking. He smiled and once the wound healed he pulled his arm away.

"My Lord, Lord Sandman is on his way." The guard told him.

"Damn! Tell the others to get the cattle out of here, we're done." He picked up the boy and got back on his horse and disappeared from Sit.

Jackson rubs his face against the cool silk sheet on the bed. "Uhmmm." He moaned softly.

He felt himself waking up; his body stretched and clicked in places as he open his eyes. It took a couple of seconds for his new eyes to focus on the room. He gasped at the beautiful decorated room. "Wow." he gasped.

He swung his legs over the bed and stood up on wobbly legs. "Whoa!" he yelped.

He sat and moved over to the bed then the dresser. He placed his hands on the dark wood. Blinking at his pale hands he then looked up into the mirror. He didn't recognize the boy looking back at him.

His hair was pure white and his eyes were a bright, unnatural blue. The door opened behind him and he looked around to see a tall dark hair man looking at him. "I am glad to see you are awake." He said. Jackson tilts his head at him with a blank look as he faced him. "Where am I?" he asked.

"You are in my home."

"And you are you?" he asked, not caring about how he realized he was naked.

"I am Lord Night but friends call me Pitch. IS the room to your liking?" he asked.

"Very." He said. "Can I ask who am I?" Pitch smiled at the teen and moved in closing the door behind him and walked over to the wardrobe.

"Your name is Jack Frost. You are a vampire and you're one of my sired." He said as he pulled out black trousers and then a black shirt.

"Here put this on." He commanded.

Jack took them and started to pull them on. "And I think this waist coat would look nice." He said handing Jack the waist coat. "Now for some shoes."

"No…I don't want shoes." He said.

"Very well, while your here with me you will learn what powers and abilities you have and how to use them. You will take orders from me and your tutors, you are a new born there will be blood lust problems."

"And why should I do anything you say?!" Jack asked as he looked at the full length mirror at himself.

Pitch moved and stood behind him, wrapping his fingers around Jack's neck and let his lips linger over the fading scars. "I can easily kill you Jack and I can keep all that you are locked up, for I am the only one who knows who you really are." He purred.

Jack's blue eyes widened as he looked at Pitch though the mirror. Pitch smiled as he watched the boy's face. "Now will you behave?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes my Lord."

"Good boy."