Thank you for reading this from beginning to now. This is the final chapter, and it is the longest of the story. This starts where the last ended, and shows Beck's reaction to Trina being a mermaid, as well as him finding out about Victoria.

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Victoria POV

I watch as Katrina dives into the water, her tail reforming after almost a year. I smile to myself at the sight, glad to see a tail again since I haven't seen mine since I accepted the deal. I look to my right and see Jadelyn staring at Katrina with slight awe, clearly not expecting the reformation of the tail. I look farther down and see Beckett staring at Katrina as well, his emotions a mix of disbelief and awe, and thankfully, no fear.

"I'm a mermaid." Katrina announces as her head appears above the water, her eyes focused on Beckett. "Phoebe, the woman I had you meet earlier, is a witch. She used a spell to make me human for a year. The downside, if I don't find true love in that year, I'm stuck as a mermaid until I die, never to be near humans again." She describes, her focus only on Beckett.

"I need to sit down." Beckett says in a quiet whisper, looking as if he is about to collapse.

"Here." Jadelyn says, quickly grabbing one of the lawn chairs and setting it behind Beckett so he can sit.

"So, wait. Why would you tell me all of this?" Beckett asks, slowly raising his head to lock eyes with Katrina.

"Because I want you to love me for me, all of me. Not the human me you've known for the last year." Katrina answers, pulling herself out of the pool, sitting on the edge.

"What exactly was the point of meeting that Phoebe woman?" Beckett asks, staring at Katrina in a mix of confusement and wonder.

"So she could check if what we had was true love. I only had a month or two left, so when I felt closer to you than I thought, I called her and asked to meet." Katrina explains. "The mumbling she did while her and I hugged after we talked for a bit? That was her casting a spell that would keep me human. Because of mermaids having great power, I still get my tail when wet though. Other than that and my ability to breath underwater and swim quicker, my mermaid abilities are gone." She says, staring at Beckett in worry.

"What do you mean? And how come Tori and Jade don't look so shocked by this?" Beckett asks, looking at Jadelyn and me to see how this is effecting us, surprised that we show now shock or anything.

"All mermaids have a special skill. Mine were that I was stronger than anyone around me, allowing me to defend myself if need be, and being able to learn any fighting style in a fraction of the time." Katrina answers, pulling herself completely out of the pool now, allowing her tail to dry back into legs. "Jade found out shortly before Tori joined Hollywood Arts. Tori trusted her, so we told her everything. And as for Tori, well." She says, hesitating to reveal this info.

"I am a mermaid as well. I accepted the same deal as Katrina." I answer, staring at him.

"How come you didn't have a tail when we were swimming last month? Trina, I understand, kind of, because of the spell thing. But why not you? And do you have abilities too?" Beckett asks, staring from Katrina to me.

"Yes, I too have abilites." I answer, looking at his eyes. "I can read emotions, and thoughts attached during a strong emotion. It was also how I knew everyone's full name before meeting them. I am able to know vital information about people to aid me in knowing if they are a threat or not. I am also able to use emotions, such as calming someone who is nervous. I used my reading ability during the pool party last month when Ryder and the others stopped by to know their intent, as well as to scare Ryder when I guided him into the house." I say, looking down in slight shame in my admittance. "And we did not have tails while we swam as part of the spell to make us human while finding love. Most humans are not accepting, so the spell removed our tails completely unless we either found love, or the time frame ended." I say, looking back up at him.

"Whoa." Beckett says, looking back at Katrina. "What happened to your top?" He asks Katrina suddenly when he realizes she is topless.

"Sorry. Mermaids don't wear clothes. It took me a while to get used to them when I first became human. I remembered the freedom and feeling of the water, so after I dove in, I let the bikini slide off. I purposely kept the straps loose so that would happen." Katrina admits, accepting the towel I hand her.

"Look, this is a lot to take in." Beckett says, standing up and making a successful effort not to stare at Katrina's chest as she wraps the towel around her. "I'll see you guys at school on Monday. Trina, I'll call later, after I get this all sorted, and we can make a plan to meet up tomorrow. I promise." He says, walking up to her and giving her a quick kiss before leaving, going through the back door to grab his jacket before leaving.

