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I love you long after you're gone, gone, goneā€¦

Lillit had been watching the two for an hour, and Dylan had been continually nodding off throughout the time. She could tell he was struggling to stay awake. He had been working hard today, and she was surprised he hadn't collapsed yet. But he was hanging on. For him.

"Why is he so devote?" It was a question she could only ponder. From the stories Alek had told her, they hadn't known each other long. So why was he so loyal, so strong, for him?

Oh! Dylan lost his struggle, finally, and sagged against Alek's shoulder. The red-headed boy looked annoyed, and moved his arm to remove his friend's head from its precarious position. But something stopped him. He stared at the face, the face of a boy who had risked it all for the Clanker prince, and just looked at him.

"What's he thinking?" she thought aloud.

She would never know. He just settled back down, content, and allowed Dylan his lopsided nap. Lillit snickered, and snuck back off.