The Darkness: What happened if Jenny survived?

Chapter 4: time to pay, Eddie Shrote

So now that I have finished my story for Rio, I can concentrate more on this story. And sorry this was a lot late, I was having internet problems. Enjoy.

After Jackie had finished clearing out most of Eddie Shrote's corrupt cops, he was now heading to the apartment his Aunt Sarah had told him where Eddie Shrote was held up with some of his corrupt cops.

Jackie had eventually made it to Gun Hill, and was now looking for the apartment his Aunt Sarah was telling him about, and to meet an elderly man named Abe Hunter, who could help Jackie find Eddie Shrote.

Jackie walked into the bottom apartment where Abe Hunter was waiting for him, sitting in an old wooden chair.

Without saying a word, Abe handed Jackie the key to Eddie Shrote's apartment, and Jackie made his way to the elevator and used the same key to turn it on and head up to the top floor.

When the elevator got to the top floor, Jackie walked out with a angry expression, his two pistols in both his hands. He looked to his side and saw an electrical box that gave him an idea. He shot the electrical box, and the entire lights turned off.

"Ahhh, Darkness gives you strength, Jackie. Embra-a-c-c-c-e-e-e it."

Jackie merely ignored the Darkness while he summoned a couple of Darklings to his aid: a berserker and a gunner. Without hesitation, Jackie kicked the door open, ready to end this once and for all.

But what Jackie did not know is that Eddie Shrote and two other corrupt cops were expecting. They were hiding behind a couch with their pistols ready, and as soon as Jackie forcefully made himself in, they opened fire at him, but their bullets did not affect to the Darkness.

The berserker Darkling jumped onto one of the cops and devoured his heart, that was until he was killed by Eddie.

The gunner Darkling pulled out his minigun and started the gun and shot the other cop, but wasn't quick enough to kill Eddie when Eddie hat shot first and killed the gunner. Now it was just him and Jackie.

Eddie attempted to run away, but the Darkness acted first and dragged him back with a demon arm.

Jackie shot Eddie in the leg, wounding him and leaving him stuck on the ground.

"Now, kill him, Jackie."

"Jackie, listen. I was thinking..." Eddie groaned, holding pressure down on his wound, and while he tried to negotiate his way out from being killed. "Maybe...Maybe we can figure something out here, ya know."

"You almost killed Jenny, you bastard." Jackie accused, pointing a single finger at him. "You, and that fat fucking piece of shit, Paulie."

"Jackie, I never meant anything by it; I swear!" Eddie said, still trying to talk Jackie out from killing him. "C'mon! Don't you dare fucking kill me!"

"Kill him, and feast of his fle-e-s-s-h."

Jackie looked at his pistol in his hand, but while he was distracted, he had no idea that Eddie was preparing to strike back by pulling out another gun from his pocket. Jackie looked at the corrupt captain, and decided not to spare him as he knew he would only return and do it again. "Sorry Eddie. But you brought this on your fucking self!"

Eddie realized Jackie wasn't going to show any mercy, so with his last bit of strength, he pulled out another pistol and prepared to shoot Jackie. But Jackie was fast and fired his pistol, shooting it directly through Eddie's skull.

"Hehehe, well done, Jackie."

Now that he was dead, Jackie did not know what he would do anymore. He sat down on the couch while he tucked the Darkness back into his body. Jackie sighed, now knowing he had no job, he killed the only person who ever took care of him, he just killed the leader of the cops, and now he's stuck with the Darkness.

But what Jackie has to realize now is that he has Jenny and Aunt Sarah, and those two mean more to him than anything in the World. He stood up, and without saying anything, he walked out of Eddie's apartment, and he knew from now on, everything for him and Jenny may just be fine.

And the end. Only four chapters, I know, but let's face it-the game was short, wasn't it? I am not sure if I should make a sequel to this. I will think about it.

Thanks everyone for reading.

Disclaimer: The Darkness is owned by Starbreeze Studios and 2K Games.

Kirk Acevedo voice of Jackie Estacado.

Lauren Ambrose voice of Jenny Romano.

Mike Patton voice of the Darkness.

Dwight Schultz voice of Uncle Paulie Franchetti.

James Mathers voice of Captain Eddie Shrote.

Norma Michaels voice of Aunt Sarah.

Richard Steven Horvitz voice of berserker darkling.

Dee Bradley Baker voice of lightkiller darkling.

Jennifer Darling voice of gunner darkling.

Fred Tatasciore voice of kamikaze darkling.

Hassan El-Amin, David McCharen, Tre Temperilli, and Nika Futterman voice of the cops.