"Want me to hurt him if he does something bad?" Jadelyn asks, eyes watching Beckett leave.

"No. I guess I should've seen this coming." Katrina says, putting her bikini back on now that her tail has become legs again. "Thanks for drying this for me." She tells Jadelyn while putting the bikini bottoms on.

"No problem. I'll text him and tell him that if he mentions your secret to anyone, I'll cut off his manhood." Jadelyn says, causing Katrina to give a small, pain filled smile.

"I'm gonna go take a nap. See you two later." Katrina says after her smile faded away, walking into the house.

"I hope Beckett handles this and still loves her." I say, sitting down on the chair where Katrina set her towel, her change of clothes still on the table.

"So do I. What happens if he doesn't? Will she become human, or a mermaid?" Jadelyn asks, eyes on mine.

"I do not know." I answer honestly. "I wish I did, but I do not."

-Monday Morning-

I wake up earlier than usual. I am still feeling Katrina's nervousness from after Beckett left on Saturday. Though he did call like he said he would, and he picked her up to talk yesterday, she is still nervous. I do not know what they talked about, but it made her more nervous than before he picked her up.

Forty-five minutes later, I get out of the shower, wondering about the day. Katrina told me that she is able to shower still without her tail forming. Something about the spell to keep us human preventing that unless in a large body of water such as a pool or the ocean.

After my shower, I get dressed and head downstairs for breakfast, not surprised to see a still tired Katrina sitting at the kitchen table, two plates of eggs, sausage, toast, and orange juice on the table. One in front of a slowly eating Katrina, and the other in the spot across from her.

"What is wrong, sietsa?" I ask as I sit down.

"I talked to Phoebe after Beck and I had our talk." Katrina answers, her breakfast half finished on it does not see as if she will finish it. "The talk with Beck went fine. He won't tell our secret, and he does still love me. I explained that he got to know the real me, and the mermaid stuff is just a part of it, and he seemed okay with it." She says with a smile, slight sadness in her eyes. "But Phoebe said that unless he can truly love me, all of me, than she will have no choice but to take back the spell, and I'll be a mermaid forever, regardless of Beck loving me." She says, a stray tear rolling down her face.

"Oh, sietsa." I say, ignoring my breakfast and standing up, quickly going to Katrina's side. "He will love all of you. I know it." I tell her, rubbing her back.

"Not even your gifts can know that. This is a matter of both emotion and magic. Your gifts don't work right when the magic is involved." Katrina says, sniffling. "I'll be okay though." She says, using a napkin to dry her eyes. "Finish your breakfast and we can get ready to go. I have some homework to finish. I'll be back down in about twenty minutes." She says, giving me a hug as she stands up and heads up to her room.

"I hope Beckett can get passed this without hurting Katrina." I say as I sit back in my seat, eating the eggs.

Fifteen minutes later, Katrina comes down the stairs, her bag over her shoulder. I glance at her face shows that she re-did her make up so her crying wouldn't be noticable.

"You ready?" She asks as she stops at the bottom of the stairs.

"Yes. I just need to grab my bag." I say, finishing the orange juice before putting the cup and plate with silverware in the wash bin. "Are you okay for now?" I ask as I grab my school bag from behind the couch where I put it when I came down earlier.

"I hope so sietsa." She says with a sad smile. "I hope so."

Ten minutes later, we are pulling into an available parking space. After Katrina locks the doors after we climb out, we make our way to the front doors of the school.

"Hey, how are things going with you and Jade?" Katrina asks as we near the doors.

"Things are well." I answer, a slight blush on my cheeks at the memory of us making out. "We 'made out' Saturday while you and Beckett were talking to Phoebe." I say, head down to hide the blush.

"Really?" She asks, a smirk on her face. "So, are you two a couple or something now?" She asks, holding the door open for me.

"I do not know. I doubt it though." I answer, heading towards my locker. "I would like to though, but I do not know how to go about doing it." I tell her honestly as we near my locker.

