E. Aster Bunnymund
Hundreds of years before Jack.

He woke to the sounds of fading screams. He pushed himself up onto his knees trying to get rid of the ringing in his ears which made things hard to hear. When the ringing did stop, the scream that had awoken him was gone and all that was left was silence. There was no crying. No screaming; nothing but the cracking of the burning village. He stood up on shaky legs and ran into the streets looking for any one left alive. He ran into a burning building, calling out names of love ones, praying for a cry back. He fell to the floor with tears in his eyes, everyone was either gone or dead.
He heard footsteps behind him and his hands turned into fists; looking at a large man with a white beard, "It seems Lord Night has been though here." He said looking at the man on the floor.
"He took them all," Bunnymund didn't just mean locked up but also dead as well.
The white hair man looked at Bunnymund and his form. "Yes he did," He tells him. He saw a bite on his shoulder and claw marks from Pitch's wolves. "I believe you are going to be a wolf," He tells him.
The blue-ish grey-haired man let out a grunt.
"I can use someone like you, join my clan and you may get your revenge on Lord Night," the bearded man tells him.
"How would I get my revenge?" Bunnymund growled.
"In time you will think of something, but for now we should leave and get you warmed up." Bunnymund nodded
"I will do it, as long as I can rip apart those blood suckers to pieces." He said, the man in the red suit chuckled showing his fangs
"Be careful; I'm also a blood sucker."

Bunnymund was taken to the vampire's home; in the most coldest place he has ever been to.
"BLOODY HELL, NORTH!" he cried out as he looked around at the winter wonderland.
"It's warmer inside," North smiled as he walked inside, once inside Bunnymund saw a cloud of large hairy beasts walking around while carrying large boxes.
"Please don't tell me I will end up looking like them," he asked. North chuckled deeply and turned around to look at him.
"No, of course not, these are yetis; they're hard workers," North smiled and led him deeper into his large home. Bunnymund looked at the rich reds that covered the walls, it was either a kings house or a lords.
"Why would you live out here?" he asked.
"It's quiet and no one in their right mind would come here."
"You're right about that."
North stops at a room and opens the door. "These will be yours from now on, I will give you time to adjust before you train as my warrior," he said.
The blush-ish grey-haired man nods and walks into the large room to see it had all the comforts of home before turning to look at the vampire. "What about the full moon?"
"Don't worry, you can spend time with the other wolves, they will help you," he said. "I will have someone bring you food," North called out as he left the new werewolf in his new rooms.
The pain of what happened to his home made him fall on the bed, holding his side trying not to cry or scream.