The Assassin and the Warrior

It was a standoff, one they had many times before. Jack Frost, Lord Pitch's Assassin and Bunnymund, Lord North's Warrior would clash whenever they met. Jack smirked, watching Bunnymund push himself up to look at Jack. "Bloody Frost bite, what have I done now?" he yelled as he rubbed his shoulder where Jack had thrown an ice shard.
"One of your so call packs almost killed my childe!" Jack growled.
"Hold on, how the hell do you know it's one of my packs? There are at least five wolf packs around here!"
Jack pointed his staff at the blue hair of the wolf's upper arm. "That mark there, is what my Childe saw," he said.
"I'm the only one with that tattoo mate," Bunnymund growled. "Pitch killed the rest of my clan," he snarled as he ran towards him pinning the white hair vampire to the floor.

Jack looked up at him and growled up at him while he was pinned under the powerful Lycan. He changed on the spot, his body lengthen, fur grew all over him while he stood above Jack. The vampire had seen lycan's change before, but never before had he have one change above him. Jack wasn't too happy about the weird leaking goo all over him, "fucking wolves."
He growled as he tried to push the wolf off of him, but wasn't having much luck. After the change Bunnymund shook his head and looked down at the vampire under him, giving a snarl. "Oooh boo hoo you have a vampire under you, get off me!" Jack growled again.

Bunnymund lowered his face and sniffed the white hair vampire's neck, licking his cool skin. Jack just laid there watching the wolf sniff his neck and lick his neck. There was a growl and a whimper from the wolf as he pawed at Jack's leather trousers. "Please don't rip them." Jack sighed as he watched Bunnymund move away from him, the white hair vampire sat up and looked at the wolf, seeing the large member waiting for him. "Oooh Bunny, my big, bad wolf wants little old me?" Jack whispered, the wolf growled at him telling him to hurry up or he would rip his clothes off for him.

Later, Jack laid there looking at Bunnymund who was back to his human normal looking self.
"Why every time we meet we fight and then end up having sex?" The older man asked. Jack shrugged.
"Because you like to fuck me?" he asked. Amber eyes looked at him and Jack gave him a sweet smile.
"I want to rip you apart every time I smell your scent; it drives me around the bend Frost bite." Bunnymund said. The vampire cuddled closer and kissed the wolf's chest where he had a frost bite tattoo on him. Jack smiled as he traced the lines.
"Would you do it?"
"What?" Bunny asked as he put his hands behind his back.
"Kill me, would you kill me?"
"Even if North asked you to?"
"He won't." The lycan said with conviction. Jack tilted his head looking at him .
"Wouldn't he?" Bunny pulled Jack closer to him and then turned and then around trapping the cheeky vampire under him.
"Narrr Mate he likes you too much." Jack smiled at him, "would you kill me, if Pitch ordered you to?"
"It's different for a vampire Bunny." Jack said looking away, "all he needs to do is bite me again and I would forget everything we have."
"Jack, we don't really have anything, so our Lords know we bump ugly, but that all we have they would never let us live together, well Pitch will never let you leave his side." Jack looked back at Bunnymund and nuzzled his chest, "you still a kid at heart Jack."
"If I remember who I was, he has to let me go you know." Jack whispered.
"I know Frost bite, I know."