"Ask her out." She says simply as I open my locker. "Just walk up to her, and say 'Hello Jade. Would you like to go out this weekend?' I'm sure she'll agree." Katrina adds, smirking at me when I blush again. "How come you still call everyone by their full first name, anyway?" She asks after I do not respond for a moment.

"It is weird." I tell her, closing my locker. "I did not grow up near humans the way you did. I was sheltered until a few years ago when we became friends and then sisters. I am still in the ways of our ancestors." I admit, shifting my bag.

"I forgot about that." She says, leaning against the locker beside mine. "I keep forgetting you were being bred to me some Royal's mate until you decided to accept the deal." She says, a growl in her voice. "I hate that Royal. What was his name again?" She asks me as more students start to enter the school.

"Christoph." I answer, a growl of my own. "He said 'no future bride of mine will ever converse with dirty humans' a few days after you first told me about the deal." I tell her, staring at the doors. "I guess it is a good thing I am not his future bride." I say when Jadelyn walks in. "I will talk to you later. Let me know how things go with Beckett." I say, giving her a hug before heading towards Jadelyn. "Morning Jadelyn." I say with a smile when I get to her.

"Morning." She says, sounding tired. "How'd things go with Beck and Trina?" She asks, opening her locker.

"I do not know." I tell her, staring at her face. "After he called Saturday night, things seemed fine. Sunday, he picked her up and they went somewhere for lunch while they talked. After, Katrina called Phoebe. After than, Katrina became nervous and worried. All she told me was something Phoebe said upset her." I say, not looking away from her.

"Did she tell you what Phoebe said?" Jadelyn asks, putting some books in her bag.

"She said that unless Beckett truly loves Katrina, mermaid and all, that Phoebe will have no choice but to make her a mermaid again when her year is up." I admit sadly.

"Trust me, things will be fine." She assures me, closing her locker. "Beck will still love her, and Trina will be a human with a tail when in water." She says, closing her bag.

"How can you be sure?" I ask, worry in my voice.

"Because I'm currently watching them make out. Quite heated, if I say so myself." She says with a smirk, her focus on something behind me. When I turn to see, I see that Jadelyn is not wrong. By Beckett's transparent locker, I see Beckett and Katrina making out, and I can sense the excitement from both of them. "Think we should break them up before it gets too heated?" She asks, slightly joking.

"If my senses are correct, then yes." I say, turning to face Jadelyn. "I sense great excitement from them." I tell her when she looks at me.

"Trust me, that's more than excitement." She says, facing me. "Let's stop them." She says, lightly gripping my arm and leading me towards Katrina and Beckett. "I'm glad everything is fine, but I recomend you stop before things go way too far." She says when we get to Katrina.

"Sorry." Katrina says as she pulls away from Beckett.

"I take it things are well?" I ask with a smile.

"Things are very well." Katrina tells us, her smile widening. "We talked, and he has no problem with what he found out on Saturday." She says as she hooks her arm with Beckett's.

"Good." Jadelyn says with a smile. "Have some school legal fun." She adds with a smirk. "See you later. Come on Victoria. We need to talk." She says, guiding me away, sounding serious.

"Is everything okay?" I ask when she closes the door to the janitor's closet.

"Yeah, just some stuff on my mind." She says as she faces me fully. "I have some questions for you." She says, locking eyes with me.

"Okay. Which questions?" I ask, giving her my full attention.

"Are you willing to give up your mermaid abilities for love?" She asks, not looking away from me.

"Yes, I am." I tell her truthfully. "I will gladly give up my abilities for love."

"Okay, that's good." She says, starting to fidget. "Do you have a problem being in love with a girl, or a girl being in love with you?" She asks, her gaze on me.

"No. It is something unfamiliar, but I see no problem." I again answer truthfully, confused about where she's going with this.

"Okay. Okay." She says as her eyes drop down to her hands momentarily before her eyes meet mine again. "Would you have a problem loving me?" She asks, sounding rushed.

"No, I have no problem loving you." I say with a smile. "Why are you asking all these questions?" I ask, noting the nervousness she is exuding.

"You want to go out on a date with me Friday night?" She asks, eyes not straying from mine.

"Yes." I say with a wide smile. "I would love to." I add, taking a step forward to give her a tight hug.

