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Chapter 1

The cold gravel crunched under the stumbling footsteps of the 6 year old boy as he trudged down the dark isolated road. The chilling wind bit and snapped at the boy's tattered and torn shirt. It was night already, the opaque fog of darkness had gathered in the sky, transforming innocent wispy clouds into black funnels. The dim light emitting from the street lamp barely illuminated the boy's features.

His mesmerizing sea-green eyes were similar to the steady flow of water, displaying crashing waves of grief and pain, with a single remaining spark of determination and will to survive. His drooping fluttering eyelids bore the heavy weight of weariness. They were the windows to the horrors he had seen in the 5 months out in the wild alone, purely nightmares escaped from the land of dreams.

Ever since his dear and beloved mother died at the hands of such monsters, he had nothing left, so he could only live in the wild. He managed to survive for a few months with only a glinting silver and gold dagger given to him by his mother. He grips his only weapon in his hands at every moment, alert to every sense of movement. After countless fights with those that claimed his mother's life and slaying them all in vengeance, he managed to be accustomed to how to wield the blade in the most efficient manner.

Suddenly, a rustle of leaves from the bushes to his left drew his attention. He instinctively crouched down in a fighting stance, spinning his head to the source of the noise, eyes blazing with caution. A guttural growl resonated from the forest, and a manticore, a monster with the head of a man, a massive body of a lion, a jabbing pointed tail of a scorpion and leathery bat wings, bounded out, shaking the ground with tremors with every step he took.

Once the manticore noticed the boy, he broke into a fanged grin that sent shivers down the boys spine. "A demigod, a strong one too. Out alone. My feast." it growled in a deep gruff voice with incomplete sentences. Much to the discomfort of the boy, he understood what the manticore meant and gulped visibly in fear. The manticore tensed, its claws extending as he lowered into a crouch, prepared to spring. The boy dodged to one side quickly, barely avoiding the massive grasping paws of the manticore. The manticore landed and stalked back, hunger and rage written across his scarred beastly face.

It attacked in a flurry of strikes, a dangerous mix of curved claws and poisonous spiky jabs of its tail. The boy spun his dagger and tried in vain to block all attempts to kill him. He lunged forward, pressing on his attacks on the Manticore, but it either deflected it with its tail or it immediately glanced off its protective armor.

The boy growled in frustration, thinking of a way to take the monster down. As he thought, a black wing smacked into him while he was distracted and knocked him to the ground. He silently cursed himself for not paying attention as he recovered from his daze. But as he tried to get up, he was slammed back down to the ground by the Manticore's paw, in the process, breaking several rib bones, with an ear-splitting crack.

The boy continued to struggle helplessly, refusing to give up. "Let me go!" he choked out glaring at the monster. "Silence." the Manticore ordered, and for precaution, with a flick of its tail, the tails point impaled itself into the boys side. He cried out in pain as he felt the point pierce his skin and dig deep, feeling the poison spread across his body like wildfire. Seeing the Manticore close to him not noticing the dagger still in the boy's hand, the boy summoned his last burst of energy and thrust the dagger up, stabbing the Manticore effectively in the chest, making it burst into a shower of yellow dust to take its place.

Sweat broke out on the boy's forehead as the poison took its toll. He paled considerably and his arms started trembling. Still blind from the white hot pain, he sent one last pleading prayer, hoping someone could answer his call for help: "Please, anyone there that could help. Please save me." That was the last thing he thought before he faded in unconsciousness, diving down to the deep dark abyss.

Meanwhile, near the Atlantic Ocean, heavy and powerful storms rained upon the entire coast. The seas were a dark metallic grey, churning with crashing waves. Citizens thought it was just freaky weather but the gods knew better, Lord Poseidon, god of seas and oceans was having war with Oceanus, his arch-enemy. The bad weather was just the sign of their powers raging against each other in clashing battles.

In Atlantis, in the grand undersea palace, Lord Poseidon sat upon his almighty throne, with one hand gripping his faithful weapon, the Trident, whilst the other hand rubbed his chin, deep in thought. As he pondered the battle plans to defend his undersea city, a distant but familiar call for help reached his mind.

He recognised the voice, he realised with a shock. "Who is it?" he murmured to himself, eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he browsed through his memories. Finally the truth hit him, it was his son! He was still alive! Joyful tears welled up in his eyes as he thought of rejoicing with his son. He remembered the pleading and knew his son was in trouble.

He could not ask the other gods, for they might reveal his secret to Zeus, and that would lead to major trouble and possibly even civil war, or worse, his brother might kill Perseus Jackson, his demigod son. He thought for a while: "Who could help Percy, but would not betray him?" An answer struck him, Hestia, can help. She was the peacekeeper among the council, she would be willing to help.

Poseidon's wrinkled old face, lightened up and seemed to turn younger a couple of years at the prospect of saving his son's life and making amends to abandoning him. Hope glittered in his eyes as he flashed into the throne room, where kind and compassionate Hestia tended her hearth.

"Hestia, I require a favor." he pleaded.

"What is wrong? Have you heard the plea for help?" Hestia inquired to Poseidon, her eyebrows knitted over her orange embers in confusion.

"The plea for help was of my son's. I cannot tell the others, so I turn to you."

"Poseidon, you have another son? Zeus would be mad, and Amphitrite as well. But you truly love this woman so as to cheat on Amphitrite, right?"

"She is queen among women, she was one of a kind. I love her with all my heart." he replied sincerity laced his voice.

"Alright, true love is understandable. I am honoured that you would seek me for help. I will help. I know where the boy is." Hestia replied sympathetically, smiling a sad smile at him.

She took his hand and they teleported out and into the clearing where an unconscious boy was with messy jet black hair lay spread-eagled. Poseidon hurried to his son's side, worry taking over as a father as he sees the wound and knew the poison in his son's frail and limp body. He felt guilt biting the sides of his stomach at the thought that he was the cause of this.

"Can you help him?" Poseidon asked, hoping for a yes for an answer.

"Of course. I can heal like Apollo." was Hestia's reply.

Poseidon sighed in obvious relief as he wiped sweat from his brow and watched her get to work. Hestia placed her hand gently at the side of the wound and a brown glow flashed from her hand, and she felt the wound closing and the poison seeping out, she knew she had done her job.

"Don't worry, he is just resting now. He is safe." Hestia reassured Poseidon.

"Thank you. I am forever in your debt." Poseidon told her.

"No, you are not. Helping is not an exchange, it requires no rewards. You need to bring your son to somewhere safe, where Zeus will not know of him until the right time comes. You cannot bring him underwater, because of your attacks from Oceanus. You need to find somewhere safe. I have a feeling your son would be a part of the prophecy. Who do you know can protect your son and train him?"

"No one that is my friend. But I know of one that owes me a favor. She can pay it back this way." Poseidon decided after some thinking.

"May I ask who is this lady?" Hestia questioned curiously, glancing at Poseidon.

"It is Lady Khione. She currently lives in Quebec, Canada, alone. She is the perfect candidate, I saved our son's life once, she can help me by taking care of my son. " Poseidon revealed.

"Lady Khione, indeed. Poseidon, you are full of surprises, Lady Khione was supposed to be against us." Hestia gasped in surprise, her eyes wide in shock.

"Well, she still owes me, maybe little Percy here can change her mind." Poseidon suggested with a shrug.

"Maybe, if luck is on our side." Hestia agreed, nodding her head.

"We should take Percy there now."

Poseidon cradled Percy in his arms carefully as they flashed to Percy's new home.