The thing about Beca Mitchell - at least where Chloe Beale was concerned - was that she was so unflinchingly herself. She wasn't the kind of girl that wanted to be a Bella, who wanted to sing Mariah Carey chart toppers and dress up in a tight skirt and vest. She didn't need all that to be sexy, either. She just was. With her ear spikes, and her great variety of plaid shirts and tanks - all the things that screamed 'I know who I am, thank you very much,' she was one of the singular most attractive people Chloe had ever encountered.

Of course, these things were also the ones Aubrey hated Beca for. Aubrey didn't deal in individuality, she wanted a group of Bella clones - bikini-ready bodies, beautiful faces, enchanting smiles. Underneath Beca's clothes and attitude were all these things - Chloe had seen it in the shower stall that one day - but her outer shell was hard, it was resisting, intriguing - and so very cute.