After I release her from the hug, we stare at each other until the bell rings. Leaving the janitor's closet, we head towards our first period, holding each others hands.

Throughout the day, we stay close to each other, stealing glances and kisses between classes. In Sikowitz's class, we're called up to the stage to perform a scene.

"Okay. Today's Improv will focus on a couple in love, but neither knowing, and telling each other how they truly feel." Sikowitz starts after calling us to the stage. "Tori, you're afraid to tell Jade you love her because of a secret you just told her, and are afraid that she'll hate you for it." He starts, pointing at me. "Jade, you're afraid because you don't know how Tori feels, and don't want to push her into anything because of the secret she told you." He adds, pointing at her. "Action." He says, taking a seat beside Catarina in the crowd.

Jadelyn - "Hey, Victoria. How are you?" She asks, going into character.

Victoria - "Hello Jadelyn. I am well." I say, doing the same. "How are you?" I ask, looking at her.

Jadelyn - "Good. Good." She says, sighing. "Look, about what you told me on Saturday." She starts, pushing a few strands of hair behind her ear. "I don't want you to think that I don't care for you because of how I acted." She says, peaking my interest in her word choice. Looking breifly at Beck, I see the slight shock in his eyes.

Victoria - "It is okay. I understand. It was a lot to take in in a short time." I say, quoting something I overheard Katrina say on the phone the night Beckett called.

Jadelyn - "It's not okay." She says, sighing a bit. "I left in a way that might've looked like I wanted to escape, or something. I didn't mean to, I was just surprised." She says, and from what I sense from Beckett, Jadelyn is quoting him from the same call. He must have told her about it for her to know what he said.

Victoria - "I do not see it that way." I assure her. "I know it was a lot to hear, and you wanting time to understand is okay." I say, taking a step forward.

Jadelyn - "I'm glad." She says with a smile as I near her. "Look, though that was a lot, it's not going to make me hate you or something. I still care for you, more so now because you trusted me enough to tell me that." She says, going more from herself than Beckett.

Victoria - "Jadelyn, may I ask you something?" I ask, being myself, not my character.

Jadelyn - "Of course you can. You know you can say anything to me." She says, placing her hands on my shoulders.

Victoria - "Do you love me?" I ask quietly, my own fear seeping in.

Jadelyin - "I think I do." She answers with a smile.

"Excelent." Sikowitz says, stopping us. "The emotion was so powerful in that scene. It's as if you two were talking to each other for real." He says, stepping onto the stage. "Take your seats. Now, today's lesson is about how to make your emotions real, not fake." He says, starting a lecture as Jadelyn and I take our seats.

"How much of that was acting?" Beckett asks us, turning to face us as we sit.

"None of it was acting." Jadelyn tells him in a whisper, glancing at me with a smile on her face.

For the rest of the day, I think about what went on in the scene, as well as what Jadelyn told Beckett at the end. 'None of the scene was her acting.' I say to myself as I head home with Katrina after school lets out.

"Hey, what happened before lunch?" Katrina asks me as we pull into the driveway.

"What do you mean?" I ask, grabbing my bag as I climb out of her car.

"I mean, what happened? I saw how you and Jade were in the halls, but whatever happened before we met up at lunch really put a smile on your face." Katrina says, locking the doors and walking with me to the front door.

"We did a scene in Sikowitz's. It was about two people dating that loved each other, but did not tell the other how they felt. He stopped us before I could admit it, but Jadelyn did admit it. Everyone thinks it was just the scene, but she told Beckett none of the scene was acting." I say with a smile as I sit on the couch, Katrina following suit. "We are going out Friday night."

"Wait, what?" She asks, a surprise filled smile on her face. "When did this happen?" She asks, facing me fully.

"Shortly after we interrupted you and Beckett this morning." I admit, smiling widely. "We talked, and she asked me out. I agreed. She is calling me tonight to set a place and time. She said it should be special, and she wants to tell me where we are going so I can dress properly."

"Good. Let me call her first." Katrina says quickly. "I'll call her and tell her some stuff, like to only tell you how to dress and what time to be ready. That way, you'll get the best first date experiance you can." She says with a smile.

Throughout the week, I start to feel nervous, an emotion I have never felt before, not even before accepting the deal with Phoebe has caused this amount of nerves. Friday night, I start to get ready in a fancy dress Katrina helped pick out. All Jadelyn told me was to dress in a nice dress that I can dance in, but work for a fancy dinner. With Katrina and Catarina's help with hair and make up, I head downstairs at 6:55, five minutes before Jadelyn said she will pick me up.

"You look beautiful, Tori." Catarina says, handing me a small clutch with some make up for touch ups in, as well as my key to the house.

"Thank you, Catarina." I say, admiring their work in a small mirror. "You and Katrina do amazing work." I compliment, smiling at what I see. My make up is done lightly, but perfectly. The make up around my eyes is a little darker than I am used to, but they make they brown of my iris' shine. My lips are a bright red, with make up done on my cheeks to make my entire face seem to glow. My hair, though in a slight ponytail, is curled and done as a princess, as Catarina explained. My dress has a corset-like top, strapless with my breasts and part of my chest covered. Below the corset, the bottom puffs out slightly, the length going to my knees. Under the dress, Catarina had me wear bikini-cup underwear and no bra. She explains that it is a better option for the dress. Before heading downstairs to wait, she hands me a pair of shoes that look like they are meant to move in. The dress and shoes are a darker shade of purle, making the tan of my skin seem darker as well.

Close to seven, there is a knock at the door. I open, my nerves increasing, as Catarina goes upstairs to where Katrina said she will be, since both girls also have a date. Katrina with Beckett, and Catarina with Robert.

"You look stunning." Jadelyn gasps out, purple roses in one hand. "These are for you." She says, her eyes scanning me.

"Thank you. You look stunning as well. I will put these in water." I say with a smile as I leave the door open, heading towards the kitchen for a vase.

She does look stunning. Her hair is done in loose curls around her shoulders, a few strands over one ear. Her make up is done like mine, lightly while making the face shine. The purple eye shadow she is wearing makes the ice blue of her eyes shine, reminding me of the ocean near Alaska, a favorite of mine for the relaxing cool of the water. Her lips, plumper than usual, are done in a light pink, keeping the focus on her face and eyes more than her lips. Her dress matches mine in style, but is a darker shade of purple. Her shoes are more heel like, but done as a dancer style. Her dress differs from mine in style only in how the top is. Hers does not have the extra material on her chest, showing some cleavage, but not a lot. Also, her top part has a strap that wraps around the back of the neck, holding the top on.

"Where are we going?" I ask her after placing the rose-filled vase on the kitchen counter, turning to face Jadelyn.

"It's a surprise." She counters, smirking as I walk towards her.

After following Jadelyn outside, she leads me to her car, an oceanic blue Challenger with wave-like patterns on the side. When she got it, she explained to me the make, model, and reasoning for color and design of the car. I do not know why she told me about the make and model of the car, but I appreciated the reasoning. She chose the color because it was the closest match to the water where she first saw me, back when I talked to Katrina about the deal. The waves are because she liked how it made the paint job seem to resemble moving water.

After entering the passenger seat, I smile as Jadelyn climbs into the driver's seat and closes the door, starting the car a moment later. "Can mermaids eat sushi?" She asks as she pulls out of the driveway.

"Yes, we can. Raw fish is part of our diet." I tell her, smiling at how nervous she looks.

"Good. You remember Nozu?" She asks as she drives, sending me a quick glance while we wait at a stop sign.

"Yes." I answer, slightly confused at why she is asking about it.

"Well, we're not going there." She says with a smirk as she pulls away from the intersection. "We're going somewhere better than there." She says, dropping conversation.

After almost twenty minutes, she pulls into a parking lot for a fancy restaurant. I look around, seeing few cars. After pulling in front of the restaurant, she gets out, encouraging me to do the same. After handing her key to the man by a stand, and a glare and threat for him not to mess with her car, she leads me in as her car is driven away.

"Why did you hand that man your car key after taking it off you key ring?" I ask her as she puts her small purse over her shoulder.

"It's his job." She starts to explain as she guides me into the restaurant. "He parks the car for us and holds onto the key so he can pick it up when we're done."

"How will he know which car is yours?" I ask, confused by the whole thing.

"This." She says, taking a small ticket from her purse and showing it to me. "When we're done, I hand him this and he knows where to go to pick it up." She says, putting the ticket back in her purse.

Just over an hour later, Jadelyn and I walk out, smiling and chatting as we do. As we near the man, a different one from before, she takes the ticket out of her purse and hands it to the man, glaring at him when his eyes seem to drift downwards because of her dress.

After her car is stopped in front of us, she gets in, putting her purse in the backseat as I enter the passenger's side. After pulling away, she glances at me, a smile on her face.

"How did you like it?" She asks as we stop at a red light.

"I liked it." I say with a small smile. "I kind of prefered Nozu though." I tell her honestly.

"I don't blame you." She says when the light changes to green. "The food there was over-priced and didn't taste as good. And the waiter's were so arrogant." She says, sounding angry. "And that stupid maitr'd sticking his nose up at us because I had peircings and a tattoo, and the first waiter being a complete perv, staring down my dress and hitting on us."

"Do not be angry. The maitr'd got over it when you gave your name, which I ask of you to explain soon please, and the waiter stopped when you threatened to cut off his 'little friend', which I again as you to explain." I say with a smile as she drives.

"Okay. To explain the threat, the 'little friend' I was refering to was his genitalia, which no guy likes having threatened to be removed with a pair of scissors. And as for why my name changed the maitr'd, my family has money. A lot of it. The West's are one of the richest families in L.A., and even California as a whole. My dad's a laywer for everyone from celebrities to congressmen, and my mom a high cost defense attorney-slash-divorce attorney for the same clientelle." She explains, sounding quieter than usual. "The maitr'd recognized the name, and stopped because when he and his wife got divorced last year, it was my mom who was there and helped him, since his wife was cheating on him with five different guys."

"Wow." I say, surprised by the news. "Does anyone else know that?" I ask, turning to face her better.

"Just Beck and Cat." She says with a sigh. "Beck found out while we were dating, and Cat found out because she's been my best friend for years. She used to come over all the time and say my parents going over paperwork and stuff." She says, turning onto a street I do not recognize.

"Where are we going?" I ask her, unsure.

"My house." She says with a reassuring smile and tone. "I talked to Trina earlier in the week. She said it's okay for you to crash for the weekend. She already grabbed some clothes and bikinis for you and gave them to me yesterday during school. She slipped the bag to me after lunch when you had to head in early for something." She says, pulling into the driveway of a large house. "I'd say 'Welcome to Case de West', but it really doesn't feel like a home." She says sadly, unlocking the doors for us.

-Epilogue- No POV

Things between Victoria and Jadelyn have shifted in a great way since their weekend together. Though awkward on both parts, Victoria met Michael and Ruby West, Jadelyn's parents. Ruby was happy for Jadelyn when Jadelyn announce that Victoria was her girlfriend, hugging both girls with a smile on her face as she tells Jadelyn how happy she is that she found someone she likes so much, adding that she never really liked Beckett, which Victoria assured Jadelyn was the truth.

Michael, however, was furious at Jadelyn. After yelling that he could never accept that his daughter could be a lesbian, though he chose a different word for lesbian that caused, much to Jadelyn's surprise, Ruby West to slap her husband, telling him off for using a derogatory term.

A few months after the incident, the West parents divorced, and due to Mr. Wests infidelity during the marriage, he lost more than just his wife and daughter. Thanks to the pre-nuptual agreement both signed when they married, the house, as well as most of Mr. West's money and items baught throughout their twenty years of marriage, went to Ruby, since Mr. West cheated on more than just his wife, his taxes especially.

After the divorce, things between Jadelyn and her mother have improved, something that caused Jadelyn to be in a better mood than before Victoria entered Jadelyn's life.

Now, two months after the divorce has calmed down, Jadelyn finds herself standing beside Victoria in front of a small cabin not too far from the beach where Jadelyn first saw Victoria all those months ago.

"Hey girls." Phoebe says as she leaves her cabin, surprising the girls since neither of them knocked.

"How do you know when two people are in love?" Victoria asks, slightly nervous as she stares at the witch before her.

"Why do you ask? Well, more specifically I guess, what do you mean?" Phoebe asks, guiding the two girls into her cabin, showing them the couch.

"Can you check to see if we are in love? As in, truly in love?" Victoria asks, gripping Jadelyn's hand in comfort.

"Of course. And to answer your first question, it's a spell. It varies slightly, the spell and ingrediants, by person. It won't take long, and all I need from each of you is a few drops of blood." Phoebe explains, standing from her chair to head towards the kitchen. "By the way, I don't live her." She says when she notices the odd look Jadelyn is giving her. "I live with my sisters out in San Francisco. I come out here because a premonition showed me helping both you and Katrina with your desire to be human." She says as she takes a small cooking bowl from a cupboard and some small glass vials from the cupboard beside the other. "Now, I need to collect the blood now. I need at least three drops. One drop of each goes in first, followed by the ingrediants, then another drop. The other drop is added to make it more effective." She says, taking a knife from the knife-holder beside the stove.

"How do you know if it works?" Jadleyn asks, standing up with Victoria following suit. "How do we know it works?" She asks as she and Victoria walk into the kitchen area.

"The two of you will know it works because you'll feel it when it does. I'll know it works because I'll see a message in the potion." Phoebe explains, opening the vials and grabbing the knife, turning it so the handle is facing Jadelyn. "Ready to start?"

"Yes. We are." Victoria answers, Jadleyn nodding in agreement.

"Let's go then." Phoebe says with a smile as she pricks Jadelyn's thumb.

A moment later, after collecting a drop of Victoria's blood and adding both to the bowl, Phoebe adds small amounts of the ingrediants while chanting under her breath. With a nod, she urges both girls to add the second drop, both adding two instead of one each, then the witch finishes the spell while mixing the potion. As Phoebe stares into the potion, both Jadelyn and Victoria feel a strong gust of wind enter them, as if being given mouth-to-mouth, smiling at each other when they see the other. If both were to look into Phoebe's eyes, they would notice a smile, with a hint of worry, as the witch stares into the potion.

"It worked." Victoria says, hugging Jadelyn close.

"Yeah it did." Jadelyn adds, giving Victoria a kiss.

"My work here is done." Phoebe says, her worry gone as she stares at the two girls, one now human. "Blessed Be." She adds, giving both girls a hug. "Has Katrina explained to you about you not having your mermaid gifts anymore?" She asks Victoria as the girls walk back to the couch.

"Yes, she did." Victoria answers with a smile.

"Good. Now, I have somewhere to be. I'll see you two another time." Phoebe says, leading the girls to her front door.

With a wave from both girls, and a hug from Victoria, both girls make their way back to the main beach, hands gripped tightly.

"Hello Victoria." A male voice says as both girls enter the main part of the currently abandoned beach.

"Christoph." Victoria whispers, fear in her voice, as she stares at the merman that was due to be her arranged husband had she not become human.

New Linguamaris word-

Sietsa (See-Et-Sah) - Sister

Sorry if I got the whole car thing at the fancy restaurant wrong. I've never been to one and don't remember much about them from what I've seen in movies and t.v. I also aplogize for ending the chapter kind of weird before doing the epilogue, the epilogue being a cliffhanger, and if I got anything wrong with the pre-nuptual agreement, as well as anything else I got wrong.

If it's worth anything, the cliffhanger was intentional. I did it as a lead-in for the sequel.

I apologize for 'A New Beginning' taking so long, but I'm still fighting some writer's block for that fic. That's why I'm writing others now, even if they're not all being posted yet.

Random observation: In 'iFight Shelby Marx', am I the only one who makes a weird connection in the fact that in 'VicTORious', Mrs. Vega seemingly has an affair with Gary, and in 'iFight Shelby Marx', they guy in the red protective suit that Shelby beats up in training is named Gary? I know 'iFight Shelby Marx' came out first, but that name thing made me think.

Thank you all for staying with me, and I hope to see all of you in the sequel.

Sorry for the long author's note.

Blessed Be.